SavExtreme Focus:

The 11 Keys to Laser Focus, Intense Concentration, and Titanic Productivity


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Constantly busy but always behind? Stressed and overwhelmed? Wish you could supercharge your life and focus on demand?

Want to be able to slice your way through to-do lists with laser-like focus? To concentrate when it matters and achieve jaw-dropping results?

Then Extreme Focus is the book for you.

Extreme Focus teaches you how to develop razor-sharp focus, rock-solid concentration, and titanic productivity. By the end of this book, you’ll be effortlessly ticking your way through to-do lists with an uncontrollable grin.

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18 scientifically formulated techniques for razor-sharp focus and sustained concentration.
27 proven productivity hacks.
A curated collection of actionable real-life examples including Mozart, Picasso, Napoleon, hedge fund managers, and Navy SEALs.
How to zap brain fog and reclaim mental clarity.

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How Pablo Picasso entered a trance-like state of extreme focus to paint his best works.
How you can use Napoleon’s most successful military strategy to conquer your to-do list.
The diet used by memory champions, Navy SEALs, and hedge fund managers to enhance cognitive performance and give them laser-like focus.
How to (literally) grow your brain, skyrocket energy levels, double your learning speed (yes, seriously), and increase intellect.

And much more!

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