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A Rising Gem at Sapphire Books

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Sandy Dugger can be found asking people to hold and reboot their computers by day. But at night she can often be found working on her own computer – writing.

Originally from Oregon, Sandy now lives in a small town outside Phoenix Arizona. At almost thirty she went back to school and received a Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences.

She was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy under DADT. Even though she is now unable to re-enlist she still supports her military brothers and sisters. She enjoys spending quiet days at home with family and friends. Sandy loves to read, play games (all sorts), catch up on her DVR, and travel to new places.



Sandy Dugger Future PromisesRose Thomas has spent the last few years riding horses and mending fences at a women’s only dude ranch. Life is going great for the wrangler until she receives news of the passing of a relative. The journey home leaves her with new options for her future and a handful of journals that were written during the Civil War. Now she gets to read about the stories that she had listened to growing up, but as she turns the pages, she realizes some things had changed over time.

Keri Masters has spent her life trying to make her parents and her boyfriend of eight years happy. Before she is set to join her parents and their medical practice, she has a few things she needs to do: break up with her boyfriend and take a long overdue trip west. When she arrives at the dude ranch, she is drawn to Rose and is forced to face feelings she hasn’t acknowledge for a long time.

Under the hot Arizona sun, Rose and Keri’s feelings for each other start to heat up, as does the story in the pages that Rose continues to read. But as the two women grow closer, their time together is cut short. Will Rose find a happy ending between the pages of the journal, and will she and Keri be able to find their own happy ending?


Another Treat for Sandy Dugger Fans: EDITING LIFE

sandy dugger Editing LifeBailey Hutsell ran from her best friend for fear of a broken heart. After ten years in the Navy she returns to the home she grew up in. While attempting to acclimate to civilian life she has to juggle a new job, her sister’s health issue, a new group of friends, and the heartache of having to see her nightmare come true when her best friend starts dating someone new.
Shayla Horton has buried herself in her bookstore and the escape that her books provide. She didn’t think she would survive when her best friend ditched their high school plans and joined the Navy. Now she has to deal with Bailey returning to her life. Her emotions are in turmoil as one moment she wants to throttle her best friend and in the next moment she longs to pull her close and never let her go. She is able to avoid her feels with the new woman who captures her attention.

Can two women both hurt move forward with friendship. Will their attempt to edit the past to write a new future be able to withstand the trials life throws at them?


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