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The Inner Game of Productivity:

The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Procrastination And Getting Things Done While Working From Home by Chaiwat Theerasong

FREE Oct. 26-27

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Here are examples of what you’re going to discover inside the book:

  • Three REAL reasons that make you procrastinate.
  • An effective method to make any change happen.
  • Identification of the fears that are controlling you, so you can interrupt the pattern.
  • A new way to structuring your day that helps you get twice as much done.
  • Why your brain affects your procrastination, and how to improve it.
  • A quick fix to overcoming block to start working, no matter how hard your “lazy side” resists.
  • How one distracting thought can ruin your entire day, and a simple tip to prevent this.
  • Why perfectionists have a hard time getting things done, and what you can do to avoid falling into this trap.
  • How to increase your energy level.
  • And much more!