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Not My Reality

 by Marrian Efua


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Empowerment and Enlightenment are the themes of Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing In the Storm. Marrian Efua shares a simple yet powerful compilation of spiritual inspiration filled with intuitive insights, wisdom, and self affirmation. Offering a code of conduct for self discovery, self liberation, thought transformation and acceptance of our true personal reality. Reaffirming reader’s abilities to persevere, survive and dance through situations, conditions and circumstances by recognizing and activating their innate and internal strength and power.


Marrian Efua

marrian efua

Marrian Efua  is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She has traveled extensively . She is an Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Innovator and Management Coach, Author, Vocalist, and Radio Host. She is divorced and a proud mother.

Her Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten and Empower. Join her Tuesday & Thursday Mornings on Moments of Conversations a 30 minute talk radio program where she discusses various topics that assist listeners to ESCAPE.thought provoking and “Therapy for the Soul” by Milwaukee’s Reader’s Choice. Reader’s say ” I feel so empowered” “I couldn’t put it down.”

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