Inspirational Christian Fiction – The Snowball

cliff lea - snowball

The Snowball

by Cliff Lea


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Mike Gentry is in deep trouble.

Not only has he hidden his family’s financial difficulties from his wife, Susan…not only has he invested foolishly with his college roommate, Ricky…not only has he drifted away from his days of dependence on God… but Mike has promised some things to his family that are weighing him down. His family’s needs are unending, the credit balances are rising, the checking balance is perpetually miniscule, and the growing marriage tension between Mike and Susan is apparent to everyone, including their three young children. The tension in his family is crippling his peace, and his mind is going to a place darker than he ever imagined.

Then, one day the weather changed. A bright, early snow accosted him. Through it, he learns an unsuspecting lesson from—of all things—a snowball. This winter surprise leads Mike on an imperfect journey to a place of hope.

The Snowball covers all the themes familiar to families in America—success, failure, temptation, love, loss, dishonesty, confession, money, happiness, sorrow, conflict, healing, resolution. And revolution. Personal revolution. The characters are believably human, and out of their pain—and out of their eventual joy—begins the flow of hope.