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Psychopaths: Secrets of Sexual Predators Exposed

by Taylor Rush

Free Aug 23-24

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Protect Yourself From Predators
DISCOVER: Psychopaths: Secrets of Sexual Predators Exposed

The author exposes what these psychopaths really think about children, women, sex and violence.

Inside this guide you’ll learn:

How easy it is for them to blame you for their behavior.
Why you can’t love a dangerous man to good emotional health.
How they rape to shame and degrade children and women.
How hopeless their lives are and why you should avoid their path.
How hate and anger motivates them.
How the justice system can’t or won’t protect you from them.
Why no excuse for his behavior is ever a good enough excuse.
How to spot a psychopath.



Dishonesty Tangles: The Words of a Murdered Poet

Ruben fematt Dishonesty

Dishonesty Tangles:

God’s Soldier
Caught in The Devil’s War

by Ruben Michael Fematt


There is no explaining or defining Ruben Michael Fematt. The peace he sought in this life eluded him. He was raised to be a smart baseball player from his hometown California neighborhood of Wilmington, also known as ‘The Heart of The Harbor’. Despite attending grade school at nearby Holy Family Catholic Church, Ruben went the way of foolish & dangerous behaviors towards the end of his teens. ruben fematt -dishonestytanglesThis looked to others as though his life had slowly spiraled into an abyss. As he grew older, Ruben began to write poetry for his family, friends & cellmates; and his poems were found to have documented an explicitly honest account of a journey thru dishonesty……

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Genres:  Poetry / American / Hispanic American

More about: Ruben Michael Fematt – A Murdered Poet
“Dishonesty Tangles: God’s Soldier Caught in The Devil’s War” is a new poetry book with poems and poetry for anyone who has a family member facing drug addiction or who may be on other paths of self-destruction.

The words of murdered poet Ruben Michael Fematt are simply human, explaining an experience that was painfully dishonest thru a completely honest collection of poems that were left behind when he died.

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Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation


Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation

The Perfect Reference Guide for:

*   Murder Mystery Fans
*   CSI and Crime Drama Fans
*   Mystery Authors seeking Authenticity
*   Students of Criminal Investigation

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  • Uses an accessible style appealing to a wide audience of students, detectives, scientists, and attorneys
  • Presents a new chapter on digital evidence collection
  • Covers the latest on DNA, including touch DNA, partial matches, and familial searching
  • Includes new color photos and real case examples
  • Provides an overview of the crime scene investigation process, from the first officer on the scene through the legal system
  • Contains end-of-chapter questions to test readers’ assimilation of concepts

Instructor’s guide with PowerPoint® presentations, answers to end-of-chapter questions, and test bank available with qualifying course adoption


“If you are a Professional Crime Scene Investigator, then this book is a must have for both your personal forensic reference library, as well as your office reference library.”
—Edward W. Wallace Jr., Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst, Retired First Grade Detective, NYPD

“Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation is a well-written, comprehensive guide to the investigative and technical aspects of CSI. The textbook is an educational standard on the theory and practice of crime scene investigation and includes many informative casework examples and photographs. On reading this book, students, entry-level personnel, and experienced practitioners will have a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of forensic science in its application to crime scene investigations.”
—Professor Don Johnson, School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, California State University, Los Angeles

The application of science and technology plays a critical role in the investigation and adjudication of crimes in our criminal justice system. But before science can be brought to bear on evidence, it must be recognized and collected in an appropriate manner at crime scenes. Written by authors with over 50 years of combined experience in forensic science, Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation examines the concepts, field-tested techniques, and procedures of crime scene investigation. Detectives, crime scene technicians, and forensic scientists can rely on this updated version of the “forensics bible” to effectively apply science and technology to the tasks of solving crimes.

What’s New in the Eighth Edition:

  • The latest in forensic DNA testing and collection, including low copy number DNA
  • A new chapter on digital evidence
  • New case studies with color photographs
  • End-of-chapter study questions
  • Practical tips and tricks of the trade in crime scene processing


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Barry Fisher & David Fisher

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Book News – BestSeller – Snowing In Bali
by Kathryn Bonella – Int’l BestSelling Author and Journalist

Snowing In Bali

by Kathryn Bonella
Journalist and Author

Former producer at 60 minutes/ author of two international best sellers “No More Tomorrow” and “Hotel Kerobokan” (Internationally titled Hotel K – about Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail – home to prisoners from across the globe including chef Gordon Ramsay’s brother Ronnie Ramsay.

Now, Kathryn Bonella has released a new book – already number one at Australian airports – titled ‘snowing in bali‘. it’s about the international drug bosses, how they traffic drugs in surfboard, hang glider frames, windsurf booms etc, their close shaves, their glamorous lifestyles in Bali, including orgies, luxury shopping and the busts and death row.

Kathryn interviewed some of the island’s biggest international dealers – speaking for the first time in graphic detail – the book regularly uses direct quotes from the amazingly frank interviews. Most of the island’s top cocaine dealers originally went to Bali to surf, did a drug run to pay for their lifestyle, and got hooked. But it’s from heaven to hell in a blink of an eye. Bali has draconian punishment for drugs, including the death penalty. Two of the drug traffickers she speaks to are now living on death row.

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BOOK genre:  true crime/biography

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Facebook:   Snowing In Bali


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