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Make Money From Home:

Get Paid Faster: A Quick Resource Guide to 99+ Sites that Pay Weekly or Less
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Looking for ways to earn money from home or make money online? Would you like to get paid weekly instead of bi-monthly or monthly?

Then you will want to buy this book. It’s a must have, especially if you are just getting started.

As we all know, researching online is extremely time consuming. “Make Money from Home: Get Paid Faster” is a quick resource guide designed to save you hours in time and research. It features 99+ sites that you can use to get paid in 7 days or less.

Whether you are looking to make money with affiliate marketing programs, create a side hustle, achieve your dream of working from home full-time, earn money an extra $100 or $1,000 plus a month, this guide can help you.

Here’s what you will find inside:
– 24 sites that you can use to create passive income.
– 12 sites that you can use to make up to $20 per hour working from home.
– 53 sites that you can use to earn easy money online.
– 48 sites that you can use to make money when you need it.
– 1 surprising simple site that you can use to make up to $250 answering questions.

All you need is your computer, an internet connection and you can be on your way.

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FREE BOOK: How To Use Review Videos On Youtube
To Create Automated Profits

Josh- Tube Review Machine
Tube Review Machine:

How To Use Review Videos On Youtube To Create Automated Profits


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The usage of Youtube has exploded over the past few years. With over a billion users and 4 billion views per day, more people are starting to realize the power of video. This book contains a transcript of an exclusive interview with Saul Maraney, a top marketer who uses a combination of Google Hangouts and Youtube to produce top ranking video reviews of products. This brings him massive exposure in terms of his branding as well as an additional income source through commissions.

In addition to that, Saul also shares candidly about how he managed to obtain significant success as an online entrepreneur in a relatively short time. The 3 keys he gives are crucial to anyone wanting to start an online business and can be applied to other ventures as well.

Book Sale – Only 99¢ – Make $150 per Day From Home

Step By Step
To Make $150 A Day

by Ahmed Alsamanoudi


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Want to work from home and make money every month, then read my Book and follow my steps one by one, it is easy and anyone can do it. With over 130 pages you will set up a complete business using videos and photos in every step.



A Message from the Author: Ahmed Alsamanoudi

Ahmed_AlsamanoudiHello, My name is Ahmed Alsamanoudi. I am an internet marketer and Author. I was a chemical engineer working in one of the top manufacturing companies in Australia. I lost my job in 2007 with the world financial crises. I started to look for a work from home system that can substitute my 9-5 job, it was very hard at the beginning with all the hype and scams on the net and it took about 4 months until I found the right system. I did some modifications and started to make money online month after month. I have showed this system to my friends and neighbors and they started to make money after they applied the system. I cannot describe my feeling every time I help a single mom or low income family to make extra cash from home and pay their bills. I have helped hundreds of single moms to earn extra cash from just using one simple technique that makes real money month after month. You can read my story at


Stop Procrastinating! With this FREE Book!

chaiwat -procrastination

The Inner Game of Productivity:

The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Procrastination And Getting Things Done While Working From Home by Chaiwat Theerasong

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Here are examples of what you’re going to discover inside the book:

  • Three REAL reasons that make you procrastinate.
  • An effective method to make any change happen.
  • Identification of the fears that are controlling you, so you can interrupt the pattern.
  • A new way to structuring your day that helps you get twice as much done.
  • Why your brain affects your procrastination, and how to improve it.
  • A quick fix to overcoming block to start working, no matter how hard your “lazy side” resists.
  • How one distracting thought can ruin your entire day, and a simple tip to prevent this.
  • Why perfectionists have a hard time getting things done, and what you can do to avoid falling into this trap.
  • How to increase your energy level.
  • And much more!



Make Money on Fiverr by Justen James

justen james fiverr


Make Money on Fiverr:

Killer Tips and Tricks To Make Money Online with

by Justen James


Available on Amazon


Make Money on Fiverr: Killer Tips and Tricks To Make Money Online with will show you how to EXPLODE your Fiverr profits and online earnings.

You’ll get over 70 Fiverr tips and tricks that are indispensable for your Fiverr success.

This book will save you from the time and hassle of trying to figure out how Fiverr really works AND show you how to turn your Fiverr discovery into a cash cow.



About the Author: Justen James

justen jamesJusten James is passionate about writing and has no reservations in sharing his life experiences in his writings. His love for sharing his experiences with others has led him into a career path of self-publishing and content writing where he has written thousands of web content. Justen’s personal motto is this: “Knowledge is Power, and sharing it will empower others”  Apart from writing, Justen James enjoys relaxing on the beach and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Connect with Justen:

Twitter –  @JustenJames1


Killer Work from Home Jobs * Only 99¢ *

* Only 99¢ *

Killer Work from Home Jobs: 200 Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – How to Make Money Online from Home


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Killer Work from Home Jobs: Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – How to Make Money Online from Home! will help you accomplish your dream.

  • Is it your dream to spend more time with family?
  • Do you need to ditch that exhausting, gas-guzzling commute?
  • Did you always dream of working at home, but couldn’t find a legitimate job?

The need to work from home runs deep. Taking the first step to working at home will make you jump for joy. Reading this book will mean you’re one step closer to your goal. Dorothy got it right, “There’s no place like home!”

How is Killer Work from Home Jobs: Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – How to Make Money Online from Home! different from other work from home books? Instead of just providing you with links, I spent months researching each company. I wanted to provide you with the same key indicators that were critical to me. Yes, it meant investing more, taking longer to complete, but I wanted a book that gave you a sense of each company.

  • Is the company financially healthy?
  • Has the company been around for awhile?
  • Does the company have a global footprint?
  • Does the company have “money in the bank?”

I verified all links in Killer Work from Home Jobs: Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – How to Make Money Online from Home! at publication. Since companies change web pages, and job needs, if any of the links don’t work, simply contact me at , and I’ll provide you with revised link info.


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Building a Successful Home Business by Bibi Apampa

Build A Successful Home Business


Working from homecan be a great way to keep the money flowing in even while you are living overseas. Life as an expatriate wife can get boring and lonely, and finding your own special niche from which to make money not only gives you income, but also allows you to make some contacts while you are living in a foreign country.

Having said this, working from home is surely not for every one. You will need strong personal motivation, good organizational skills and a burning desire to see your business succeed. You will also need to be willing to make some mistakes, because mistakes are inevitable along the way. By learning from these mistakes, you can build a successful business.

There are a lot of opportunities out there that you can easily work with while living overseas, you just might find it a bit more challenging to narrow down your options than someone who is living in the States would. That is where Building A Successful Home Business comes in.

Building A Successful Home Business compiles a list of 19 legitimate ways you can make money from home even while living overseas. Each of these fulfills the needs of the expatriate family and is completely portable should you need to move again, simply pack up your supplies and take them with you. While the licensure and business requirements in each location are going to vary, you have a tremendous amount of portability with a home-based business that does not have a fixed physical infrastructure. Some of these ways require training that you will need to pay for, while others require a set of skills that you may need to perfect or begin developing.

Why waste another day of your life wondering what you can do in a foreign land when Building A Successful Home Business has provided all that you need to get your own Home Based Business started today.


Meet the Author: Bibi Bunmi Apampa

Bibi Bunmi Apampa – Managing Director of The Empowerment Centre and successful Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, International speaker, Trainer and author.
I have been an Expat Wife and trailing spouse for over 20years and have moved around with my family living in four different countries.  I started my career as a chartered accountant, becoming a valued fellow of the prestigious accountancy organisations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Institute of taxation.

After a successful career in accounting, finance and managing investment portfolios, I decided that I wanted to do more to help people like you achieve financial independence during their working lives and retirement. So I set up The Empowerment Centre to help ordinary people improve their lives, not only financially, but also physically, personally, professionally and spiritually.

Through my training, mentoring, speaking engagements and coaching, I have helped countless people over the years to start and grow their own businesses, Build wealth, create multiple streams of income and achieve financial independence.
My mission is to share with others what I have learnt about creating your dreams with multiple streams of income, being financially empowered while making a difference in the lives of people, community and nations.

The financial techniques and strategies that I have gained from my accountancy training and investment portfolio management career have worked wonders for my clients over the years and they can work wonders for you too.


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Expat Wives on YouTube


Work From Home as a Freelance Copywriter
by Reno Charlton

Work From Home
as a Freelance Copywriter


Do you have a passion and flair for writing? Would you like to put this passion and flair to good use?

Freelance copywriting is a service that is always in demand, with businesses around the world always on the lookout for good copywriters to work with. As a freelance copywriter you could find yourself creating all sorts of copy, from website content and articles to press releases, direct mail letters, slogans, press advertisements and more.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do I want to escape the 9-5 rat race and work for myself from the comfort of home?

Do I want to enjoy the chance to earn more money by being in control of the work that I take on and setting my own prices?

Would I be able to put my creative skills to good use by producing high quality copy for a global client base?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then freelance copywriting could be the perfect career for you.

This guide provides you with details of how I became a successful copywriter, enabling you to chart and follow the steps that I took in order to break into this competitive field. Although you will find a number of guides on the market offering advice on how to break into a career in freelance writing, many are based purely on research that has been carried out online. This guide is based on personal experience, which means that you can be confident that the information provided to you really can help you to become a successful freelance copywriter.

This is an opportunity to learn how to have a successful writing career from successful copywriter: Reno Charlton

Get Your Copy: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK)

Learn more about: Reno Charlton

Author: Reno Charlton


“I started my freelance copywriting career over eight years ago and during that time I have had a constant supply of writing work from clients around the world. This has enabled me to enjoy a successful writing career working from home. In my guide ‘Work From Home as a Freelance Copywriter’ I will show readers how to follow what I did in order to get their freelance writing career off the ground. Since releasing this eBook, I have had several readers contact me personally to thank me and to let me know that they have secured paid writing work.”