Friendly Fire – A Romance Novel by Cindi Walton

cindi walton - friendly fire
Friendly Fire

What’s a lie between friends?

Sometimes it’s everything!



Contemporary Romance
by Cindi Walton


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Childhood friends and college roommates, William and Tucker, believe they’ve been hired as journalists, for a “hip” Chicago magazine. When reality hits home, only one job is available, and it belongs to William. What’s a friend to do, tell the truth, or create a ruse? Mayhem ensues when Tucker is sent on a “fake” assignment for the magazine. High heels, composting toilets, and wind turbines set the stage for an unlikely romance between a bubbly barista and journalistic wannabe, that’s if they don’t become casualties of “Friendly Fire” first! Throw in a Thanksgiving Day turkey and some mistletoe and anything is possible!