Quick Fix: Drama in the City by Rihanna Wilding

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Quick Fix: Drama in the City


Dramatic Women’s Fiction
by Rihanna Wilding


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Rihanna Wilding is a small town girl from a dysfunctional family. Camilla Peterson is her impulsive best friend. When the Peterson family plan to immigrate, the girls decide they would rather run away together than be separated. Johannesburg city lights spread before them with a promise of love and prosperity. Neither girl anticipates the nightmare that lurks within the shadows.

Within a week of arriving the girls plummet so deep into a maze of sex and drugs, that the only way out of the saga will leave one guilty of murder and the other on her way to death row.

Note: This dramatic book contains adult content


About the Author: Rihanna Wilding

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m single and my friends call me ‘The terminator’ because ‘I’ll be back.’
They came to this conclusion after I managed to survive being shot, a serious bout of malaria and a touch of cancer; fortunately I am in good health now.

I live a quiet life, but every once in a while I get the urge to put on my ‘wilding’ shoes and step out of the norm. I do this with my novels. When I was younger I had a drug dependency and knew some ‘pretty out there’ characters. I use them to inspire the plots and characters.

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Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis
A Romantic Comedy by Jana Misho

Jana Misho - Book  border
Coffee, Cigarettes and Crisis


A romantic comedy / urban /
a quarter-life crisis of an almost parisian

by Jana Misho


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A girl in a loving relationship with Paris, with two best friends and a father figure she found in Pigalle, leads a perfectly designed life, in her Gare du Nord apartment, with a wonderful job and a lot of coffee.

Yet, one spilled coffee, one lost job, and one small flood later, Paris fails in always being a good idea, and manages to mock the heroine in every step. She slowly forgets what peace and boredom feels like, and learns that quarter life crisis is not only a thing, but it’s happening to her. As if that’s not enough, she finds herself batting her eye-lashes at a man she didn’t even notice before. Mothering complicated and eccentric friends, fighting with the person whose indigo shade of eyes she noticed just five minutes ago, also contributes to a chaos which is very unnerving for a person who simply doesn’t like turbulence. And when your father figure is in fact a bohemian art enthusiast who works at/owns a strip club on Pigalle, all the advice you can get puts things into a rather unique perspective.

Growing up can be quite difficult, especially when it’s happening some time after you decided you’ve completed that process. Especially when all you can think about is escaping yourself, and Paris simply won’t let you do that.



About the Author: Jana Misho

Jana MishoI am a new author and I write things I want to read. I spent my whole childhood going in and out of Paris, and it is my inspiration on every level. I love Salvador Dali, espresso and urban scenery and even though my first book is an urban romantic comedy, I love Tolkien and I’m biting my nails until GRRM’s The Winds of Winter comes out.

I am 28, I paint and drink coffee a lot. If you want to make me miserable, all you have to do is put me somewhere in the country, with no buildings, no asphalt and no service. I’ll probably bring my laptop and write there anyway, and my shoes will be totally inappropriate.


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Blog:   https://janamisho.wordpress.com/
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PREACHER – Street Lit/ Urban Fiction by Diallo Frazier



(The Hood Disciple)

Street Lit/ Urban Fiction

By Diallo Frazier


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Preacher is a reluctant drug dealer who uses spirituality to balance out the struggles of street life. He preaches to his smoker disciples & in return they tell him the great sins of the city so he can bring street justice to those who prey on the weak. When Malcolm, one of his disciples, informs him about the murder of a local activist, Preacher is drawn into a twist of government conspiracy and street revenge.

Will this be Preacher’s last sermon or his chance at resurrection to a new life of redemption?