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How to Manage Your Time, Be More Productive, and Overcome Procrastination
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By the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be charging through your to-do list like a sumo wrestler on crack.

Don’t believe me?

Well, here’s the thing: Time management is like warfare. The right strategies ensure effortless victory.

And guess what? Inside this book, you too will learn to conquer your goals with ease.

You’ll discover powerful strategies and explosive (usually not literally, but be careful!) techniques that will enable you to get more out of your day.

Learn from the best. Rockefeller. Elon Musk. Napoleon.


Why the world’s most productive people—from Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to presidents of the United States—don’t use to-do lists (and what they DO use).
How John D. Rockefeller used a little red notebook to become insanely efficient.
The lethally effective strategy Napoleon used to swiftly conquer Europe (and how YOU can use it to swiftly conquer your to-do list).

And more!

Maximize your day. Multiply your results.


The surprising McDonald’s secret that will catapult your productivity into the stratosphere.
How one of history’s most successful writers managed to write 65 full-length novels, despite having a full-time job.
The journaling habit used by world-class athletes to achieve greater results in less time (and how YOU can use it to multiply your own results).
Why pretending you’re on an airplane can quadruple your productivity.

And more!

Wring every last drop of value out of your workday and rapidly conquer your biggest goals.


Setting And Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Sandra Williams - Goals

Setting And Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals, How To Stay Motivated And Get Everything You Want From Your Life Faster (Success Principles And Mindset, … Time And Stress Management Book 1)

by Sandra Williams


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Inside you will find:
1. 60 Second Life Success Quiz (With Personalized Report!)
2. Bonus at the end of the book.


Find Out How To Set Goals And Achieve Them! Do Not Procrastinate Ever Again!

Are you aware that all successful people have one thing in common? They set goals and achieve those goals that has been set. How many times have you set goals either not to achieve them or you just end up forgetting that you even set any goals in the first place? Probably several times or else you would not be here. The greatest problem for many people is setting very challenging goals such that it becomes hard to achieve these goals.

Are you tired of setting goals that you never achieve? Do you want to know how to set goals that you will achieve and remain motivated to keep achieving more and more? This book contains all the information you need to set S.M.A.R.T goals as well as how to achieve these goals so that you can be motivated to do much greater things in your life.

This book contains actionable strategies you should know about setting and achieving goals. Read on to learn how to do it!


Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

Why Set Goals

How is Goal Setting Going to Improve YOUR Life

Goal Setting On A Physical Level

Goal Setting On A Mental Level

Goal Setting On An Emotional Level

Setting And Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals

How to Make Your Goals Specific

How to Make Your Goals Measurable

What Is RPM

How To Stay Motivated

Achievable And Realistic Goal Setting

How To Set And Accomplish Goals With Timeliness

S.M.A.R.T Goal Example Step By Step

Visualizing Your Goals

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And Much More!



MAKE GOOD HABITS STICK – Free through March 8th

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Does it sometimes feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

The best way to make the most of your time is to introduce good habits and to make them stick, this will help you:

*Get the most out of your day
*Live a more productive life
*Achieve more of what you want during your day
*Be more organised
*Have more time for the things that you WANT to do

This book will set out how you can stay on top of the important areas in your life through the creation of good habits to ensure that you make the most of your day from waking up through to going to sleep.






Stop procrastinating and take control of your life!

Nathan Taylor-procrastination-1
Overcoming Procrastination:

Life Changing Habits to Cure Procrastination Forever
by Nathan Taylor


Don’t Procrastinate
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Overcoming Procrastination: Life Changing Habits to Cure Procrastination Forever

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You’re about to discover how to live a procrastination free life!

Procrastination is a slippery slope that can quickly take over your life. Diagnose what type of procrastinator you are and learn how to effectively stop procrastinating forever.

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This book includes information on a FREE procrastination busting tool.

The loss of productivity can hinder you from being the happy successful person you want to be. Anxiety, depression, sleep problems, missed opportunities are all side effects of procrastinating too much. This book will give you the tools to overcome procrastination. Be a happier more productive person, get the life you deserve.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How to identify the cause of your procrastination.
Why making todo lists won’t help.
Learn what type of procrastinator you are and how to combat it.
Proven methods to beat your procrastination.
How to strengthen your self-control.
How procrastination is taking a toll on your well being.
Tackle procrastination once and for all!
The procrastination cure!
Much, much more!



Stop Procrastinating! Grab this FREE Book!

cary richards_Procrast_Cover_REVISED_Final
Clobbering the
Procrastination Monster:

The New Procrastination Cure


by Cary David Richards


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Tips and techniques to resist procrastination and improve productivity.
Learn how to get rid of bad habits, stop being lazy and improve productivity.

How Would it Feel to Master Extreme Productivity?

You are most likely a procrastinator. It’s Okay, so are 99.8% of the rest of the humans on the planet. The question is what to do about your procrastination habits.

Getting more productivity out of a day and getting things done with more efficiency and on time is a problem that has plagued mankind since Ogg the caveman threw another log on the campfire, rolled over, scratched underneath his buckskins and told Mrs. Ogg that tomorrow would be a much better time to go out into the snow and hunt for Wholly Mammoths.

Back then, unlike today, there was no effective procrastination cure.

What you’ll learn by Downloading “Clobbering the Procrastination Monster”

  • How organization can turn you into a productivity Ninja!
  • 6 Killer resources for creating the power habit of motivation and burning desire.
  • 5 accountability mistakes that allow the little green beastie to wrap his tentacles around you.
  • How to stave off that overwhelmed feeling and turn it into extreme productivity.
  • Plus you’ll learn about additional productivity books and resources.