Life with Tourette Syndrome and
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Chris MasonInterview with Chris Mason

 Author of:

What Makes Me Tic:
Living With Tourette Syndrome

A memoir about Chris’ life with Tourette Syndrome
and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


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About the Book:

ChrisMason-What makes me ticWritten by Chris Mason and taken directly from his own life experiences, ‘What Makes Me Tic: Living With Tourette Syndrome’ aims to raise honest awareness of the realities and truths of living with one of the world’s most misunderstood Neuropsychiatric disorders. The book quashes misconceptions and exposes many facets of the disorder that are rarely made public.

Chris’ biggest challenge has been a daily battle with both Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Readers will laugh, they will cry; they’ll be shocked at what they didn’t know and be ashamed by their previous assumptions. In all, he tells a brutally-honest story that attempts to put readers in his shoes.



Why did you write this book?

“I am proud of who I am and am blessed to be in a position to help raise awareness on behalf of Tourette Syndrome sufferers around the world. If I can change how just one person thinks, it will all be worth my time. However, I intend to enlighten the masses – it’s time attitudes changed!”


Tell us about your diagnosis.

I am a forty-four-years old now. I began having symptoms of Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the age of six, but I wasn’t diagnosed until age twenty. For the fourteen years in between I wondered why I had these strange symptoms and why I was different than everyone else. I had trouble in school because of behavior problems and learning disorders. I also have some undiagnosed mental illnesses. I am now on medication, which has totally rid me of all my tics, but at a price. The medication has many side effects that I have been dealing with and trying to control, with no avail, for the twenty-three years I have been taking it. I know that unless there is a cure I will be on medication for the rest of my life.


Have you written about Tourette Syndrome before?

This is my second book. My first book (Touretties) was published in 2011. It is an anthology that includes twenty-one true short stories, including my own, about people who have or have a family member who has Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. It will be re-released with seven new stories, under the title “Touretters Are Us” early in the year 2015.  I am also working on a children’s picture book that includes four true stories about young people, written in their own words, that have Tourette Syndrome. I am also working on a full-length book about coaching youth soccer in the U.S.


How did writing this book help you?

It was very therapeutic for me. I also learned that I have helped a lot of people who have read the book, because they told me I did, by letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles with these disorders.


Was it difficult to share your personal experiences with others, in the book?

It was very difficult, especially since it brought back a lot of bad memories, but I realize that telling my story is the best way I know of for me to raise awareness for the disorders. Even if only one person gains a greater understanding of Tourette’s and OCD as a result of reading my book it will be well worth the time and effort it took to write it.


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