Feeling Loved, A Ted E. Bear Story by Barbara Webber

Feeling Loved

A Ted E. Bear Story

by Barbara Webber

Help children feel loved, understand one another, value of compassion, empathy, friendship, and family


Follow the adventures of the Ted E. Bear family as they explore what makes each of the “cubbies” feel loved.  Although the five cubbies all live in the same house, with the same mommy, they each feel loved in very different ways. Laugh and learn with the adorable Lily Bear who adores everything pink, the bossy, girl-girl Bet E. Bear, Freddy withe colorful clothing that makes you look twice, Ted. E Bear the fun-loving, athlete, and Zeddy-Spaghetti who has a favorite dinner he could eat every night!  See the cubbies discover how everyone can get into a good mood just by focusing on happy memories and thoughts.

Ted. E. Bear is one of five very different brothers and sisters, “cubbies,” in the Bear Family. One day Teddy hears Lily Bear telling Mommy that she feels very loved when mommy rubs her face at night to help Lily go to sleep. He then begins a quest to discover what makes each of the cubbies feel loved. Whether it’s gifts, time together or something else, he learns a big lesson about his siblings. Teddy discovers that not only do the cubbies feel love differently, but when they just talk about how they feel loved, they feel better. They realize remembering good times can lift your spirit! As Teddy says, “Don’t you think the world would be a happier place if we remembered how much we are loved?” This story can open lines of communication and improve the bond between you and your child and help nurture empathy, kindness, communication and relationships. You may even learn something about yourself!

Reading this book to the kids you love is a GREAT WAY to show them how much they are loved AND you will find out what makes them feel loved the most!  We encourage you to share this book in classrooms, libraries, community groups and places of worship.
Thanks for helping us remind children how much they are loved!

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Meet The Author: Barbara Webber

Barbara Webber has been a public relations consultant in the Washington D.C. area for authors, activists, celebrities and world leaders since 1983. She now enjoys being a mom, actress, author and speaker on health, happiness and spirituality. Her passion is teaching and empowering children of all ages. Barbara, like her friend Teddy Bear, believes the future will be brighter when we care for all children and remind them how much they are loved. Barbara hopes Feeling Loved, A Ted E. Bear Story, will inspire adults and older children to share this story with kids in their community. She lives with her daughter, Lily, their dogs Teddy and Buddy, and Boo, their kitty, in Annapolis, MD.

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A Message from Barbara:

I envision readings of Feeling Loved in classrooms, bookstores, troop meetings, places of worship, libraries, and in family rooms. We know children need to feel they are loved and it can make a profound difference. Imagine what a great future we can create if more children truly feel loved.

Faced with a life-threatening illness when my daughter Lily was born in 1998, I experienced the tremendous power of love. Without the love from my family and friends, I could not have survived, become a mom, and been able to share this message. My experience is that, in all situations, love can, and does, make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Years ago I was visiting my good friend, Suzy Joy, in Colorado. After a long day of nature walking, feeding chipmunks and talking to baby mountain lions, I put my 6-year-old daughter, Lily, to bed. I tucked her in and we began our nightly ritual. In a sleepy, grateful voice Lily said, “Mommy, when you do that I feel so loved.” 
In that moment, Feeling Loved was born……..CLICK HERE to READ MORE

Children’s book (ages 3 and up)