Decoding AUTISM –
A Custom Guide to YOUR Child’s Autism Management

Angela Bayne - Decoding Autism
Decoding AUTISM

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Angela Bayne
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As a parent, you know your child best, so why not give others a chance to understand how to interact with your child and take precautions on limiting potential issues?
A Fantastic Tool for You
Decoding My Autism is a custom book about your child with Autism, that you can give as copies to teachers, coaches, or anyone who needs to be aware of anything unique about your child, and Autism. It also helps to insure the person you give the book to understand your child instead of using familiar or more commercialized attributes of Autism.


Create a Unique Book, Helping Your Child
We invite you to browse through our store and shop by creating a CUSTOM-MADE book unique to your child. This book will be something you can share with important people in your child’s life. Give copies to teachers, coaches, or anyone that you need to be aware of anything unique about your child, and Autism.

Also available in SPANISH: Angela Bayne - Decoding Spamish


How it Works:

Pick the Cover — We will have Spanish and English and other languages coming soon.
You pick the pages that matter to your child, so the book can be a reflection of the warning signs and unique abilities that can turn a peaceful afternoon into a meltdown zone.
Pay for the book and we will then put your custom book together and ship it out.

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