Ultimate Minecraft by Jason Johns


Ultimate Minecraft –
The Complete Guide To Mining
And Finding Ores:

Your Guide To Extracting Ores And Winning In MInecraft

by Jason Johns

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Discover how you can win at Minecraft by mining and successfully retrieving the resources lurking under ground. Mining is such an essential part of this game that if you do not do it then you will struggle to build structures and items. However, mining is dangerous work and if you are not properly prepared and careful enough you can end up starving, getting lost or being killed by lava or a hostile mob. This book has been written to tell you everything you need to know about mining, surviving underground and, most importantly, getting your hard earned treasures out from the ground and to the surface where you can use them. In this book you will learn:

  • The essential items every miner needs to survive
  • Three main dangers that every miner faces and how to survive them
  • The most efficient way to mine that maximizes resources found whilst minimizing resources used
  • Different types of mining and when to use each one
  • How to easily find diamonds and retrieve them safely
  • To farm the rare mineral obsidian and survive
  • How to build a railway system to transport yourself and your treasures in and out of your mine

And much, much more. This is a complete guide to Minecraft focused on mining and ensuring that you survive underground. It is dangerous when you start digging, with potentially lethal hazards behind every pick stroke. With this guide in your hands you will be able to survive, thrive and retrieve all the resources you need in the game. With the right resources you can beat your enemies, build stronger weapons and create more interesting


Meet the Author: Jason Johns

jason-johnsJason has been gaming on computers for over 30 years, playing on some of the earliest games consoles available. Recently his children became obsessed with Minecraft after Santa delivered it for Christmas and since the whole family has become hooked. He is creating a series of books detailing strategies and tips for Minecraft to help other people get ahead in the game.