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How to Make Money Writing and Selling eBooks in the Next 17 Days

Publishing eBooks is a fast-growing opportunity to make money online. Never before could you be your own boss, write what you love, publish your work easily, and wait for money to come back to you.

Unfortunately, most people approach the Kindle platform the wrong way: they just produce books that have no qualities readers are seeking. So, when they don’t make any sales, they leave the field and think the business of publishing eBooks is dead.

That’s why I created a guide to help you see the right way to write for Kindle AND get the results fast.

It’s not about quantity, but quality.  

Success with Kindle isn’t often about writing what you want as fast as possible, but instead to write the content that customers really want based on their frustrations and needs.

Matching customers’ wants and needs with the RIGHT information is the first step towards eBook publishing success.

You need a PROVEN framework that helps to get your book done fast.

It doesn’t matter how much you can write in a minute, it’s a matter of using a step-by-step strategy that helps you structure your writing process to be productive.

And you can do this within the next 17 days.