The Female Leader: Leads with Passion, Confidence, and Empowerment


The Female Leader:
Leads with Passion, Confidence, and Empowerment


Finding yourself is key to your success, not only in life in general, but also in your career.

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Getting to know yourself is the first step to finding who you are, and becoming who you were meant to be. Learning to accept yourself can be hard, especially when you spend some time dwelling on the things that you value – the things that make up your unique essence.

What you value will determine who you become, by influencing your choices, and this process can be confusing as some of your values seem to be conflicting. But take heart and relax as you keep working to learn through trial and error to become who you want to be.

It is important to define yourself, rather than to allow other people’s expectations dictate who you become. When you become the person you were destined to be, you will have the personal power, the drive and the motivation to take your career to the next level.

Nicole Dominique Le Maire delves into ‘Being!’

– being you, being bold and being the person you were meant to be. As a career coach, HR consultant, mentor, speaker, blogger and writer, Nicole has learned that being yourself is the key to personal and professional success.

With an illustrious International career , Nicole has gained a reputation around the world as a leader in her field. With her professional integrity and expertise, she has guided hundreds of women to the top of their careers.

Let The Female Leader be your guide!

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From Failure to Fearless


From Failure to Fearless:

by Kisha Mays

Still Completely Flawed BUT Thriving Fearlessly

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What if you could learn how to create a fearless and successful future while embracing your failures and flaws? And what if all it would take was a quick $3 read? Would you take the chance to change your life and bring your dreams to the forefront?

In this quick and easy read, I show you how I went from being a “bodyrub phone girl” (this industry is considered prostitution in most states) to a fearless entrepreneur all while still being completely flawed. I am only human, just like you……..


Meet the Author: Kisha Mays

KishaMaysKisha Mays is a Businesswoman, Author, Blogger, Producer, Social Media Strategist, TV & Radio Personality, Book Lover, Travel Enthusiast, and so much more . Her primary focus is on creating more global female entrepreneurs and empowering women to live their best life fearlessly and raising funds for non-profits worldwide that support women and girls.

Kishas’ true passion is to empower women entrepreneurs to create global companies and brands that change the world & generations for the better, pay it forward, and to fearlessly be all that they are destined to be. Writing books that empower and inspire is a big part of that as well as creating and producing positive TV, Film, and web content.

She is only getting started and based on her early success at a young age and her drive and ambition, her future and continued success is undoubtedly going to leave a major mark in history.

She is Just Fearless….


Janét Aizenstros – Interview with a Media Mogul Mom

Janét Aizenstros –  Media Mogul Mom

janet aizenstros 3
Janét Aizenstros, the Founder of Women’s Movement Radio Network joins Julie Joyce on Book Tour Radio Show. Janét has created the media empire – Janét Aizenstros OmniMedia and is the host of the Moms Movement Radio and Women’s Movement Radio Shows which are dedicated to the empowerment of moms and women worldwide. Moms Movement Radio Show gives life to intelligent talk radio that features moms around the globe discussing life, spirit and business. Janét produced her first show Mommypreneur on Blog Talk Radio in 2011. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Mommypreneur on women’s business networks, she decided to launch Women’s Movement Radio Network (WMRN) to diversify her voice and the echoing presence of other women around the world. But first and foremost she is a mother of two young sons and has captured a moment in her parenting journey in a beautiful children’s book –
Why Mommy Loves the Rain.


janet aizenstros bk-rain


Listen to our Interview with Janét


I created stories around my memories of my children to leave a lasting impression, so they can pass on the legacy to future generations. These are my stories, I wanted to provide women with the opportunity to share their memories with their children too.

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