Coronado Dreaming – a Sci-Fi/Time-Travel/Romance

GB Brulte - CoronadoCoronado Dreaming

(The Silver Strand Series Book 1)
A Sci-Fi/Time-Travel/Romance

by GB Brulte

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Love isn’t dead… it’s just unconscious. Two soul-mates meet on a perfect San Diego day, and before they have a chance to see each other again, Greg, through a quirk of fate, finds himself in the strange, dreamlike world of a coma. A world where all possibilities coexist, and the future, past and present are all part of the bizarre quantum multi-verse that blends time and distance, pain and laughter, love and destiny. A twisting, many faceted journey through the diamond of emotion, Coronado Dreaming takes hold of your imagination and guides you through eternity like a Cheshire cat… grinning at your surprise, licking at your tears, and nuzzling against your heart.

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