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Clem Maddox _ NesseloretteNesselorette-
The Book


Book 1 in a New Trilogy
by Clem Maddox


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Nesselorette stared at the cover on the old tattered book and wondered what did the writing and insignia mean. The old book was found under the padding that she laid on as a baby, when an old woman placed the basket at the curb of the Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in New York City. She knew the book contained secrets of her heritage but felt the secrets could not be unraveled until she left New York City and traveled to Natchitoches Louisiana. This quest would lead her to encounter a truth embedded in the black arts in the bayou swamps. “Definitely A Page Turner”

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Book 2 – Kismet (Nesselorette-The Beginning)

Book 3 – Nesselorette (The Perils of the Foster Care System)



Meet the Author – Clem Maddox

Clem MaddoxFor the past twenty years Clemon Maddox has been working in the Telecommunications and Cable Industry and has gained prominence as an effective Business Leader. His love for writing was first given birth in high school when he wrote his first series of poems. Since that time Clemon has written more than 500 poems. His poetry writing gave birth to commercial jingle writing and writing lyrics to many of his favorite jazz artist’s music to include Ramsey Lewis, Earl Klugh, George Howard, Ronnie Laws, Kim Waters, Peter White, Richard Elliot and Shakatak just to name a few.

 “Fiction with Fascination”

Clemon recently embarked on novel writing in 2012 and has written 13 fiction novels. His first published novel is entitled “Nesselorette-The Book. It is a very compelling story that takes the reader on a journey that could only be born from the mind of his creative abilities. Clemon is the type of writer that has a superb command of imagery and uses the allegory style of writing like an artist uses a paint brush. He is able to take fiction characters and develop stories that places the reader’s mind in the middle of the story as if watching a live theatrical play. Watch how he will move you to want more from each storyline that he develops. His novels are not the lengthy type of books filled with so much to read that the reader gets bored and lost. Clemon’s books are fun, fascinating and easy to read.


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ECHO’S Revenge: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller

Sean Austin - ECHOs Revenge -A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller*** KINDLE CountDown Deal ***


ECHO’S Revenge:


A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller
(ECHO’s Revenge Book 1)

By Sean Austin


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April 16 to 20


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Winner of the 2012 Parent’s Choice Award, recipient of the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval!

The entire gaming community, including top competitor Claire Hamilton, is in awe of fourteen-year-old Reggie King who can take just minutes to destroy the demonic game boss, ECHO-6, in the bestselling video game, ECHO’S Revenge. Reggie can’t wait to test himself against the game’s new and improved monster: ECHO-7. To Reggie, ECHO’S Revenge is more than just a game; it’s his way to escape the harsh reality at home.

But there’s a glitch in the new release of ECHO-7. The game developers release a live version of the monster into the real world and now a 35-foot tall extreme predator clad in impenetrable armor with the power to shape-shift and turn invisible is hunting down every elite gamer who ever defeated it in previous versions. One by one, elite ECHO gamers are disappearing. And now, ECHO-7 is after Reggie.

Reggie fears that the monster will also go after his younger brother Jeremy who’s been steadily racking up plenty of monster-kill points himself. Determined to keep him safe, Reggie hatches a plot to destroy the monster and save fellow gamers. But can he figure out how to use his gaming instincts in the real world? And, can Claire help Reggie understand who he really is, so he can reach the next level?

Echo’s Revenge delivers non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action with a hero who is learning that it takes action to bridge the gap between fantasy and the real world—and that family loyalty is sometimes the trickiest game of all.

“Compelling reading for the tween male gamer demographic…about a young boy who finds adventure, courage and teamwork away from the computer screen.” — Breitbart Reviews




CHILD of HERN – A Crime-Murder-Detective Thriller

Chip Walker - Child of Hern - A Crime-Murder-Detective-ThrillerCHILD of HERN


A Crime-Murder-Detective Thriller
by Chip Walker

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Until now, the East Anglian city of Peterborough has enjoyed a low murder rate. When the body of a young white woman is found mutilated and abandoned in a park and with her Asian boyfriend missing, FRANK MILLARD is called in to investigate. Detective Chief Inspector MILLARD, ex-paratrooper and Falklands veteran with Peterborough’s Major Investigation Team investigates. The investigation takes him to suspect an ancient religious cult which is steeped in folklore and has strong historical links to Peterborough. At the same time, the investigation treads on the toes of the Pakistan Mafia sparking a violent reaction. Frank must race against time to save the lives of his family and those of his colleagues.


Frank Millard is assisted by JULIE MORRIS, a talented and brilliant Scenes of Crime Officer. Frank and she enjoy a relationship which goes beyond the professional, though as yet, neither has made the move into something else. Frank has feelings for her but is almost incapacitated with fear of rejection. He isn’t good with relationships.


When the decapitated body of the missing boy is found floating in the river and another woman is kidnapped off the street, Frank Millard and his team suspect that they have a racist serial murderer on their hands. Though the team are unable at this stage to come up with a credible theory as to why, each of the murders appears to be oddly connected by sightings and evidence of a large stag.


Frank is repeatedly haunted by an apparition of a dead argentine soldier that until now only he could see. The ghost appears arbitrarily and without warning and even after all these years, still unnerves him. When the ghostly image appears to his ex-wife, Frank knows that something is very wrong. As well as having to investigate a series of murders, Frank must now discover what the ghost is trying to communicate.


About the Author: Chip Walker

Chip WalkerChip was born in Surrey, England to Forces parents. He grew up a in number of areas around England and abroad including; Kenya, Singapore and Cyprus. In 1974 he left school to enlist in the British Army. He served for eleven years then, joined the British Police Service.

Amongst his many and varied duties, he served as a Fire-arms officer, worked in anti-terrorism, taught Drugs Education and Citizen Safety in schools and later retired as a Police Inspector.

His first book, “The Terrible Battle for Billy Watson,” was a local best seller and was nominated for several prestigious awards. Using the writing pseudonym of Clive Franks, he has now written a number of adventure stories for children, all of which, aim to teach children that good shall always overcome evil.

These days he concentrates on writing murder mysteries and also writes books associated with military parachuting. His latest novel, ‘Child of Hern’ is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide.

Child of Hern is unusual in that it is written with true authority and from real experience of how the British police work and by using the most up-to-date forensic techniques.


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Stone the Devil – Political Action Adventure

Peter Sinclair Ellis - stone the devil

Stone the Devil

Political Action Adventure
by Peter Sinclair Ellis


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“Stone the Devil is the story of a nuclear bomb that was manufactured as a result of religious conviction and its journey from the Afrikaner Right Wing into the hands of the Islamic state.

It is a story of political intrigue and deceit, of corruption and greed, and of cruelty often inflicted in the name of God.

It is a story of the machinations of the secretive Afrikaner Broederbond in former apartheid South Africa, of the savagery and cruelty of Boko Haram, and of the beheadings and single-minded application of Sharia Law by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the newly declared Caliphate.

It is a story of the significance of the number 7—to some!

The reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride from the battle fields of South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola, through suburban crime in the streets of Pretoria and Birmingham, the bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi, the killing fields of the DRC and Rwanda, and to the climax in Borno Province, Nigeria.”

Stone the Devil, by Peter Sinclair Ellis, the story of a nuclear bomb that was manufactured as a result of religious conviction, it’s ultimate destination, the sky over New York!

Going beyond the standard political conflict – war novel, “Stone the Devil” explores international conflicts and the impact it has on society from many angles – a religious one, a political one, a nuclear one and last but not least a human one. A very balanced action novel, keeping the exact amount of action, character development and descriptive passages. It’s just one of those books that I find very hard not to like – as it is both complex and comprehensive, both thought provoking and relaxing, both realistic and with the right amount of fictional details inserted in the story line.

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Interview with LT Graham
Author of a Sexy Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

lt grahamInterview with LT Graham


Is this your first book?

No, but it is the first book I’ve published under the pseudonym L. T. Graham.


Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

I was intrigued at the idea of combining a murder-mystery with an examination of marriage, infidelity and sexual impulses. A steamy mystery seemed like a fun concept. I hope my readers agree.


Is this book part of a series? Do you have related books?

It is the first in a planned series featuring Detective Anthony Walker.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

Yes, ever since I was a small child I have loved writing, telling stories, entertaining people and provoking discussion.


How did writing this book help you?

The examination of people—especially what drives them, and how they behave in difficult situations—these are the things that make fiction writing fun. THE BLUE JOURNAL was especially meaningful for me, as I had a chance to take a serious look at my own marriage, as well as those of my closest friends (hopefully they’re not squirming.


Was there someone special in your life that encouraged you to follow your passion?

Truth is, both of my parents discouraged my fantasy of becoming a writer. They thought it was not a very sensible career choice, and on many levels they were right. However, I had the privilege of some wonderful teachers throughout school who encouraged my earliest dreams, and a creative writing professor in college—S. Leonard Rubenstein—who criticized, and cajoled and ultimately showed me the way.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

My first hope is that readers find this a compelling, page-turning story. When they are done, I hope for them to take away questions and thoughts about the main themes I have depicted about human relationships and the good and evil urges that drive us.



LT Graham-TBJ_Book_2D
The Blue Journal:

An explosive blend of suspense, intrigue and erotica
Critics agree The Blue Journal, by L.T. Graham, is a sexy, solid mystery.



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When Elizabeth Knoebel is found dead of a gunshot wound, the investigation is turned over to Lieutenant Anthony Walker. Formerly a New York City cop, Walker is a man with his own issues, who now serves on the police force of an affluent community in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He lives among the privileged gentry, where he understands that appearances are often far removed from reality.

As Walker untangles the steamy secrets of Elizabeth’s memoir, the threads begin to converge on her psychotherapist. He becomes convinced that Elizabeth’s killer is another of Randi Conway’s patients. But which one?

Publishers Weekly: “Gripping….the action builds to an exciting and unexpected conclusion.

Library Journal: “A crackerjack noir tale featuring a sad man trying to come to terms with a new life.

L. T. Graham is the pen name of a New England-based, highly successful suspense writer who is the author of several novels. Graham is currently at work on the next Detective Anthony Walker novel.
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 Twitter Account: @ltgrahambooks




Historical Fiction Thriller – The Seventh Day of Light

RiccardoBertora-7th light-shadows

The Seventh Day of Light:
Part I: Shadows

Historical Fiction Thriller
By Riccardo Bertora

**FREE Feb 5 – 8**

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Historical Fiction Thriller set at the height of the cold war space race where Sergei Federev, an ace Russian Test Pilot, is sent on a top secret mission to be the first human in space though he could not imagine the dramatic events that would unfold changing his life where his own government wants him dead.


The year is 1958, at the height of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. During a top secret mission of becoming the first human in space, the Russian pilot Sergei Federev’s craft is destroyed before completing the first orbit of the planet.

Inexplicably, Sergei survives the accident in space and is presumed dead. Regaining consciousness in an unfamiliar environment, he has to search for answers of where he is and what happened to him.

Was his experience a dream? Has he been captured by the Americans? Is he suffering hallucinations while being drugged or does the answer lie in the possibility of something else beyond anyone’s imagination.


Sergei Federev, a prodigy of the Soviet military apparatus, has everything a man in the military could ever want: a beautiful fiancée, a loving family, a rank beyond his years and a reputation for being the best air force pilot in the country. At just 24 the expectation of a government and weight of a nation’s pride and ambitions rests on his shoulders as he is chosen for the top secret mission to be the first human in space.

During the first orbit of the Earth, Sergei’s craft is destroyed by meteorites but miraculously, he survives. Regaining consciousness in an unfamiliar environment, he has to search for answers of where he is and what happened to him.

What he discovers is a world beyond anyone’s imagination……..



Mystery, Suspense, Thriller by Avi Wolfson – GOLDEN CHILDREN

Avi Wolfson_Golden Children

Golden Children

Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Novel
by Avi Wolfson



FREE Dec. 27-31


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Everyone loves Ted.

The disadvantaged children he works with consider him a hero.

The children’s parents think he is the answer to their prayers.

His boss Stacy adores him.

But, there is evil lurking behind Ted’s dark sense of humor.

Ted plans to marry Stacy and the only thing in his way is her husband.

Will Stacy see him for what he really is before it’s too late?

Or will he continue to deceive her and everyone around him?

Find out now!

Read Golden Children, a thrilling story of love and deception.




Dark of Night – A Treat for Fans of Suspense Thrillers


Dark of Night
(The Man From the Yard Book 1)


A Suspense Thriller
by Marios Savva


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It now followed her to Whitesands. Everyone who took part in it with her had died horribly. There was no escaping it. It would get her too. Who could save Jane from the inevitable?
Sheriff Jake, the sheriff of Whitesands, a former inspector of Scotland Yard and world renowned detective, now faced his greatest ever challenge. With the help of his best friend and deputy, Chief, these brothers-in-arms will be tried and tested like never before.
The tragedies that ensue will darken the days of Whitesands. Will Jane be saved? Everyone would give their all to do so. But, would it be enough?
It lurks in the shadows to bring destruction to those brave enough – or foolish enough, to try and stop it. It will not be denied. Or will it …..



A Message from the Author: Marios Savva

I am a Psychologist living in Birmingham, England. Although I was born in the UK, I am from the lovely island of Cyprus.I have the fervent desire to write books on psychology for people around the world to read. I like to make my books interesting and with a little humor as some psychology material can get ‘heavy’. STRESS: WE CAN MASTER IT, is my first book in the Psychology and Health series. I have another five books in this series in kindle store: Depression, Body Image, Drugs and Addictions, I want to Sleep, and Know Thyself. I have just published my first novel which is a suspense thriller. I thoroughly believe this novel, as well as the others I am currently working on, will be a great read, as, being a psychologist with experience (and a creative imagination!),I am in a position to create something somewhat unique.  I Hope you enjoy my books.

Marios on Twitter 

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Suburban Enterprise – Crime Thriller by J. P. London

JP London - Suburban Enterprise

Suburban Enterprise


Suburban Crime Thriller
by J. P. London


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If You Like Breaking Bad or the Stieg Larsson Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Books, You Will Love J.P. London’s Suburban Enterprise.




Brian has it all as a championship high school athlete in the suburbs, until a devastating injury turns his life upside down in an instant. With his athletic career ruined, and all hopes for a college education gone with it, Brian loses all hope of ever getting out of town and out of poverty.

This town is where you either have money or you want money. Brian figures he will just continue being one of those that wants money. But, he wants it bad.

Then along comes a spider in the form of an old coach, who gives Brian a chance to turn everything around, if he’s willing to pay the price. He shows Brian how he can take the money he wants. Brian must choose on which side of the law he wants to operate. His life depends on it.

When everything starts to spiral out of control, Brian learns he can either lie down and die or come out fighting.
Does he have what it takes to survive?

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Picking Up Strays – A Thriller Mystery


Picking Up Strays:
An Amanda Hughes Novel

A Thriller Mystery
by Jack Flannary



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Driven by dark secrets Amanda Hughes is hunting a madman along Oklahoma’s highways. In this dark, erotic, crime thriller, Jack Tatum weaves a tale of one woman’s struggles with her war service, her job, her family, and her sexuality.

Lost in a maze of seamy truck stops, strip clubs, and deserted towns Amanda struggles to catch a man whose dark soul drives him to stalk the young women and girls lost in the world of truck stop prostitution.


Jack Flannary is a farmer, writer, carpenter, and retired paramedic.

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