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Introducing This exciting Action Adventure Series
by Michael Keyth




A.S.A.T. (Anti-Supernatural Assault Team) is a special group created by a billionaire Arthur West. They consist of 6 best people, Arthur could find. Their main aim is to find 5 pieces of the Seal of Solomon, so they can stop the demon that is responsible for the end of the world in 2012.

Book 0 tells the story of each member and how they became involved in ASAT.

Part 1 Arthur West- the mastermind behind the whole operation. He lost everything to gain much more.

Part 2- Tokutei- the eminent warrior from Japan sent with his team to retrieve a legendary sword- a bluish katana sword. Not everything goes according to the plan, and the team is under attack by something less than humans.

Part 3- Dan Night- A vampire hunter from NY. He and the other hunters organise a perfect trap for the bloodsuckers. But is it really so perfect?

Part 4- Jason White- a soldier from Sydney sent with a special group to eliminate terrorists, but something else does it for them.

Part 5- Lian Shu- A Chinese hitwoman hired to retrieve a precious objects. She had to do more than her best when she finds out that the person who has it is not human.

Part 6- Surya- A dhampiric girl kidnapped by vampires to make sure she won’t interrupt their plan.

About The Author: Michael Keyth

Michael Keyth was born In Poland In 1984. He was raised only by his mother and having only one parent made his childhood different from a typical one. After graduating high school, he studied English language in Polish city of Legnica and made a Master’s degree in English language . Since 2006 he has been working as an English teacher in the very high school he graduated from. He has never stayed in a native English country for longer than two days, but even though he decided to write in English. Being Polish and not being influenced by books but movies and TV series makes his work different from American and British literature. His series of novels- A.S.A.T. , Anti-Supernatural Assault Team- is an action, horror, adventure project directed mainly to young adults, but it has also become popular among older and younger generation.

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The Set Up and The Inside Job
Thrillers by Felix Riley

Secret Service Agent Mike Byrne is too late . . .

Too late to save the one man who knew the truth – the star witness who was about to blow the whistle on the biggest banking scandal in history. Too late to stop an innocent man from dying, and so plunging the world of high finance into a death spiral of violence and murder.

Because payback for bankers who gambled with other people’s money is being handed out in bullets and bombs. And now the only person who can keep the bankers alive is Agent Byrne, who finds himself having to protect the very people he swore to take down. Before long Byrne is locked into a deadly fight with an unseen enemy – an enemy that will stop at nothing to get what they want . . .



New York City – present day.

The Investigator… is under investigation for the cold-blooded murder of four Wall Street bankers. The NYPD have motive, they have opportunity – and they have it on film.

The Conspiracy… involves the very people we were meant to trust. They have money, they have power, and they have Mike Byrne in their sights.

The Set-Up… requires a fall guy.

Mike Byrne has a past that was meant to stay that way – in the past. Only, the past has a way of catching up with you. Instead he finds himself caught in a race against time, trying to prevent an attack in New York City, an attack that nobody else can stop.

They want Mike Byrne framed. They want Mike Byrne dead. But they forgot what he was trained to do…



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FREE TODAY! – ‘Ritual Serial Killer’ to International Playgirl
Get your Copy of: That Girl Started Her Own Country

That Girl Started Her Own Country

by Holy Ghost Writer



From ‘Ritual Serial Killer’ to International Playgirl and meager beginnings to private jet-setting, Zaydee is not only capturing hearts but is a force to be reckoned with. Though toting a string of male and female conquests, there’s only one man who has captivated her heart. The lucky soul? Steven Larson. An honest, noble journalist, who, at the risk of losing his own life, will expose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of some powerful beings, untouchable, even by the government. A path of danger hovers over him as he nears the truth, but Zaydee is determined to keep the love of her life safe while ‘anonymously’ giving him secrets that will be the greatest exposé of his career yet. With a seemingly endless supply of money, high-tech devices and hactavists that could take down a nation, she’ll stop at nothing to take down the most powerful secret society in the world and rise as the head of a new nation. A new nation in which women rule the world! Hold on to your seatbelts, you’re about to be taken to places you’ve never imagined.


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FREE TODAY! The Pineville Heist – BestSelling Thriller!
Soon to Become a Movie !

The Pineville Heist:
The little indie book that attracted a big movie star


The Pineville Heist is a #1 Bestselling Thriller that hit #3 overall on the Amazon Best Sellers’ list and was just optioned as a feature movie.

Award-winning Writer/Director Lee Chambers signed Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater from the ‘Twilight movies’) for the lead role of Aaron Stevens.

What is it about? Aaron witnesses a murder after a botched bank robbery . He ends up with bag of stolen money and is then hunted down inside his high school.

“It has lots of action which I really enjoyed reading,” noted Booboo Stewart.

In the last year over 40,000 people have downloaded The Pineville Heist attracting fans from all over the world.


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Award-winning Writer/Director Lee Chambers with Twilight’s Booboo Stewart.

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SIC ~ a “Cerebral” and “gritty” Thriller by Scott Kelly


What if you were forced to completely 
change your life in fifteen minutes?

One rule: If another player taps you on the shoulder, you have to completely change your life within the next fifteen minutes. In front of everyone. Your car, your virginity, your grades, your identity – nothing is safe. When five high school students from the wrong part of town devote their lives to playing the game David invented, what could go wrong?David’s murder, for one……..

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A Life Interrupted – A Thriller by Kristi Loucks


A Life Interrupted

by Kristi Loucks

“Jared BelaForte spent his life protecting the people he loves and the place he calls home. He works for a government appointed task force called The Greater Wilmington First Response Team or GWRT. A group comprised of his friend and half brother, Dylan Spencer. his father’s old partner on the Police Force, Alex Kelley and Alex’s cousin, Jules Devereaux. Rounding out the team was Shay McElroy, a profiler who also happened to be the love of his life.

Everything seemed perfect in his world, people he cared about surrounded him and they were close to putting an end to a known trafficker who dealt in drugs and women. But in one moment, the man Jared had spent years trying to put away interrupted that life.

Sergei Dolenov is that man. He deals in drugs and dolls, a family business you might say. He had been able to stay under the radar in the sleepy port of North Carolina that he called home these days. But when the Governor put together a task force to disrupt his business, he took on a new target. Jared BelaForte.

After two years of torture and pain, Jared believed he would die in Dolenov’s “care”. But just when all hope is lost, an opportunity to escape presents itself. Two years to the day, Dylan got the phone call. Jared BelaForte was in the local ER, and he was alive. Can he pick up the pieces before the man responsible returns to finish the job he started?

This is a story of survival and the powers of love and family. It contains vivid details about one man’s fight to regain his freedom and return to the one’s he loved.”

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Invisible Enemies by Lynda D. Brown

Invisible Enemies

A Supernatural Thriller by Lynda D. Brown

Abby has a wonderful voice, and sings in the choir at Grace Faith Church. When God chooses Abby and her family as pawns in his wager with Satan, her life is turned upside down. Abby is banned from her beloved church and soon, she’s hanging out with a new crew, drinking and getting high.

Abby runs into Randy Nelson, her older sister’s ex. They begin dating, and soon Abby becomes pregnant and marries him. Unknown to Abby, the Nelsons are members of a New Age cult called the Brotherhood. When Abby finds out about her husband’s involvement in the Brotherhood, and his many infidelities, the marriage turns sour.

For years, God’s angels and Satan’s demons wage war with Abby’s soul. When Abby discovers RJ, her thirteen-year-old son has been attending Brotherhood initiation ceremonies, she joins forces with her old minister and together, they fight the good fight of faith and Abby shows Satan just how strong her faith really is.

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