The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams

Paula McCoy Williams-Bond

The Bond

By Paula McCoy Williams


A story about a substitute teacher and some of the adventures she has with her students. This also tells the story of her relationship with her new husband and some of the surprises that life throws at them and the important lessons learned from the life surprises. This book has it all, action, adventure, romance, and surprises. Its a book that anyone will enjoy.



About the author:
Paula McCoy Williams

Paula has always loved the written word since she was young. She loved how stories could transport you to a different world and also help you to learn about different events. Paula has been a freelance writer/ editor for a small community newspaper in her native Canada and she has had some of her poetry published as well as an article recently published in Woman’s World Magazine. Paula hopes to inspire and help others with her writing and she has dreamed of becoming the next Danielle Steel.


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Teachers: Start Teaching Online – 10 Simple Steps

Teach Online
10 Simple Steps

by Dr. Carolyn Edwards
Find out how successful online instructors got their foot in the door and what they put in their application packages.

Get the inside track on what recruiters look for and why. Discover how to get your résumé to the top of the applicant pile.

Use the list of online schools and online job sites to start your instructor job search, and then take action so you too can Teach Online.

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Meet the Author:  Dr. Carolyn Edwards

Dr. Edwards holds a PhD in Management and serves as Coach, Author and adjunct professor teaching graduate business/management courses. She has earned 6 figures teaching online and can help you do the same. Learn how to make money from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection. Make money teaching online now!

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Every Teacher Matters – Interview with Kathryn Lovewell

Every Teacher Matters

Inspiring Well-Being Through Mindfulness
By Kathryn Lovewell

Kathryn Lovewell’s book has such a powerful role to play. If every child matters, then it must follow as night follows day that every teacher matters. Felicia A Huppert, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge

Teachers are the most valuable resource in Education. Why is it that so little investment is made to supporting teachers to ensure they can sustain effective teaching and learning in the classroom?

What if we were to invest time and energy back into the core of education, the teachers? What if we were to publicly express how valuable teachers really are? What if we lived in a society that made emotional health and well being in the workplace a priority? What if we lived in a world where emotional intelligence was prioritized over any other subject so that learning could be accessed more easily and effortlessly?

This is an important book that
should be read by:

School Administrators

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Meet the Author: Kathryn Lovewell

Every Teacher Matters

Kathryn is the author of: EVERY TEACHER MATTERS….
Inspiring Well-Being through Mindfulness

This new book: recognizes the immense value and importance of socially and emotionally competent teachers and the impact teacher well-being has on student behaviour and achievement.

Having taught inside and outside mainstream education for the last 20 years, Kathryn specializes in emotional resilience. She trains Senior Leaders, Teachers, students and prisoners to manage their stress healthily and effectively to cope with the ever increasing emotional and psychological demands of teaching and learning.

Kathryn’s mission is to reduce stress in schools and promote well-being. She is committed to heart-centred teaching and learning, where education embraces the well-being of every teacher and student.

Connect with Kathryn:

Kathryn’s website url:
Twitter account: @kathrynlovewell
Facebook Account

Listen now to our Interview with Kathryn:

(1) Barry Hoffman Author of The Shamra Chronicles

Barry Hoffman

Barry Hoffman has been a teacher, a publisher, an editor, and of course, a writer. Barry’s eight adult books have been well received by critics and most recently, he is the author of the popular young adult novels, The Shamra Chronicles. The last novel in the series, Chaos Unleashed, was released in May.

Inspired by President Obama’s call to give back to the community, Barry set out to donate 10,000 copies of his young adult novel, Curse of the Shamra in 2009. He provided copies to schools libraries, military families, Girl Scouts, and other organizations with a Young Adult audience. He has already surpassed his goal, giving away 11,145 copies of The Shamra Chronicles to date!

In addition to writing The Shamra Chronicles and eight other novels, Barry is well-known as the Publisher and Editor of Gauntlet Magazine, a magazine dealing with censorship, and as Publisher at Gauntlet Press, Winner of the 1999 Stoker Award for Best Small Press, which produces collectible editions of classic and previously unpublished books.

To find out more about Barry Hoffman’s Books and work go to:
The Shamra Chronicles or Gauntlet Press.