How to live as an Emotional Millionaire

Alice Wiafe - Emotional Millionaire
How to live as an Emotional Millionaire:

Uncover the hidden riches behind resolving resentments in relationships

by Alice Wiafe


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Emotional Wellness/Problem Solving in relationships for people who struggle with Anger, Addictions
An Emotional Millionaire is a person who is committed to liberating themselves from emotional pain by working out painful or difficult relationships. The premise of this book is based on the analogy that unresolved issues with others can cause a set of chain reactions including emotional disturbances such as Anger, Addictions, Compulsions and Mood Disorders. When individuals can take conscious steps to identify their anger, explore their painful emotions, and work through it by using the practical tools in this book, they can master their emotions and begin to thrive in all areas of their lives including relationally and even financially.

This book is ideal for people who suffer from Anger, Addiction, Compulsions or Mood disorders as well as those in a constant battle with fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, or even motivation to perform everyday activities? Your emotions don’t have to hijack your life.

This book is also a part of an online coaching program designed to help people take the journey to work through their emotional difficulties. The coaching component offers online and telephone support, weekly webinars, daily affirmations, text messaging, apps and other practical tools in addition to the book to get on the road to loving life and feeling great!



Meet the Author: Alice Wiafe

alice wiafeAlice Wiafe has served as a speaker, talk show host, wife, mother, author, Associate Professor, but most importantly a student of life. For the last decade, Alice has been a consultant of Anger Management, and has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of men and women through their emotional healing journey. She teaches how we can use difficult relationships to help us strive towards wholeness, purpose and a better quality of life.

Alice holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Adler School of Professional Psychology and is completing her doctorate in Psychology from Ryokan College. According to Alice one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a speaker is the opportunity to connect with real people with real problems.

At some point in our lives, we will all be hurt by someone. When we have effective tools to help us heal from painful emotions, we can recover quicker and can co-create a life narrative with deep meaning and purpose. The ability to work through painful emotions is one of the gateways to the joy we want to experience.

Alice draws from a decade of working with individuals who struggle with anger and other painful emotions. Through the use of her personal stories and practical strategies, she is able to provide concrete solutions to those who suffer emotionally. In particular those who struggle with anger, addictions, compulsions and mood disorders. She invites us inside her own personal struggle with anger and resentment as she enlightens individuals step by step on how to escape the destructive emotional patterns in their lives.

TOPICS:  Eating Disorders, Gambling Addictions, Sexual Addictions, Domestic Abuse, Depression and Mood Disorders, OCD, Resentment, Substance Abuse, and Compulsions.
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