Make Every Day – Valentine’s Day!

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21 Romantic Recipes
to Spice Up Your Love Life
Beyond Valentine’s Day

by Nancy Gathecha


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We love February 14th! But honestly, do we have to wait for a particular day on the calender to show our sweethearts some love? There are 365 days in a year, any day can be lovers’ day!
Would you like to delight the love of your life with a perfect dinner for two?
Or you´d like to surprise your partner with a romantic 3 course dinner in the comfort of your home?
Then I believe you will enjoy these 21 romantic recipes. With delicious mouth-watering dishes – this cookbook will help you prepare that special meal and share special moments with your special someone. All in the comfort of your home.
The dishes are quick to prepare and easy to make, so you won’t spend hours in the kitchen. Leaving you both with enough time to enjoy each others company.

The ingredients are easy to find, and some promise to add spice to any occasion that calls for love and romance beyond Valentine´s Day. The 21 recipes consist of:
* 7 Light Starters
* 7 Main Entrées
* 7 Scrumptious Desserts
Why not rekindle your love life by planning a special surprise, or share fun and memorable moments preparing the meals together with your partner?
Get your 21 Romantic Recipes book today and receive a free report 21 Creative Ways To Say I Love You.

Because expressing love doesn’t have to be scheduled. Any day can be lovers’ day. Get your’s today, and spice up your love life.

Nancy Gathecha

Meet The Author: Nancy Gathecha

Nancy Gathecha is a foodie, author, speaker, podcast host and certified Life Coach. Her passion is inspiring women to design the life and business of their dreams, so they can enjoy the balanced success they desire and deserve.

Swedens new, hot children´s book! by Jessica Hardiman


Meet Valentine- the brave little angel who invents
a love potion to stop people from fighting! 

Valentine_CoverThe book Valentine- The magic love potion has already charmed thousands of people with its beautiful illustrations and important message of love and friendship.

Those who think this is just an ordinary children´s book, should maybe think again. Being a popular book amongst children, Valentine seems to have charmed his way into the hearts of many adults as well.

Jessica Hardiman, the author of Valentine- The magic love potion” says that she wanted to make a book like the old fairytales, with pictures to each chapter, she read as a child.

The story of Valentine is about an angel who dreams of a life outside heaven but it´s also a story of a little girl who is lonely and looking for a friend who she can trust.

Looking down on earth one night, Valentine spots Emily who is sad because her parents are fighting. To help the little girl, he invents a love potion and decides to go down to Earth for the first time. But things don´t really go as planned, as Valentine falls down into the sea, without his wings, and is swept away in a big slipper.

One of the favorite characters in the book, apart from Valentine, is Teddy. Being a fat and lazy cat who talks, he is sure to make you laugh!
Buy your copy of Valentine- The magic love potion HERE.


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