In Search of the Fun-Forever Job by Ellis Chase

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In Search of the
Fun-Forever Job:
Career Strategies that Work


by Career Consultant Ellis Chase


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Looking for work? Changing careers? Discover the smart way to search.

Ellis Chase, one of Manhattan’s top career management consultants and executive coaches, brings his 25-plus years of experience and expertise to this reexamination of how you can target and find a job that fits. You’ll find strategies you can use to: identify the career that’s right for you; build your networks; approach interviews; negotiate your salary; cope with the emotional roller coaster; make smarter decisions.

In Search of the Fun-Forever Job takes a fresh look at an old problem and turns some of the commonly held beliefs about job search and career management inside out.

  • Is the resume truly the key to a successful search?
  • Isn’t it easier to look for a job when you’re employed?
  • Won’t I improve my chances if I just put as many letters and resumes out there as possible, and hope some of them stick?
  • Isn’t networking just calling everyone I know and asking for leads?


About the Author: Ellis Chase

EJ Chase Consulting, Inc. Boilerplate / Ellis Chase

ellis chase (1)Ellis Chase, president of EJ Chase Consulting, Inc., is one of Manhattan’s top career consultants and executive coaches and is the author of In Search of the Fun Forever Job: Career Strategies that Work (April 2013, Bacon Press Books). While his consulting practice is based in Manhattan, his workshops, presentations and speaking engagements take him around the United States and Europe. Mr. Chase has worked with individuals and groups across a broad spectrum of industries, large and small corporations, and not-for-profit organizations, with extensive experience in both corporate-sponsored and private counseling. He has also been a consultant to Columbia Business School for more than 11 years, developing curricula and delivering workshops for the school’s Executive MBA Career Management and Alumni Relations Career Services.