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How Computer Games Affect Kids’ Brains
by Mitch Moldofsky


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Computer games are all around us. Should we be excited or scared? In straightforward English, this thoughtful guide, written and illustrated by Thinking Skills Club founder, Mitch Moldofsky, addresses concerns about violence, addiction, gamification, and the appearance of games in schools with humor and insight. Parents, teachers, neuroscientists and general readers will enjoy Moldofsky’s fast paced, quotable prose. His tongue in cheek cartoons help readers gain valuable perspective while learning about what scientists and teachers are discovering about the potential of games for learning and what current research has to say about its long and short term effects. With a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and Psychology and a background as a screenwriter, Moldofsky displays a unique ability to cut to the chase when it comes to interpreting various studies and putting them in terms that make sense. “Braiming” also coins a new term to describe the interface between brains and games, and sheds light on new directions for the future.






Teachers: Start Teaching Online – 10 Simple Steps

Teach Online
10 Simple Steps

by Dr. Carolyn Edwards
Find out how successful online instructors got their foot in the door and what they put in their application packages.

Get the inside track on what recruiters look for and why. Discover how to get your résumé to the top of the applicant pile.

Use the list of online schools and online job sites to start your instructor job search, and then take action so you too can Teach Online.

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Meet the Author:  Dr. Carolyn Edwards

Dr. Edwards holds a PhD in Management and serves as Coach, Author and adjunct professor teaching graduate business/management courses. She has earned 6 figures teaching online and can help you do the same. Learn how to make money from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection. Make money teaching online now!

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