Chomp Chomp – Werewolf Apocalypse by Adam Moon


Chomp Chomp -Werewolf Apocalypse

by Adam Moon

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Werewolves! They’re everywhere!

But don’t call them werewolves; that’s discrimination and you don’t want to be labeled a bigot.  In the fifty years since the outbreak, what’s left of humanity has learned to cope…but it’s not always easy.

Jack’s a cop who protects werewolves from hunters. Since half the planet’s infected he has his work cut out for him.  Ironically, as he’s tracking down these hunters, their would-be victims are in turn tracking him down. He doesn’t get much job satisfaction in that regard.

No one knows what caused the initial outbreak. Jack starts to uncover the answers but he also discovers a twisted plot to eradicate what’s left of humanity.

His dad holds a family secret that will not only change his life but could forever change the human landscape.

Jack is vicious, intelligent, and lucky but that might not be enough to stop what’s coming.

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