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Darryl Ross is a former FOX5 news reporter and a sought after youth Motivational speaker.  He has appeared on PBS, E! Entertainment Channel, and the Travel Channel. He has worked with teens and at risk youth for 15years. He also works with parents and educators. Darryl is the author of: Be Extraordinary-The Teenager’s Roadmap to Success, He reveals the top challenges facing teens and gives tips to parents on how to connect with teenagers.  Darryl challenges teens to raise their own standards and not follow the crowd.


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The Monsterjunkies – An American Family Odyssey
YA Fiction * Fantasy * Teen Issues * Bullying


The Monsterjunkies

An American Family Odyssey

YA Fiction  *  Fantasy   *     Teens
Self Esteem   *    Bullying  


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Tucked away in a remote cul-de-sac on the Maine coast is a place where the strange is normal, and the bizarre, is everyday. This is a place, where, if you do not have an open mind, you will loose your mind in its reality and truths. This is the home of The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey.

Residing at this place, twelve year old Crow and his fourteen year old sister, Indigo , along with their friends go down a reality curve to arrive at the harsh truth of the indelible hurt bullying, emotional abuse and prejudice can foster. The family faces ignorance combined with aggression at every step as they try to build a life for themselves in the home of their ancestors.

We are all MonsterJunkies and wear masks during our daily lives, in school, during work, hanging out with friends, imitating, being people who we look up to and admire, or those we want to be. It is those people who take off their masks and show the real person inside who are the ones that truly find the meaning of their lives.

The Monsterjunkies an American Family Odyssey, defines growing up through a cast of quirky yet engaging characters who also experience the same anxieties as any other family, enduring the issues that portend ‘coming of age.’ Not all angst and agony, it marks a clear path to the ultimate form of acceptance, the approbation of self.



Meet the Author – Erik Daniel Shein

erik sheinErik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops, November 18th 1966 He is an American writer, and film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, and philanthropist, Pet enthusiast and animal health advocate . He is the author and co author of over 30 nonfiction and fiction books whose writings include six scientific articles in the field of herpetology. His children’s book, “The Forgotten Ornament” is a Christmas classic, and was endorsed by Hollywood legends Mickey and Jan Rooney.

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New Young Adult Paranormal Romance by KaSonndra Leigh

Dark Seraphine

by KaSonndra Leigh

A Young Adult Paranormal Romance


“Mom always says the angels walk among us. She forgot to tell me that sometimes they’re not all fluffy and nice.”

Seventeen-year-old Caleb Wood has seen people he calls the walkers since he was a baby. It didn’t take long for him to realize something…no one can see these strangers but him. They never stuck around or tried to touch him. And they never said a word. That was until one day on the first day of class in his senior year when an incredibly gorgeous girl strolls into his life…and things are never the same again.

Soon Caleb realizes he has stepped into the middle of a growing conflict between two ancient groups. And his ability to see the invisible ones, the half-breeds that want to modify the human race, just might be the only hope both he and the mysterious, but infuriating, Gia, have of making it out alive.



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Meet the Author: KaSonndra Leigh

KaSonndra Leigh was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She now lives in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, North Carolina. She likes to write about people of all ages doing fantastical things in magical worlds. Her two sons have made her promise to write a boy book next.

She loves to play CLUE, Monopoly (the Indiana Jones version), and Pandora’s Box (good writer’s block therapy). She lives in an L-shaped house with a garden dedicated to her grandmother. It has a secret library complete with fairies, Venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass.

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Interview with Parenting Expert Katherine Gordy Levine

Parenting Expert: Katherine Gordy Levine

Shares Her Resources and Training to Empower Parents

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With all the hype over parenting styles, we must remember, Parents Are People Too
An adaptable emotional fitness training program for parents

Every parent can recall a point where their children have driven them to the breaking point. Whether it’s coming home to a moody teen with a new piercing; a toddler tantrum at the checkout; or a colicky baby’s incessant crying: every parent can relate to those moments where it all seems too much and negative feelings take over. In fact, every day has its up and downs as a parent.

The new eBook, ‘Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents’, helps parents gain control of negative feelings. The ability to control negative feelings is what the author means by emotional fitness—doing so is key to being a good parent.

“Children scare, anger, and hurt parents, and when parents don’t handle their fear, anger, or hurt properly, children suffer; hurt accumulates and negative exchanges mount. Often the ties that bind become strained and sometimes severed. Avoiding this stress and strain takes many emotional fitness skills. Most parents have some of the requisite skills; this book teaches additional skills and helps you improve those you already possess. Everyone can learn to take better care of their feelings so that neither children nor parents suffer unnecessarily.”

The emotional fitness skills taught in the book include feeling awareness, self-soothing, distracting, focusing on what is important, disputing, giving feedback, proper expression of feelings, acceptance, and radical acceptance. In addition to these skills, the book contains numerous exercises designed to strengthen each skill. The final chapter describes Twelve Daily Exercises. These are specifically designed to improve emotional fitness. The promise of the book is that learning and practicing these exercises will enable parents to take charge of their feelings and enjoy the journey of parenting more.

If the title of professional parent were ever permitted, it would be due to the author, Katherine Gordy Levine. Mother, grandmother and foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, she is also an accredited therapist, a Professor of Social Work at Columbia University, Director of mental health crisis programs for children, 30+ years of social work experience and 20+ years working as a professional speaker on parenting and emotional fitness topics.

Katherine remarks about her time as a foster parent, “One of the most important lessons was realizing that when I handled my feelings properly, I handled the kids better. I never found a book devoted to helping me handle my feelings so I could be a better parent. I decided, therefore, to write this book.”

Katherine is a prolific writer who shares her wisdom on her blogs, Parents Are People Too and Emotional Fitness Training Inc (EFTI). 2012 has seen the publication of 4 books (so far):

1-Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents
2-When Good Kids Do Bad Things – A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers
3-Tame the Test Anxiety Monster
4-How to Hold Successful Family Meetings


Meet the Author: Katherine Gordy Levine

Katherine Gordy Levine, a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)  with a  Masters in Social Science (M.S.S.,)  is an experienced mental health professional, teacher and administrator. Becoming a parent and then a foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, lead her to develop Emotional Fitness Training™ skills, which she explores in her blog and her blog for parents Katherine is the author of: When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers, Teaching a Child to Tame the Test Anxiety Monster, Parents Are People Too: An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents, and her latest book: How to Hold Successful Family Meetings.

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For review samples, guest blogging requests, interview requests or more information, please email Fiona, Katherine’ publisher at
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The Omission – A Compelling and Relevant Story

The Omission Short Story

by Kathy Golden

A teenage son finds out that his father is a homosexual. This news is so devastating and disturbing to Jared Sanford Brown, the main character, that he moves away from his family with the sole intent never to be associated with them again.

Readers first encounter Jared, at twenty, as he tries to tell his wife, Jean, the manner in which he learned that his father was gay. From there, the story unfolds, using both present action and flashback to reveal Jared’s ongoing determination to go on with the new life he has chosen for himself.

Four years after leaving home, the fact that he and his wife are about to have a child forces him to confront the broken family tie he has willfully refused to rebind. His most troubling questions are: Can he accept a man who is gay as his father? Does he even have to?

In 2012, adoption by same-sex parents is becoming more and more prevalent. Most of these parents are adopting infants who will grow up, fully aware that their parents are gay. Yet, despite this knowledge, it is possible that some of these children, like Jared, may still rebel against having gay parents. After all, children–today, yesterday and tomorrow–are ever rebelling against parents for one reason or another. And there is no reason to believe that finding out one’s parents are gay and exactly what that means won’t be added to the list of “things to rebel against.”

The Omission is purely fictional and based on fictional characters created by the author. It is a story that takes a look at dealing with gay parentage from the perspective of a teenager growing into a young adult and making his own choice, concerning who he will call “his family.”

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A Message from the author: Kathy Golden

I’m Kathy Golden, author of this novelette. I studied creative writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. At present, I am working on my next novelette, which will be somewhat longer than this one. I also have a novella in progress.

I particularly enjoy listening to audiobooks. My latest listen is the notorious 50 Shades of Grey. I have written a review on this book at Fifty Shades Grey Review.

I also write and record Christian music. You can listen to my songs at God Heard It.

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