The Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley by Bill Ronan



-Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Bill Ronan explores this in his book The Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley. The book studies the life of The King and offers a birds eye view inside his mind.

People typically think of soldiers when the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder comes up. However, PTSD is a problem that touches a much wider segment of society. From automobile accidents to illness to acts of senseless violence, trauma, loss of loved ones, etc.. it is a fact of daily life.

Unfortunately, many cases of PTSD go undiagnosed each year, with painful and sometimes tragic consequences.

It reveals the relationship Elvis had with his mother, how he felt about music, and much more that has never been fully understood, in a psycho-somatic way in any other book about Elvis. Yet it is drawn entirely from the books and literature written about him by those closest to him.

One of the main takeaways from the book is it gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on their own life and family and for clinicians to be able to predict the psychic vulnerability, that could lead to death.

Bill Ronan

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The Heart of a Gypsy by Roberta Kagan

The Heart of a Gypsy

by Roberta Kagan

During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies).

The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the Gypsy culture. It takes place in Poland during the reign of the Third Reich. It is a tale of a people who would not surrender their freedom.

Enter into a little known world where only a few have traveled before… The world of the Romany.

If you enjoy Romance, secret traditions, riveting action, and steamy sex….you will love
“The Heart of A Gypsy.”  on Amazon


Discover intense romantic fiction with important historical influences by this intriguing author…..

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Author Spotlight: David McDonald – A Soldiers Poems

David McDonald


David McDonald

David’s poetry brings a new hard unyielding honesty to work of this kind, the reader is consumed by the barbarity and then lifted by the softness of the outcomes. His poems bring a myriad of situations under the microscope, all of them events not fantasy and though gritty there is a softness to the outcomes that portray a man who has been at war with himself….



Author David McDonald’s Books reveal the reality of the emotions of war. He is an honest voice explaining the pain and consequences experienced by soldiers and their families.



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