Children of Atlas – Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Dustin Porta COA
Children of Atlas


Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
by Dustin Porta


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Atlas is our home.
But it does not belong to us.
The scavengers have first picking,
and we survive off what remains.
We hide in the dome cities,
and each day another sector crumbles into space.
If humanity rises again, It will not be from the cities.
The Wilds-Folk ruthless and hungry.
They are bold and desperate.
They are the true Children of Atlas.


Read the first book of the Post-Apocalyptic Scifi Trilogy.In the dome cities of the decaying space station Atlas, mankind has finally clawed its way out of a second dark ages. Julian Reeves was born a scavenger in the wild, empty hallways of the second ring and immigrated to the budding city-state of New Lexington after the death of his father. Now he’s the lead reporter for the station’s first-ever newspaper, made possible by the salvage of an old, movable-type printing press.

When Julian is framed for the murder of his dome’s military leader and forced to flee with the very man responsible, he will have to put aside his new-found humanity and take up the old ways to survive.

When a small group sets out to look for Julian, they find themselves hunted by the savage inhabitants of the first ring. One boy’s awakening mental connection to the old technology could prove to be their salvation. Or their demise…



Meet the Author: Dustin Porta

Dusrin Porta

Dustin Porta is an artist and writer from rural Pennsylvania who moved to the Gulf Coast to live and work on the ocean. His art and writing is available at

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