WOMEN: Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma

Freedom Through Sex:

How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs,
Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma
(A Guide For Women)

Kyle Hoobin-Freedom through sex

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If You Feel Unable To Express Your Sexuality Freely And Confidently…
If you feel unable to express your sexuality freely and confidently, it is because you have learned that it is dangerous to do so. This perceived danger is sometimes justified, but for the most part it is in place to protect your heart from getting hurt, not your body. Believing that you must constantly protect yourself is what prevents you from experiencing a truly fulfilling life. Breaking down the barriers that have been created by adopting this psychological safety measure is what the essence of this book is all about.

A fulfilling life is one that honors all aspects of ourselves. Many of us adopt self-limiting beliefs as we grow into adulthood which cause us to bury and repress some of these aspects. Unfortunately, it is our sexuality that tends to take the brunt of this repression.

To take the journey to sexual fulfillment requires a willingness to shift the focus back on yourself and recognize what is already available to you here in the present. This is an adventure of the heart, an inward journey where you will need to question the supposed obstacles that you believe are standing in your way.

In Freedom Through Sex, you will be guided through the process of uncovering your self-limiting beliefs by bringing to light the many pitfalls that women often fall victim to as they grow and mature sexually.  You will take part in a process of gentle self-inquiry (self-reflection) so that you can begin to unravel the knots that have been restricting your heart and preventing you from experiencing true fulfillment.

Inside Freedom Through Sex you’ll find:

  • Which relationship patterns are destructive and which ones support your sexual growth
  • How to let go of denial and speak up for what you want
  • Why orgasm is so important
  • How to reach orgasm regularly
  • Common obstacles to sexual fulfillment
  • How to master the art of love communication with your partner
  • How to embrace the art of foreplay and pleasure
  • Dating and relationship advice for women
  • And much more!




No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal

Stevie Turner-No Sex Please

Baby Boomer Relationships & Menopause
A New Novel Dramatizes the “The Change of Life”


(US & UK, August 2014) As the number of baby boomers turning 50 and older continue to create a dramatic shift in the population landscape, the issues of this dominating demographic are taking center stage. The AARP estimates that by next year approx. 45% of the U.S. population will be 50 and over. For this age group there are two major quality of life concerns. One is retirement preparation and the other is the effect of menopause on baby boomer relationships.

As with any major “quality of life” challenge, humor has a way of softening the impact. And British author, Stevie Turner has managed to capture the humor in menopause and “the Change of Life.”

In her 5th novel, “No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal,” Turner thrusts us head first into the complicated and evolving relationship of Lyn and Neil. As Lyn experiences “the change” and suffers a diminished desire for sex, Neil chooses to abandon the relationship that is no longer serving “his needs.” Turner craftily orchestrates the unfolding drama, in a poignant style that brings humor and compassion to an experience likely shared by a burgeoning segment of society.

Stevie Turner was born and raised in London, England. She began writing while still at primary school, but now that her children have flown the nest she is able to devote more time to writing women’s fiction. She writes about the darker side of relationships that tend to be glossed over. However, she always sprinkles in her special brand of humor as well to sweeten the pill. She is currently working on her sixth novel.





FREE RESOURCE: Speak, and End Child Sexual Abuse

tonya gennison prince-speak

In honor of the 2014 MLK Day of Service,

this new ground breaking book,

Speak, and End Child Sexual Abuse

is available for FREE Jan. 16-20


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What if you could change lives just by speaking and sharing knowledge about what you already know? Public speaking is our number one fear. But imagine standing up before an audience and speaking about a topic no one ever wants to talk about. Child sexual abuse can be a treacherous topic to discuss before an audience.

In a new book “Speak, And End Child Sexual Abuse” gives speakers insider tips and ideas from a child sexual abuse expert and child sexual abuse survivor.  This DIY speech kit packed in a convenient book format will help reduce your preparation time for your next presentation. It features insider tips and information to help you build a natural rapport with an audience, engage the audience with solid fact based information, make the best use of your own lessons and insights, and expose some common but dangerously effective tactics used by child sexual abusers. Finally end your presentation by empowering your audience to generate a new strategy to keep the children around them safe.


About the Author:  Tonya Genison Prince

tonya gennison princeTonya Genison Prince is a leading authority on domestic and sexual violence.   20 years ago she actively joined the fight to end violence when she started as a volunteer.  Tonya has a B.S. in Organizational Management and Development from Bluefield College.

Among her daily goals there is one that has remained for over 20 years.  That goal is to continue to valiantly fight to end domestic & sexual violence and heal the damage it leaves behind.  Each morning begins a renewed commitment to fight smarter than the day before.

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How To Be An Amazing Lover

alicia gray HTBAAL

How To Be An Amazing Lover

Successful Tips Which Empower Your Womanhood & Drive Him to Lose His Senses in Minutes + FREE Gift with Download


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A lot of women want to be an unforgettable lover but actually just a few of them are eligible for this title.

What is it that makes a woman a great lover? Is it the way she looks? Her techniques? Or maybe her sense of adventure? Is it a built in personal quality or is it an acquired knowledge?Being a great lover has nothing to do with the way you look and it’s definitely skills and techniques that can be acquired.
Yes, adventurism is definitely needed.  In fact, that’s what motivated you to browse this book in the first place in order to expand your knowledge and improve your performance and experiences in bed.
But the most important thing which distinguishes between a good lover and a sex goddess is her sexual confidence and her recognition of her feminine power.If you are interested in being an amazing lover to give your man tremendous sexual pleasure – This book is for you.
If you are feeling insecure or worried about your performance in the bedroom – This book is for you.
If you are feeling that your lovemaking skills aren’t up to par – This book is for you.
If you want to connect to your powerful femininity and your sensuality – This book is for you.
If you want to create a diversity of interest and excitement to your sex life – This book is for you. 
If you want to bring the intimacy between you and your partner to a richer and deeper dimension –This book is for you.
In this practical guide book you will learn:

  • How to build an ongoing sexual tension.
  • How to be a seductive and sensual woman.
  • How to create foreplay that will stimulate you both madly.
  • All about his sensitive stimulation points.
  • All the diverse pleasuring techniques that would give him a huge thrill.
  • All about using external accessories in lovemaking.
  • All the answers to your most intriguing questions.
  • And much, much more.

By learning all of this precious knowledge you can allow yourself to grow and become an amazing lover that recognizes and fulfills her own needs in bed. Upgrading your sex life and pleasure to a new level which strengthens the intimacy and relationship between you and your partner.


A Message from the Author: Alicia Gray

Alicia grayMy name is Alicia and I serve as an individual and couples therapist, consultant, and coach. Two of the main subjects I deal with during my daily practice are relationships and sexuality.

I use a wide range of methods in my work, including behavioral therapy, coaching, consultancy, and self awareness which are sprinkled with a bit of spirituality and tailored specifically for each and every couple or individual.

The essence of the aspects in which I deal with my patients are based on my knowledge and experience which I have acquired through my work with many individuals and couples. The subjects I choose for my books are those I learned that are bothering a large portion of my patients, including couple relationship challenges,betrayals, sexuality, and know how in sexual practice.

In my years I have learned, that so many people needs guidance and support in these subjects, until I finally came to realize that my mission is to share my knowledge and experience with people as much as I can.

My knowledge and experience are shared so human beings can approve their couple relationships, love life, sex life, and overall quality of life.

I believe that high quality information is a first step to successfully dealing with various challenges. When knowing what are the most important essence of couple relationships and how to make the best out of them the inevitable result is a healthy and happy life.

I hope my mission , which is expressed in my books, will help all those who needs guidance to establish a satisfying relationship and to experience love.

With lots of my love,





Celibacy, What Was I Thinking? by Tranea Prosser

Tranea Prosser

Celibacy, What Was I Thinking?

by Tranea Prosser


Available from:

B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle


We can all agree that sexual abstinence is becoming increasingly popular again in 2012 and the reason is that you can’t buy a cure for AIDS or Sexually Transmitted Diseases over the counter at your local pharmacy!


Celibacy: What Was I Thinking? is an enlightening take on living a celibate lifestyle in this modern day era. The author, Tranea Prosser, uses her own life experiences to teach fundamental lessons and she explores reasons why sexual abstinence is not only the safest, but the smartest way to live a healthy lifestyle outside of marriage.


Using a variety of humorous situations, witty remarks, and idiomatic quips, Celibacy: What Was I Thinking? not only gives practical advice, but also lightens an otherwise hefty issue and makes for an entertaining read. Refreshingly authentic and beautifully inspiring, Celibacy: What was I Thinking? will make readers question their current lifestyles and empower them to make educated decisions in the future.

Teenagers just beginning to explore their budding sexuality, religious followers who need encouragement to remain chaste, as well as widows and widowers who are now single will especially benefit from this book. However, anyone can doubtlessly find tidbits of information in Tranea Prosser’s admonitions that will make them consider what celibacy is all about.


Growing Up in God’s Image – Free April 16 to 18

GUIGIGrowing Up in God’s Image

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A Catholic guide for parent and child to discuss child’s emerging sexuality.

I thank Carolyn J. Smith for thoughtfully and prayerfully compiling a resource that will help parents in explaining the facts of life to their children by placing it within the context of our Faith and the Theology of the Body. Growing Up in God’s Image is a wonderful tool for any parent…
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder and Editor CatholicMom.com and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms