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FREE Kindle Book –
Jan. 25 thru 27

Simply Easy Recipes
How to Cook Cookbook


By Frann Leach


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Good for beginning cooks from teenage on up.  

This is a simple cookbook building from the most basic recipes to get you started if you think you can’t cook, but know you really have to.

From the most basic cooking like how to boil eggs, rice and pasta, to simple recipes for family favourites like lasagne, macaroni cheese and stew with dumplings. Along the way you’ll learn the skills you need to create sauces, omelettes and a full roast dinner with roast potatoes and home made gravy, and a real rice pudding for dessert.

Cooking isn’t rocket science. If you can follow the instructions on a packet meal, you can cook a proper meal from scratch using the comprehensive, easy recipes set out in this book.

Think of the money you’ll save, as well as how amazed your friends and family will be when you serve a delicious meal that you’ve cooked yourself.

This easy cookbook is chock full of easy recipes that will have you preparing delicious food just as easily as if you were making a phone call or sending a text.


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