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Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo [2016] Blueprint:
Enrich Your Life with Alexa and Amazon Echo

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Stress-Free, and Hands-Free with Alexa! (Amazon Echo Dot Home Automation)

Do you want to know what the Amazon Echo is truly capable of? Do you feel you’re getting the best out of Alexa?

Whether you want to (1) make home life easier with the Amazon Echo,(2) setup Alexa in minimal time, or (3) understand all of what Alexa can and cannot do currently, this Amazon Echo User Guide will get you there.

How many lost, tireless, frustrated hours would it take for you to learn all of this on your own?

Amazon Echo 2016 User Guide focuses on clear, concise, and simple step-by-step instructions that will allow you to command Alexa in any home situation. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do to make your home life more enjoyable with Alexa. This book doesn’t share what can easily be found through Google nor is it littered with vague details that help no one.

This guide is your first step to becoming an expert on the Amazon Echo in minimal time. Why listen to me?
I’m a three-time #1 Amazon Best Selling Author in Computers & Technology and Consumer Guides and I’ve sold over 50,000 books on technology!

What will you learn about Amazon Echo?

✔ Answers to all FAQs on Amazon Echo and Alexa
✔ How it could save your life or a loved ones (..literallly)
✔ If it’s worth buying compared to the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap
✔ How to set it up to control the lights, temperature, and garage with just your voice
✔ Where and how to easily stay up to date with latest updates and releases for the Echo
You will also gain access to four free bonuses:

✔ An A4 Echo cheat sheet print out for your reference
✔ A Double-Sided A4 Echo cheat sheet print out with over 60+ Commands
✔ A list of 180+ easter egg and joke commands to get funny answers from Alexa
✔ A five page document with 100+ commands sorted by category (music, weather, timers etc)

Stay with the times.

Leave behind the difficult way of doing things, the future is here with Amazon Echo, and it will only get better and better with Alexa’s never ending updates.

The Echo has already improved thousands of lives around the world, with this user guide at your command, your home life could be even better.

Get off the fence about the Amazon Echo and see if it’s really worth its weight in gold.

Find out what Alexa is truly capable of.


Speed-Up WordPress – FREE Jan 12 – 16

Speed-Up WordPress:

Step By Step Guide To Speed Optimize Your Blog

By Michel Gerard


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Want to learn how to speed-up your WordPress blog?


Speeding-up your blog seems complicated at first, but when you know what to do, it is in fact very simple. This book is going to show you how you can speed optimize your blog, make your users happier, save on unnecessary hosting upgrades and please Google, as it is common knowledge that faster blogs rank better.

You will learn how to easily go from a score of BD, or even worse, to an AA score. Your page load time will go from 5.70 seconds, or worse, to an expected goal approaching 1 second. You will be using only free methods.

The book contains 10 chapters with detailed and actionable step by step instructions with lots of screenshots. If you follow the instructions in this book there is no doubt that you will be ahead of lots of other sites in terms of speed.

Beginner friendly.

>>> Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Should You Speed-Up WordPress?
Chapter 2: Server Side Optimization
Chapter 3: Speed Test WordPress
Chapter 4: Image Optimization
Chapter 5: Database Optimization
Chapter 6: JS, CSS and HTML Optimization
Chapter 7: WordPress Caching
Chapter 8: More Speed Optimization
Chapter 9: Using a CDN for WordPress
Chapter 10: WordPress Hacks & Tricks


>>> About the author

Michel Gerard has been an Internet Marketer for over ten years. He has worked as an affiliate manager, affiliate marketer, SEO, Webmaster, blogger and recently created the IM Study Club to share resources with web entrepreneurs on how to better their presence online.




Free Kindle Book- Jan. 1st and 2nd – Become A Mac Ninja

FREE Kindle Book –
Jan 1st and 2nd


Become a Mac Ninja:
Essential Hacks, Shortcuts & Must Have Tools (Ebook & Videos)

by Jason Ward

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Become a Mac Ninja: Essential Hacks, Shortcuts & Must Have Tools

This is a book designed to save Mac users at least an hour a day in needless, time wasting tasks on your computer.

This book is short & to the point, but loaded with a whole lot of little known secrets to be the James Bond (or Trinity for the ladies) among Mac users. Within 24 hours of reading this book, your friends will be asking you “How do you do THAT?” While you run circles around their tired old mouse clicking.

Not only is this a book, but also video walkthroughs for those who learn more visually.