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Avis Blackthorn Is Not an Evil Wizard!:
(The Wizard School Series,
Teen Fantasy and Magic, Book 1)

by Jack Simmonds



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Age Level: 4 – 18 / Grade Level: 2 – 12

Avis Blackthorn Is Not an Evil Wizard!
(The Wizard School Series, Teen Fantasy and Magic, Book 1)

The children’s, teen and young adult fantasy magic bestseller about a not very evil Wizard…

Avis Blackthorn’s family is the most evil family in all of the Seven Magical Kingdoms. The problem? Avis isn’t evil. Not one bit.

His magical wizarding family will do anything to make Avis’s life a misery. Even the horses that pull the carriages don’t like him.

But he has a way out at last… “Hailing Hall School for Wizards,” a sanctuary, a place for good wizards, where he can make some nice, normal friends, learn magic and live a normal life, finally escaping the notoriety of the Blackthorn name… or so he thinks.

That’s where the real adventure—humorous, haunting and mysterious—begins.

Come along with Avis as he tries desperately to prove he isn’t evil like his family. And join tall, thin, be-speckled Robin and accident prone Hunter, Avis’s friends from the Outside—the same world as yours in fact—as they discover Wizard’s Spider Soap, the wizarding sport of Riptide and even the ghosts that do the laundry!

Of course, in a magic school full of teenage wizards there will always be drama. But stranger things are brewing and Avis finds himself at the centre of it. After spotting Malakai—the most evil Sorcerer around and his parents employer—coming into the school in the dead of night. Avis wonders why? And why will no one believe him?

The mysterious, beautiful Tina might know why. When Avis and Robin spot her creeping round in the dead of night, she tells them about the quest and a thrilling mystery unfolds.

Yet, everything goes horribly wrong for Avis. After being accused of something terrible, he is ostracized from his friends and lives high up in the clock tower. Everyone thinks he’s evil, just like his family…

Avis must uncover the biggest of quests with the help of Tina and Robin and finally prove once and for all, that he is a good wizard…

Avis has to make a big choice to make — his friends, or his family, and the choice… might just kill him.

Read now to discover the mysteries in Jack Simmonds funny, enchanting, and suspenseful debut novel “Avis Blackthorn Is Not an Evil Wizard!”

Perfect for children, teen and young adults alike, this book will inspire, entertain and enthrall. If you love books like Harry Potter, you will love this!

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