Cinderella Girl is a modern day YA fairy tale

Mujer vestida de epoca con guantes amarillos

Cinderella Girl

21st century retelling of Cinderella

with a twist

 Cinderella Girl is a modern day fairy tale romance complete with Prince Charming and glass slippers!

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Ten year old Briony Duke and her parents own a prestigious girls’ school in the country. This is in contrast to Mrs. Eyres, a middle-aged woman who has just been sacked by Briony’s father for embezzling funds. When Briony’s parents are killed in a car crash, Mrs. Eyres and daughter Lucy take over the school and Mrs. Eyres now becomes Briony’s guardian. Mrs. Eyres makes Briony sleep in the kitchen, cook, clean and tend to her and her daughter’s every whim. Seven years pass and Briony grows to be a beautiful and highly intelligent 17 year old. One day she meets Tom Logan, the sixth richest man in the country. She starts to fall in love with the charismatic 19 year old. The only question is, can she win his heart before her evil stepsister does?