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Many have walked the path to riches and great success. They’ve not only achieved their financial goals and are living the good life, but they have unlocked the formula to massive success in any field, and are living in unimaginable abundance–free from the shackles of a normal life.

However, like most people, you might be struggling just to get the right directions and have no clue where to start. Not to worry; help is on the way.

The revolutionary new book, Billionaires Bible: Secrets of the Super Rich will be your handbook, and will guide you to abundance and massive success.

As author D. Dunlap explains, success doesn’t depend on get rich quick schemes. On the contrary, success comes from building a solid motivational foundation.

Drawing upon the latest science and the inspirational stories of successful people in many different fields, Dunlap breaks down the lessons of the past into seven fundamental ways to develop successful habits. This isn’t limited to making money. You can use the tips Billionaires Bible provides to achieve any goal that’s important to you.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • How thinking like a child can help you succeed as an adult
  • Why you should value failure
  • About the power of gratitude
  • The long-term effects of a positive mindset
  • The relationship between hunger for knowledge and the path to riches
  • How visualizing success can be your key to obtaining it
  • Why it is imperative to have a ‘sense of purpose’ for accruing great wealth
  • And much, much more.

Find out about:
The famous writer who was rejected by 36 publishers…
The legendary CEO who was turned down by 217 investors…
The iconic animator who was fired for having no imagination…
And more…

They all made it, and you can too.

You CAN attain the success you crave.

Vegas Exposed in Hot New Exposé

Tiffany Masters-50Shades250 Shades of Masters

The Adventures of Tiffany Masters


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Enter into a world of mystery, intrigue, and sexual adventure with these 3 tales of sex, drugs and Rock-n-Roll from Tiffany Masters. What happens when a girl from small town Kansas moves to the wild world of Las Vegas? Well, you’re about to find out in 50 stories. This is Vol 1.

She is letting readers into the depths of her world for the first time like never before. She leaves writing for Vegas magazine columns and takes you on adventures around the world in her new book series. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes a little raunchy, but always fun, sexy, and enlightening. Tiffany shares her dating disasters, adventures at Burning Man and a New Orleans romance with a Vampire cult. – it’s all based on true events and written in her own fabulous words.

*Note stories are for entertainment purposes only. Names have been changed.


About the Author: Tiffany Masters

tiffany mastersAward winning columnist/ radio host.
Born on a farm in Michigan without any indoor plumbing, her single mom heads out to give her daughter a better life. After spending her school years in Kansas she packs up and moves herself to Las Vegas for a life full of excitement.

She paved the way for other women to enter into nightlife entertainment and was crowned the “Queen of Las Vegas Night Life”. She won awards as Most influential women and best writer in Vegas Nightlife, most inspirational and recently best radio talk show for dating.

She leaves writing assignments for Vegas magazine columns and takes you on adventures around the world in her new book series. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes a little raunchy, but always fun, sexy, and enlightening. These are based on her memoirs of what it was like to romp the world in her Sin City stilettos.


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NO B.S. Hypnotic Persuasion by Michael King

Michael King - NO_BS_Hypnotic_Persuasion
NO B.S. Hypnotic Persuasion

How to Use Mind Control Secrets to Get What You Want in Life, Love & Business

By Michael King


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Imagine how it would be if you could change the circumstances of your life by just using your words. What would it be like if you could influence others, affect outcomes and control situations in your world simply by making smart choices in your language and conversations?

You can possess almost magical powers of hypnotic and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) persuasion by learning simple yet powerful mind control secrets that will help you get what you want in life, love and business. Get more. Have more. Enjoy more. You deserve fulfilling success, wonderful happiness and satisfying relationships.

Isn’t it time for you to unlock your full potential? Use these proven hypnotic language patterns as successful sales and selling techniques. Or create powerful mind control patterns for seduction and relationship connections. NO B.S. HYPNOTIC PERSUASION can “cut to the chase”, giving you the bare bones, stripped down covert and conversational hypnosis secrets you can use to take yourself and your life to next level.



About the Author: Michael King

Michael KingMichael is a life-long student who has always loved learning about the “secrets” of how to succeed in life. Some of his favorite topics for research and discussion include Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Law of Attraction and other areas of spirituality and self-improvement.

His degree in education and his pursuit of learning encourages him to continue teaching himself and others, in order to inspire personal, lasting success in life on all levels. His hope is that some of his explorations and investigations can help readers discover how to make meaningful connections – how to create confidence and personal power within themselves – and how to unlock some of life’s richest secrets with simple keys, hidden in plain sight.
Michael King’s books include:

  • NO B.S. Hypnotic Persuasion: How to Use Mind Control Secrets to Get What You Want in Life, Love and Business
  • Inner Winner: Your Journey from Zero to Hero
  • Will of a Warrior – Heart of a Champion: Programming Yourself for Success.



Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow

Teach Your Children How You Always
Reap What You Sow in Life

Hasmark-TexasFarmGirlTexas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow is the newest addition to a series of inspiring children’s books by award-winning author, Rebecca Crownover. As a real-life farm girl from Texas, Rebecca grew up working on her grandfather’s farm. In her charming new book Rebecca draws from an actual experience in her childhood. Through it she has crafted an engaging story about planting corn that will entertain your children and teach them to make good decisions and take responsibility for their actions. In addition to its valuable life lessons, Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow, teaches children common terms that are used on a farm and the economics of why timing is so important to yielding a good crop. Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow will entertain, engage and excite the children in your life on many different levels. Parents and grandparents will also enjoy this story and be reminded of the life-enhancing lessons they were taught as youngsters. Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!




Overcoming Adversity with Chasity Strawder

Chasity Strawder

Interview with
Inspirational Author:

Chasity Strawder



Your story is such an inspiration. I think that there are a lot of people who are facing some of the extreme challenges you faced and will see you as a role model for overcoming challenge.

I think the best way to tell your story is to first talk about how things went wrong and then how you triumphed and made things right.

Can you share with us the events that caused you to face some of your darkest days?

After becoming pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in pregnancy. My symptoms were pretty extreme to the point of severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and dehydration. I spent all of my pregnancy in the ER or being admitted as a patient to the hospital. The medical expenses were overwhelming so my husband and I became homeless. A year later, my husband was laid off his job, and we became homeless again. I overcame this obstacles by keeping my faith in God and never giving up in spite of the odds that were against me. I determined in my mind that I would be an overcomer.


When things were at their worst, what kept the light of hope lit for you?

Worship my light of hope. I just cried and embraced God’s amazing love for me. I knew that he would eventually bring me out.


When people survive such overwhelming challenges, there is a point where there is a shift and things start to change for the better. What was it for you that helped to get your life on a road to recovery?

Being accepted as a graduate student into my master’s program was a huge victory for me. There was a process to go through, and I was tearfully joyful upon receiving my acceptance letter.


When did you start to aspire and work toward becoming a teacher and school leader?

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher since the age of about twelve so everything about my life surrounded accomplishing that dream from that point on. After resigning as a teacher in 2007, I took some time for myself to regroup and renew my focus on what I wanted to do in the future. After going through my near death experience, the timing just felt right to go after it.


How and why did you decide to share your story and write your book, Broken For The Promise?

And what is the significance of the title? Earlier this year (2014), I started to think about and journal the details of that very challenging time in my life. I felt like God was telling me to turn all of this into a book. I stepped out on faith, and got it published. The significance of the title describes the process of what I went through to bring forth some amazing things in my life, the birth of my son and my master’s degree to become a principal.


Your life is a model for happiness. You’re married with 2 sons and have a thriving career. What was the most important reason that you were able to get from a place of despair to where you are now?

The most important reason for me to get through all of that was to help somebody else. I want someone to look at me and say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up!”


How do you hope your book, Broken For The Promise, will help others?

I hope that my book will renew the strength and faith of others. There is really purpose in pain. God can create something wonderful out of pain & devastation.


If someone is in your shoes right now, and they have lost their way and their faith, what do you want them to know?

I want them to know that God loves them. Never stop believing and holding on to him with everything in you. He will see you through until the dawn!



Connect with Chasity:

Author Website:

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From Failure to Fearless


From Failure to Fearless:

by Kisha Mays

Still Completely Flawed BUT Thriving Fearlessly

Kisha Mays - FearlessGet Your Copy – Today!

Also on Kindle


What if you could learn how to create a fearless and successful future while embracing your failures and flaws? And what if all it would take was a quick $3 read? Would you take the chance to change your life and bring your dreams to the forefront?

In this quick and easy read, I show you how I went from being a “bodyrub phone girl” (this industry is considered prostitution in most states) to a fearless entrepreneur all while still being completely flawed. I am only human, just like you……..


Meet the Author: Kisha Mays

KishaMaysKisha Mays is a Businesswoman, Author, Blogger, Producer, Social Media Strategist, TV & Radio Personality, Book Lover, Travel Enthusiast, and so much more . Her primary focus is on creating more global female entrepreneurs and empowering women to live their best life fearlessly and raising funds for non-profits worldwide that support women and girls.

Kishas’ true passion is to empower women entrepreneurs to create global companies and brands that change the world & generations for the better, pay it forward, and to fearlessly be all that they are destined to be. Writing books that empower and inspire is a big part of that as well as creating and producing positive TV, Film, and web content.

She is only getting started and based on her early success at a young age and her drive and ambition, her future and continued success is undoubtedly going to leave a major mark in history.

She is Just Fearless….


Major Dream by Dr. Jin Robertson

hasmark-major dream

Launching Today, With Hundreds of $$ in Bonus Gifts!

Today, Dr. Jin Robertson  launches her new book that charts her journey from poor Korean immigrant to Harvard PhD and Major in the U.S. Army! Order in the next 24 hours and you’ll get not only $100’s in bonus gifts, you’ll also get Volume 1 of her story FREE – covering her struggle to get ahead in Korea before reaching the U.S. #MajorDreamBook

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FREE Bestseller – The Success Secret


sunil_tulsiani_and_jack_canfieldsunil -book

Get your FREE Copy of the latest bestseller from:

Sunil Tulsiani, Jack Canfield

& Leading Experts From Around The World   CLICK HERE


More About the Author: Sunil Tulsiani

He’s fast becoming a familiar face on TV, newspapers and magazines, gaining fame for the success of his real estate investment company and his work as an investment coach. But Sunil Tulsiani didn’t start out as a real estate mogul. In fact, he once lived a very different life – as a Police Officer.

Born in India and raised in the Toronto area, Sunil dreamed of being just like the cops he admired on TV, in movies and in real life. He worked hard to make that dream a reality by finally earning a spot as an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. There, he expanded his crime-fighting skills by taking criminal, auto theft and drug investigation courses and working his way up the ladder.

Sunil remained on the force for over 15 years, serving as a uniformed officer, a police detective, a police negotiator and finally as a platoon commander. But while he was living out his childhood dream, his family was not exactly sharing the joy. The long hours, involving rotating shifts, meant his wife was basically on her own raising their two young children. When she finally told him, “It’s me or the badge,” Sunil knew it was time for a change.

That’s when this ordinary police officer began the transition to real estate mogul. Within that first year, Sunil invested in 77 properties – and while he didn’t make his million-dollar target, he made close to $980,000. Today, he is the first cop in the Toronto area to become a real estate millionaire. And he’s using his knowledge of how he – an ordinary person with no real estate background – did it to help others change their own lives and build their own successful careers.

To that end, Sunil has created the elite Real Estate Investment Club, a private investment club in the Toronto area (, and serves as a mentor and coach to other aspiring real estate investors, offering them an inside entry to this lucrative world. He is also a public speaker and author of “The Wealthy Cop,” as well as numerous other eBooks and informational products.
Sunil’s personal philosophy is, “Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it sure does help.” His new life has allowed him to work less and spend more time with his family, and also allowed him a completely different perspective of the world, one that comes from the point of view of abundance and positivity. He gives back to people he meets in India that are in need, and enjoys, in his spare time, watching movies, playing squash, traveling and visiting family whenever possible.

He continues to be dedicated to his own personal development by learning from the most successful people in their fields, and his passion continues to grow for coaching, public speaking and creating incredible real estate deals for himself and his students, including property transactions that are discounted, generate great cash flow and no money down.


Amanda Steadman – Global Book Launch Tour

amanda steadman bk2

Amanda Steadman

Connect to Authentic Success

amanda steadman

Amanda is a transformational leader, author, mentor and speaker. She qualified as a coach and Louise L Hay Teacher in 2000. She proceeded to become a Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She has assisted thousands of individuals to be successful on a personal level, in business, in their careers, increasing profits and incomes, usually within 90 days. She is happily married with two young daughters and spends lots of time on the beach and gets to do what she loves every day by living a life on purpose and keeping it simple.



audio1Click to Hear Interview
(Amanda’s Interview starts at the 57 minute mark)


   Author of:

Connect to Authentic Success:
7 Steps to the Destiny You Deserve!



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17 Cents and a Dream

24 HRS. ONLY! Today marks the launch of 17 Cents and a Dream, a fantastic new book that recounts the almost unbelievable but TRUE story of one man’s rise from poverty and repression among the ashes of Chernobyl to the very top of American finance. For the next 24 hours only, you’ll pay only 99 CENTS for the e-book, you’ll get over $500 worth of bonus gifts, and 100% of the author’s share of proceeds will go to charities that support hungry and homeless kids in the U.S. and Ukraine. Mark Victor Hansen called this book “A success story that could be your own . . . a radiant, shining example of what can still be done, a must-read book.”






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