Using Nutrition to Beat – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Helene Malmsio CFS book

Nutritional Therapy Guide
for a CFS Diet...

how to eat yourself healthy again


by Warren Tattersall & Helene Malmsio


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This book is the companion to How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…and get your life back!. In this book we talk about how to add Super Foods to your daily diet and how to incorporate specific herbal based nutritional supplements to your CFS Diet therapy.



About the Authors:

Helene Malmsio-Warren Tattersall
Warren Tattersall lives in rural Victoria in Australia. His background was in photography and retail and then he moved into marketing with the Global health and weight control company, Herbalife. Warren works with people in over a dozen countries. Warren’s suffered low energy throughout most of his life, low level Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and tried to ignore it. Through nutrition products he found answers for his own health issues and has since worked with a large number of CFS suffers to assist the with their health.


Helene Malmsio is a retired business woman living in Australia who has a lifelong interest in natural remedies and self help personal development training. Over the past 10 years Helene has published many ebooks in a wide range of natural cures, self help and professional skills training, through her business Strategic Services. Helene has also published a comprehensive series of natural beauty and health guides that help you to get a noticeable improvement by following the steps set out in 7 ways over a 7 day period.


And in her Vol1 book “How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…and get your life back!” Helene shares lessons learned from researching and testing for over 35 years to learn how to treat her own severe case of CFS. And now the Vol2 in the series looks at the specifics of how nutrition works to overcome CFS in even the most severe cases.