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Habit Chains:


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Do you struggle to build habits that stick? Are you sick of investing so much time, energy, and willpower into habit creation—only to get no results?

Want to build a better life, but struggle to find the time needed to form those powerful habits?

What if you could build more habits, build habits that stick, and do it all with less effort?

Well, guess what? You can.

Meet your new ally in building a better life: habit chains.

Numerous habits linked together make a habit chain.

A habit chain is a series of connected habits. For example, you might brew your morning coffee, meditate for a few minutes, and then write down the day’s three most important tasks.

By linking habits together, you get to create numerous habits with virtually no additional effort—just as holding a single iron ring requires no more effort than holding a chain of iron rings.

It’s like getting five (or more!) habits for the price of one!

Discover the scientific way to build habits.