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Book Name: Cheer Up, Woman ! Be Proud! 

Author: Lakshmi N. Koteeswaran
Genre: Woman, Self-help, motivation 
This book is an attempt to venture into the heart to identify the greatness of Feminine Energy. A thought provoking book for every one at any age as to why we are not upto our potential!.

What you will find this book is a smooth journey into your heart about the greatness of the feminine energy in various forms – a girl, lady, and woman.

Every female is an Energy Center, untapped! When recognized and used well, it can sustain happiness and growth.

We have barely understood this energy. Just as the Sun can comfortably keep the Planets intact and still dry the wet clothes in the clotheslines at our backyards, we could perform amazing feats when we understand the full potential of this feminine energy!