Nesselorette- The Book – Delivers Mystery, Drama &
Science Fiction Wrapped in a Crime Thriller

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Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery & Drama

Clem Maddox _ NesseloretteNesselorette-
The Book


Book 1 in a New Trilogy
by Clem Maddox


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Nesselorette stared at the cover on the old tattered book and wondered what did the writing and insignia mean. The old book was found under the padding that she laid on as a baby, when an old woman placed the basket at the curb of the Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in New York City. She knew the book contained secrets of her heritage but felt the secrets could not be unraveled until she left New York City and traveled to Natchitoches Louisiana. This quest would lead her to encounter a truth embedded in the black arts in the bayou swamps. “Definitely A Page Turner”

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Book 2 – Kismet (Nesselorette-The Beginning)

Book 3 – Nesselorette (The Perils of the Foster Care System)



Meet the Author – Clem Maddox

Clem MaddoxFor the past twenty years Clemon Maddox has been working in the Telecommunications and Cable Industry and has gained prominence as an effective Business Leader. His love for writing was first given birth in high school when he wrote his first series of poems. Since that time Clemon has written more than 500 poems. His poetry writing gave birth to commercial jingle writing and writing lyrics to many of his favorite jazz artist’s music to include Ramsey Lewis, Earl Klugh, George Howard, Ronnie Laws, Kim Waters, Peter White, Richard Elliot and Shakatak just to name a few.

 “Fiction with Fascination”

Clemon recently embarked on novel writing in 2012 and has written 13 fiction novels. His first published novel is entitled “Nesselorette-The Book. It is a very compelling story that takes the reader on a journey that could only be born from the mind of his creative abilities. Clemon is the type of writer that has a superb command of imagery and uses the allegory style of writing like an artist uses a paint brush. He is able to take fiction characters and develop stories that places the reader’s mind in the middle of the story as if watching a live theatrical play. Watch how he will move you to want more from each storyline that he develops. His novels are not the lengthy type of books filled with so much to read that the reader gets bored and lost. Clemon’s books are fun, fascinating and easy to read.


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