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Amanda is a transformational leader, author, mentor and speaker. She qualified as a coach and Louise L Hay Teacher in 2000. She proceeded to become a Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She has assisted thousands of individuals to be successful on a personal level, in business, in their careers, increasing profits and incomes, usually within 90 days. She is happily married with two young daughters and spends lots of time on the beach and gets to do what she loves every day by living a life on purpose and keeping it simple.



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   Author of:

Connect to Authentic Success:
7 Steps to the Destiny You Deserve!



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What Does A Real MAN Look Like? by Enrique Pascal

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What Does A Real MAN Look Like?

By Enrique Pascal

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This question is the million dollar inquiry. Surprisingly, it is asked by as many men as women. Many women experience tremendous pain. They do not know what to look for in a man and seek men with no true sense of manhood. The quest to discovering a real man is dark and troubling due to conflicting messages society gives us about manhood.

What Does A Real MAN Look Like? Quite often, this question is answered with physical characteristics such as: tall, dark, handsome, blond hair, or blue eyes. This mindset is the major source of the problem. Society is so fascinated with the physical features of people that we overlook or pay very little attention to their emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

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Meet The Author: Enrique Pascal

Enrique PascalEnrique Pascal was born in Panama, and he departed his native land at the age of five.  His mother chose the borough of Brooklyn to be the place where she raised him and his sister.  He adapted quickly to the fast-pace life and developed a hunger for better at an early age.  “As long as I can remember, I always wanted more out of life.  I recall growing up in New York wanting more than what the environment displayed to me.”  Growing up in a fatherless home was very hurtful and challenging for Enrique, but it did not stop his drive.  Actually, he used it as motivation.

In 1993, Enrique began a successful promotion company named, “All or Nothing Productions.”  His company became one of the most sought after companies in the entertainment industry.  He arranged parties for many in the world of Hip-Hop.  Also, Enrique worked closely with Jay-Z and Damon Dash as they formulated Roc-A-Fella Records.  He was branded as “Tone Capone” aka the “Party Promoter.”  Enrique’s gangster approach helped him to experience success at a high level.  He was featured in several music videos on BET, MTV, and the movie, “Backstage.”  In February of 1999, he was a part of the history making tour, “The Hard Knock Life” visiting fifty five cities in a ten week period.

After an encounter with God, he chose to leave that career and began a spiritual journey which has impacted the lives of many people.  “I once visited numerous arenas with twenty thousand or more screaming fans, and now, I am on the stage with thousands of screaming couples.  It is amazing how God utilized the pain that I have encountered in my marriage for the benefit of others.  I had no example of a real man, I had no idea of what fatherhood should be, and I was failing terribly in my marriage.  However, the Lord took all of my negatives and made them all a positive.  He used my emptiness and filled me with His wisdom and compassion for relationships.”  The failures and victories that he has experienced in his marriage has been the key to helping so many other couples in their relationship.  He states, “Mending broken relationships is why I was created, it is my passion, and my assignment here on earth.  I have experienced and done a lot in my life, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing relationships transformed into what God has created for them to be.”

Enrique is a dedicated Husband, Father, Author, Speaker, and Host of Transformation Radio.

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California Pastor – Founder of Comeback Kids Ministries
Helps Those Troubled to Make it Through Tough Times

Meet Pastor Joey Bauer

Pastor Joey Bauer is the Christian Pastor Of Comeback Kids Ministries, to the central California area, mainly Stockton, Ca.

Comeback Kids Ministries is known for its outreach, kindness and love in his arena and an inspiration to the people who think they have no hope. For his age he has a remarkable understanding of the Word of God and is able to speak it to people in a way it “Clicks.” He is a practical man, who admits his faults and preaches that “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, just get back up, again and again.” Endurance is key to his philosophy on life in general. He has been called a “Master of inspirational speaking.” by many. He resides in Stockton, Ca (The city he serves) with his wife Janielle Bauer, and their two children.


Bauer has written a book called: “Free to be Me.” According to Joey:

“The primary message is a lot of people don’t like Church or the Christian beliefs anymore because they feel like everybody, especially pastors are trying to change them but my book is all about Individuality. It speaks about how God made you, to be you, not anybody else. He made you special and unique with a special plan and calling. My Devotional/book sheds light on celebrating Individuality instead of trying to make everybody the same. I like to say, “God didn’t make everybody from cookie-cutters.”


This is the first book published by Comeback Kids Pastor Joey Bauer. Its called “Free to be Me.” It talks about how you are 1 in a world of 6,000,000,000 people and that you still have a very significant role in this world. Pastor Joey says, “I wrote this book, this 7 day challenge so that people can realize their identity in Jesus Christ and celebrate in the uniqueness that God created them in. Just like a diamond, not one is made a like but all are worth a great deal.” We want people to realize that they are different then everybody else, but that is a good thing because God created us that way so that only we could effect certain people or places. God has a great call on the person who celebrates their individuality and doesn’t worry about being different and standing out in the crowd.


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Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? – A guide to help you
live with purpose and make a difference

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?

A guide to help you live with purpose and make a difference
by Sam Glenn


What started out as a practical joke turned into valuable life lessons that Sam Glenn now shares with hundreds of audiences in his speeches. Sam Glenn was once down on his luck, depressed, sleeping on the floor and working odd jobs at night to get by.

Sam’s life changed in a big way when be applied these simple life lessons like using the best of who you are to achieve the best of what you want.

This easy read will make you laugh, think and discover how to use all that you have to achieve all that you want. (80 pages)

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Meet The Author: Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is known at The Attitude Guy and has become one of the most recognized Authorities on the subject of Attitude today. Sam knows success and failure. At one time, Sam was negative, broke, depressed, homeless and got by working odd jobs at night as a janitor and delivering newspapers. Sam’s attitude was in the dumps until a dear friend gave him what he calls a “Kick in the Attitude,” a gift that changed his attitude for the better. Sam began to work on his attitude and made some life changing discoveries. With a new attitude in play, Sam went from sleeping on the floor and working as a janitor, to achieving dreams he once thought were impossible. Today, Sam is the author of several success books and energizes audiences as large as 75,000 at stadium events with his inspiration and humor. For the past 15 years Sam Glenn has worked with hundreds of organizations on Training and Development, Peak Performance, Employee Motivation, Staff development, Leadership Training, Fundraisers or simply kicking off an event with the purpose to create a positive tone. Great things happen when you adopt a great attitude and apply it daily. In 2011 he was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting and Events Magazine. In 2010, Sam was awarded a Telly Award for Most Outstanding Motivational Video. In 2009, Sam was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting Professionals International. Sam currently resides in Indianapolis, fishes in his spare time and spends as much time with family when he is not traveling and motivating groups for success.

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Interview with Author David Nelson

Serious Novelist/Cowboy Comedian


Meet The Author: David Nelson

David Nelson is the author of a dramatic novel called
THE SHADE TREE CHOIR. His book has been described as: “a compelling tale of personal triumph as told through the eyes of a young boy.”

However, in addition to being a novelist David is also a performer and a public speaker. He is the official Cowboy Poet Laureate of Tennessee—an honor bestowed upon him by the Governor and General Assembly. He performs his poetry nationwide! He performs his show ‘Cowboy Comedy Hour‘ across the country ….As David “Buffalo Bill’ Nelson,
and is Known as ‘The Biggest Liar in East Tennessee
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Meet eight-year-old Krame. His friends call him the “Thinker,” and he’s leader of their gang since he’s always the one to plot their pranks so they won’t get caught. At home, though, there’s no getting away with anything. Krame’s father is an alcoholic, who beats him mercilessly, forces him to stand in the corner for hours on end, and locks him in an unlit stairwell without food or water. His mentally ill mother is also an alcoholic, and fails to give her son any scrap of emotional support. Things go on like this… until tragedy strikes.

The grim truth of Krame’s childhood stays hidden for forty years until he opens up to one of his old friends when he returns home to bury his father. In the process of recollecting his past, Krame discovers his father was not who he thought he was.




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