Experimenting With Murder: A Thrilling Sci-fi Adventure

Charm Baker - Experimenting_With_Murder
Experimenting With Murder:

A Thrilling Sci-fi Adventure

by Charm Baker


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Experimenting With Murder


Inspired by the Farewell Spit whale beachings In January 1 2000, and the Animal Planet’s airing of “Mermaids:  The Body Found”.

From the moment Myrrah swam to the surface of her watery jail and heard the shots rang out in the jungle, no one’s life on the island would ever be the same.  If you like a little romance and fantasy with your sci-fi, you are going to love the 2014 mermaid book that is definitely different from the rest!Read this book from beginning to end and see if you can figure out the various plot twists.  They will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat until you finally get to the truth.

Tyler Payne is selfish, ruthless, and the head scientist at the private research institute located on his own remote New Zealand Island.  He and his research team, consisting of Tyler’s wife Marisol and his longtime friend Judd Richards, are all eager to study the sea creatures they discover on the island.  But later, things take a turn when Marisol and Judd refuse to continue the research. Tyler Payne’s island is a nightmare for the three mer-sisters.

Will any survive his unethical experiments? 

No one would believe the kind of research that Tyler Payne is conducting, not even his colleagues!  To make matters worse, trouble starts to brew during the same time that the researcher’s four teenagers make their yearly island visit.  Ashley, Ty, Zak and Jake all get caught up in their parents’ web of secrets and lies.  Thanks to their parent’s preoccupation with work over the years, the four teens have managed to create a bond while spending time together on the island.  Survival games have been their favorite pastime, but when murder is involved, trying to stay alive is no longer a game!


Meet the Author: Charm Baker

CharmBakerCharm Baker is the owner and webmaster of Authorsview.org but she is also a newly published author, having finally released her first sci-fi novel, “Experimenting With Murder.”  Charm is new to the self-publishing world, when it comes to fiction-writing however, she has been getting paid to write non-fiction articles online for several years.  In a recent interview, Charm was asked:  When did she know that she wanted to be a serious writer.  Here is her response:

“I went back to school after my only child was school age and he decided I was no longer his best friend. I had always wanted to be a teacher, so I took classes at my local community college and began pursuing a career in child development.  One semester, my speech class instructor encouraged me to enter a writing contest about Martin Luther King. My speech won second place, although I know my “writing” was actually better than the guy that took first place. I didn’t care because I realized that this was a “speech” contest and he had a much better oral delivery oral I did.  I simply smiled and happily accepted the $100 and 2nd place certificate. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a serious writer.” 

These days, Charm is doing less freelance work for online clients and more activities that deal with promoting and marketing her book.  Her Authorsview.org website serves as a perfect vehicle for helping other newly published authors locate and utilize free book promotion tools and resources.  You can learn more about Charm Baker and the thrilling sci-fi adventure that contains murder, mayhem and mermaids, by visiting her on her author website, charmbaker.info.