Understanding Symptoms to Cure Depression

Depression Symptoms Decoded

A Vibrant Recovery After Injury

by Stephen Paul West

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The cure for depression is found in the symptoms that are displayed. Symptoms are a body’s immune response to emotional damage.

The body has a method to heal injury and this includes Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

This book was written for the most difficult of depression sufferers – for the injured. Soldiers blasted to pieces in combat. Children crushed in bicycle accidents. People taking bone shattering falls. Victims mugged and shot. Diabetes taking a limb. Lupus taking everything.

None of these things will ever “be okay”. They won’t just “work themselves out.” And the injured are not just magically, “going to be all right.”

This work is a giant leap forward using the foundation of Carl Jung’s theories. This self-help book greatly expands to cover ALL the symptoms of depression: Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

Depression will not rule you. You will rule depression.

The reality is that the symptoms of depression are a normal and NECESSARY part of human behavior. We all need to weep, we all need to be isolated from time to time, we all have rage and other symptoms of depression. Fearing sorrow is not a healthy mindset, as it puts the emotion of depression over the identity of the person. A correct and healthy approach is to be in harmony with your depression.

Depression is VERY useful and not to be feared. Many good things come out of depression – the most obvious being a serious consideration of the realities of living. We are more thoughtful, analytical and cautious during depression. This is depression’s job!

However, by running away from the symptoms, we are failing to ever settle the voice of depression. Those symptoms become like ghosts forever whispering in our hearts. When a person learns the tricks found in this book to listen to the symptoms they can lay those ghosts to rest.

This work, Decoding Depression Symptoms is a pioneering solution of the overlooked obvious. You can totally harmonize your depression and rule it by using the information in this self-help book.

Available in:
Kindle and Paperback


About the Author:

Stephen Paul West is an American novelist who is active in the film, fashion and fine arts industries in Austin Texas.

He has a broad spectrum of best selling books that include such divergent areas as self-help for depression, global politics, and paranormal Victorian thrillers.

Genres/subjects include: Depression Diagnosis/self-help, Paranormal Thrillers, Science Fiction, Femme Fatales, Biographical Fiction, Alternate Histories, Political Satire and Spiritual Fantasy.

In addition to his writing, he has a wonderful, esoteric adventure in photojournalism that you can view at his www.StephenPaulWest.com website.

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The Universe’s Mystique – Revealing the Meaning of Life

The Universe’s Mystique –

Revealing the Meaning of Life

A Fascinating and Compelling Book

The Universe’s Mystique, is made up of six stages, which are, disorder, materialism, love, knowledge, power and liberal. These are the stages mortality goes through in a lifetime. Humanity starts at the sixth stage which is disorder, and at this spiritual class we learn of and understand, disaster, failure, difficulty, all that has to do with hardship, it being a necessary part of life for us to learn and live through.

Once the lessons of the sixth stage are learned, the person graduates to the next stage, which is the fifth stage, materialism. Once we understand what it is to lose and lack, we logically, gain, in the stage that, now, has, in the world of material. Here though there are lessons to learn, and those lessons have to do with overcoming the false hoods of materialism. Once we understand the mystic lesson everything that glitters isn’t gold, you graduate to the fourth stage, which is theme by love.

The love of material at the previous cosmic class, becomes a love for self at the fourth stage on the evolutionary scale of the universe’s mystique. Here it is said creativity is formed, the way a women nurtures life within her. The way a women forms creation within, the fourth stage is mystically natured with that female affect in creating. And these creations that comes from the person while at this fourth level, are the inventions and talents the person learns at this stage of self study. Here, the merging of the conscious and the subconscious gives birth to a genius or talent, the individual gains while in this world of self love. In all the stages previously we were conscious, but lack the deeper part of the subconscious, which unites with the conscious at the fourth stage of love.

The book describes this stage like a womb, which nurtures and prepare life to come into existence, the same way the individual studies the nurturing union of the conscious and subconscious, which gives birth to the person’s talent or genius that’s presented to the world. As we get higher on the evolutionary scale of The Universe’s Mystique we become more and more perfect as the soul cosmically becomes more enlightened.

Once the love of self is finish, the love of knowledge becomes the next stage we spiritually graduate into. And as we know, knowledge is power, which is the following stage that comes after the stage of knowledge. After power we become liberated, where we’re free of all the hardships each stage possesses, the individual being omnipotent and god like.

For anyone seeking the meaning of life, this book is definitely a good guide. It defines the paths of life we all go through. The concepts are easy to get, its full of logic, its a book you could read in a hour. If you wondered what life is about, the universe’s mystique describes these six stages of existence.

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The Take-Charge Patient:
How You Can Get The Best Medical Care

The Take Charge Patient

by Martine Ehrenclou

Frustrated or confused about how to get good medical care? In her newest book, The Take-Charge Patient: How You Can Get The Best Medical Care, (Lemon Grove Press, on sale May 15, 2012) award-winning author and patient advocate, Martine Ehrenclou, empowers patients to become proactive, well informed participants in their own care. With advice and personal stories from over 200 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health psychologists, patients and more, The Take-Charge Patient reveals insider information on how to cut through the red tape and navigate today’s complex health care system with confidence.

Ehrenclou empowers readers with vital information on how to find the right doctor, how to communicate effectively with doctors, how to prepare for medical appointments, prevent medical errors and medication mistakes, obtain discounted medication, manage your health insurance, and much more. The Take-Charge Patient will forever change how you act as a patient and thereby vastly improve the quality of the medical care you receive.

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About the Author: Martine Ehrenclou

Martine Ehrenclou is an award-winning author, patient advocate and speaker. Author of the multiple award-winning, Critical Conditions, and her newest health book, The Take-Charge Patient, Martine is focused on empowering patients so they become experts on how navigate and take charge of their medical care. Her mission is to bring to light the importance of being an advocate for others and for ourselves. Through her books, media interviews, published articles, lectures and blog, Martine Ehrenclou reveals insider information on how to form collaborative relationships with medical professionals, effectively communicate with them and navigate the healthcare system with confidence. Martine writes monthly articles for several health websites, regularly publishes articles on the topics of patient empowerment, patient advocacy, patient safety and other health/medical related issues. Martine lectures at universities, hospitals, health organizations and libraries, and writes a monthly blog and newsletter.
Connect with Martine:

BLOG: http://www.martineehrenclou.com
Book Website: http://www.thetakechargepatient.com
Twitter  http://twitter.com/Med_writer
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/MartineEhrenclou
LinkedIn  http://www.linkedin.com/in/martineehrenclou
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Edwin Haynes – Best Selling Author and Success Mentor

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You Have Permission To Succeed takes the reader on a journey through Mr. Haynes life of having dealt with being in the music industry, discovering it was not working for him, then being in business and losing it all. He dealt with foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession and had to start over. Having always known that he had an entrepreneur spirit and deserved to be successful, You Have Permission To Succeed reveals to readers a blueprint if you will for starting over in life and making better choices. Readers will learn how to deal with fear, set goals, prepare for change and even how to handle those around you. This quick read provides readers with principles for success for their business and personal life.



Meet The Author: Edwin Haynes

Edwin Haynes – Motivational speaker, international business consultant, corporate trainer and published author, Edwin Haynes continues to dominate his industry while empowering individuals worldwide to advance on both personal and professional levels. As a Trainer and International Business Consultant, he continues to make an indelible impression on those who he encounters daily.

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You Have Permission To Succeed takes the reader on a journey through Mr. Haynes life of having dealt with being in the music industry, discovering it was not working for him, then being in business and losing it all. He dealt with foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession and had to start
over. Having always known that he had an entrepreneur spirit and deserved to be successful, You Have Permission To Succeed reveals to readers a blueprint if you will for starting over in life and making better choices. Readers will learn how to deal with fear, set goals, prepare for change and even how to handle those around you. This quick read provides readers with principles for success for their business and personal life.


The Diva’s Guide To Drama – Volume 1: MEN

The Diva’s Guide To Drama series

THE DIVA’S GUIDE TO DRAMA series was put together by Life Coach and Author Neisha Robertson. The series was developed to help today’s Diva rid herself of drama-filled relationships between:

MEN (Volume 1) Now Available

FRIENDS (Volume 2)

FAMILY (Volume 3)

and even the negativity buried inside of
YOU (Volume 4).

This series is designed to teach women how to eliminate DRAMA and bring their dreams to fruition! Grab your copy today and get on the road to happiness now!

Vol. 1 – MEN:  Are you tired of going through gritty drama in your relationships due to an Ex-boyfriend or Ex-Husband? Tired of dealing with lies told to you by your current partner? Are Baby Daddy issues affecting your or your children’s lives?  Have you given up hope that you’ll ever find Mr. Right? Feeling like maybe you don’t after saying ‘I do’? If so, THE DIVA’S GUIDE TO DRAMA Vol. 1: MEN is the book for you! In these pages you will find techniques designed to eliminate the ever so common DRAMA women face today associated with men and relationships. If your relationships are a hot-mess learn to cool things off and clean things up! Grab your copy now and be on your way to a life that’s free of man-made Drama!

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Meet the Author: Neisha Robertson

Author Neisha Robertson enters the literary industry with a collection of essays meant to lift and empower women to learn how to really create a life that is Drama-free. The series focuses on the fact that we cannot change others but we can change ourselves. Each title in the series delivers a To-The-Point provocative message that is sure to help Diva’s create the change they want! Neisha is a Mother, Daughter, Wife and Life Coach. She is driven by her goal to help save the world one woman at time. An exceptional motivator Neisha is available to speak at Events, Parties, Book Clubs, Business meetings, Seminars etc.

 Connect with the Diva Coach

Neisha’s website:   http://www.AuthorNeishaRobertson.com
Diva on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorneisharobertson
Divas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DivasDramaGuide
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009WVNF50/



Interview with Parenting Expert Katherine Gordy Levine

Parenting Expert: Katherine Gordy Levine

Shares Her Resources and Training to Empower Parents

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With all the hype over parenting styles, we must remember, Parents Are People Too
An adaptable emotional fitness training program for parents

Every parent can recall a point where their children have driven them to the breaking point. Whether it’s coming home to a moody teen with a new piercing; a toddler tantrum at the checkout; or a colicky baby’s incessant crying: every parent can relate to those moments where it all seems too much and negative feelings take over. In fact, every day has its up and downs as a parent.

The new eBook, ‘Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents’, helps parents gain control of negative feelings. The ability to control negative feelings is what the author means by emotional fitness—doing so is key to being a good parent.

“Children scare, anger, and hurt parents, and when parents don’t handle their fear, anger, or hurt properly, children suffer; hurt accumulates and negative exchanges mount. Often the ties that bind become strained and sometimes severed. Avoiding this stress and strain takes many emotional fitness skills. Most parents have some of the requisite skills; this book teaches additional skills and helps you improve those you already possess. Everyone can learn to take better care of their feelings so that neither children nor parents suffer unnecessarily.”

The emotional fitness skills taught in the book include feeling awareness, self-soothing, distracting, focusing on what is important, disputing, giving feedback, proper expression of feelings, acceptance, and radical acceptance. In addition to these skills, the book contains numerous exercises designed to strengthen each skill. The final chapter describes Twelve Daily Exercises. These are specifically designed to improve emotional fitness. The promise of the book is that learning and practicing these exercises will enable parents to take charge of their feelings and enjoy the journey of parenting more.

If the title of professional parent were ever permitted, it would be due to the author, Katherine Gordy Levine. Mother, grandmother and foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, she is also an accredited therapist, a Professor of Social Work at Columbia University, Director of mental health crisis programs for children, 30+ years of social work experience and 20+ years working as a professional speaker on parenting and emotional fitness topics.

Katherine remarks about her time as a foster parent, “One of the most important lessons was realizing that when I handled my feelings properly, I handled the kids better. I never found a book devoted to helping me handle my feelings so I could be a better parent. I decided, therefore, to write this book.”

Katherine is a prolific writer who shares her wisdom on her blogs, Parents Are People Too and Emotional Fitness Training Inc (EFTI). 2012 has seen the publication of 4 books (so far):

1-Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents
2-When Good Kids Do Bad Things – A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers
3-Tame the Test Anxiety Monster
4-How to Hold Successful Family Meetings


Meet the Author: Katherine Gordy Levine

Katherine Gordy Levine, a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)  with a  Masters in Social Science (M.S.S.,)  is an experienced mental health professional, teacher and administrator. Becoming a parent and then a foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, lead her to develop Emotional Fitness Training™ skills, which she explores in her blog www.emotionalfitnesstraining.com and her blog for parents www.parents-are-people-too.com. Katherine is the author of: When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers, Teaching a Child to Tame the Test Anxiety Monster, Parents Are People Too: An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents, and her latest book: How to Hold Successful Family Meetings.

Connect with Katherine’s Resources:


For review samples, guest blogging requests, interview requests or more information, please email Fiona, Katherine’ publisher at fiona@metaplume.com
Social media links:


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How To Break Free and Achieve The Success You Deserve

You Are Tough!

It Ain’t Over Until I Say It’s Over

A Book To Inspire You To Overcome your challenges to Achieve Success

by Thomas Mietzel


Sleeping pills to go to sleep, then coffee to wake up. Chugging down Ibuprofen like they were coming out of a Pez dispenser to stave off the inevitable nasty headache. Pepto Bismol for lunch to turn off the fire in my guts, and another gulp for dinner. Fall into bed unable to shut off my mind, leading to another round of sleeping pills…day after day.

This is a book about the temporary condition of “broke” and “depressed” in which you may find yourself. You may be down, but your not defeated. You may be broke, but you’re not poor. This battle is going to be waged in your mind.

Whether you have had it all – love, money, power – and lost it all, as the author experienced, or you’ve had no great success at all (yet), “It Ain’t Over Till I Say It’s Over” provides a perspective and a mindset that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Short circuit your path to recovery and the success is that is yours with “It Ain’t Over Till I Say It’s Over.”

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Use Your Power – Make a Shift – Change Your Destiny!

You Just Don’t Know
What You Are Capable Of

Uncovering the Secrets of Success

by J. Song

We create bubbles and believe they are the only possible reality. You have never lived using all of your power and you have chosen to believe that you were not capable of making a better future for yourself. We have insisted that our individual, one-sided and uncertain ways of thinking were the only manner in which to live life. Why not make a shift right now with this book? Stop living this life as a game of survival and start a real deal for your life. This book will help you change your destiny.


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Meet the Author:  J. Song

J.Song was raised by a Buddhist father and Catholic mother. From a very early stage in his life this influence lead him to explore spirituality and search for truth. While searching for the truth, he found that the biggest comfort zone that one can have is in one’s national culture and customs.

So, he decided to leave his home country, his parents and everything else he knew to push the limits of his comfort zone. He was aware of the challenges he would face. Yet, he decided to dedicate 10 years of his life to live abroad in the midst of challenges, exposure to “different” customs, speaking a different language, living in different places with different people, and accepting a new culture. His journey to find the answers for life’s questions continued with innumerable meditation sessions, studying, reading, practicing spirituality and traveling the world. After starting and practicing Maum Meditation, he realized the 15 years of searching for truth was finally over.


Connect with J. Song:

Book Website:  http://www.masterytosuccess.com

Author Blog: http://masterytosuccessblog.com/

Book Order Page

Maum Meditation:   http://maum.org

Twitter / Facebook  /  Google+

YouTube Channel


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