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Chakras For Beginners –

How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself (FREE Bonus Included) (Chakras, Chakras For Beginners, Awaken Chakras, Third Eye)

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★Awaken and Unleash the Amazing Powers of Your Chakras★

Are you feeling lost and listless? Are you looking for balance in all the wrong places? Could you benefit from a clearer mind or a healthier life?

If you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then Chakras for Beginners: How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself is the guidebook for you. In this compact, thorough guide, you’ll learn all about the fascinating history of the chakras, and how their natural powers can bring balance and harmony to your life.

The various chakras explored in this guide include:

  • The Root
  • The Navel Center
  • The Heart
  • The Thymus
  • The Throat
  • The Third Eye
  • The Crown

For thousands of years, the Hindus have documented the various energy points located throughout the body. These psychic force fields, known as the seven chakras, emanate energy from within, and by unlocking their power one can reap the benefits of a healthier mind and balanced life.

Here’s what to expect in the Beginner’s guide:

  • What the chakras are and how they work
  • The locations of the chakras and their various uses
  • Steps and strategies on how to awaken your chakras
  • Balancing the chakras
  • How to heal damaged chakras
  • Applying these strategies to enhance your life
  • And much, much more!

Tackle suffering, illness, and emotional stagnation at its source by unlocking the power from within. Accept positive energy back into your life by balancing and activating your chakras. The benefits of a reinvigorated aura are endless—all it takes is a little introspection.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of balance, clarity, and inner strength, then look no further than this wonderful introductory guide to the fascinating and illuminating world of the chakras.

Free Forever: How to Embrace Nonconformity and Live Your Dreams

Dominic Mann Free Forever
Free Forever:

How to Embrace Nonconformity and Live Your Dreams

by Dominic Mann


Free May 18 – 22


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When thinking about your life, do you wonder, “Is that all there is?” Do you yearn for a better, happier existence?

You’re not alone. What if the key to a happy, successful life is easier than you’ve ever imagined?

As Free Forever: How to Embrace Non-Conformity and Live Your Dreams explains, most people are caught in an evolutionary trap. Whereas for most of human history, trying to fit in and please others was an advantage, today it cripples us from truly valuing ourselves.

Find out how to resist your conformist instincts and reap the benefits of non-conformity with your career, your relationships, and your social life. Using the practical, easy-to-follow tips Free Forever provides, you’ll be able to conquer your fears, embrace uncertainity, and brave rejection.

You’ll learn:

The importance of vulnerability

How to be your authentic self

Why wealth flows to those who don’t pursue it

The magic of fake confidence

And much more!

No matter what your current circumstances, you can transform your life to one truly worth living. Grab Free Forever today, and find the freedom you deserve!

WOMEN: Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma

Freedom Through Sex:

How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs,
Find Sexual Fulfillment And Heal Sexual Trauma
(A Guide For Women)

Kyle Hoobin-Freedom through sex

FREE May 30 to June 3rd



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If You Feel Unable To Express Your Sexuality Freely And Confidently…
If you feel unable to express your sexuality freely and confidently, it is because you have learned that it is dangerous to do so. This perceived danger is sometimes justified, but for the most part it is in place to protect your heart from getting hurt, not your body. Believing that you must constantly protect yourself is what prevents you from experiencing a truly fulfilling life. Breaking down the barriers that have been created by adopting this psychological safety measure is what the essence of this book is all about.

A fulfilling life is one that honors all aspects of ourselves. Many of us adopt self-limiting beliefs as we grow into adulthood which cause us to bury and repress some of these aspects. Unfortunately, it is our sexuality that tends to take the brunt of this repression.

To take the journey to sexual fulfillment requires a willingness to shift the focus back on yourself and recognize what is already available to you here in the present. This is an adventure of the heart, an inward journey where you will need to question the supposed obstacles that you believe are standing in your way.

In Freedom Through Sex, you will be guided through the process of uncovering your self-limiting beliefs by bringing to light the many pitfalls that women often fall victim to as they grow and mature sexually.  You will take part in a process of gentle self-inquiry (self-reflection) so that you can begin to unravel the knots that have been restricting your heart and preventing you from experiencing true fulfillment.

Inside Freedom Through Sex you’ll find:

  • Which relationship patterns are destructive and which ones support your sexual growth
  • How to let go of denial and speak up for what you want
  • Why orgasm is so important
  • How to reach orgasm regularly
  • Common obstacles to sexual fulfillment
  • How to master the art of love communication with your partner
  • How to embrace the art of foreplay and pleasure
  • Dating and relationship advice for women
  • And much more!




Turbocharge the Law of Attraction: FREE May 18 & 19

Cary David Richards-New_bulls_eye_cover_for_7_habits

7 Daily Habits that Turbocharge
the Law of Attraction:


A new age philosophy of self-acceptance,
visualization and letting go

by Cary David Richards


FREE May 18 & 19


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7 daily hacks that create a whirlwind of abundance, joy and happiness in your life.
Learn how using gratitude, self-acceptance and the habit of letting go energizes and yes, turbocharges the law of attraction to create tangible, positive changes that will amaze you!

Bestselling author Cary David Richards has done it again. Using new age philosophy combined with down to earth common sense he explains the simple daily habits that when used on a consistent basis will work to stimulate the attraction principles that lay dormant all around us.
˃˃˃ Frustration, anger and resentment all too often become default reactions to life’s daily challenges.

We allow these emotions and attitudes to rule our lives and then wonder why we aren’t attracting the things we truly desire.

Through visualization and the practice of letting go of your negative limiting beliefs and emotions author Richards explains how to nurture the simple yet powerful daily habits that can make all the difference.

The “secret” law of attraction as it has become known in popular culture is not all that secret when you really understand the simple and basic principles that allow it to flourish.

These straightforward and easily attainable daily habits are not hard to master once you understand the concepts behind them. Many of them are concepts that we learned as children but have let atrophy and wither as we grew to adulthood

˃˃˃ A new age Psychology of acceptance and joy

You’ll learn how starting with self-acceptance and then strengthening your habits by the daily practice of visualization you can make profound positive changes.

You’ll also understand that by developing the discipline of giving back to your fellow human beings you can keep the attractive energy buzzing in your own life.

Action is one of the main habits that you need to master. Contrary to popular belief, the universal law of attraction doesn’t respond very well to sitting on your couch watching television.

˃˃˃ Explained simply and with a no nonsense lighthearted approach

Cary David Richards gives us the insight to understand and the step by step instructions to implement these fundamental and truly powerful concepts. This book will be one that you’ll come back to again and again.






Launch Your Life – *Only 99¢*

CaryDavidRichards-LaunchYourLifeSALE Ends April 30th

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Launch Your Life


The Power To Blaze Your Own Trail – Using gratitude and self acceptance to love yourself, heal your life and finally do what you love

by Cary David Richards

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Your life can launch into the stratosphere! Or it can continue to suck. Your choice.

Imagine how it would feel to completely heal your life, to love yourself unconditionally and to express overwhelming gratitude on a daily basis.

Self acceptance is fundamental to our ability to have joy and serenity in our lives. Unfortunately for so many of us self acceptance remains a distant hoped for dream.

Bestselling Author Cary David Richards has done it again. With insight and humor he has shown us how to stop taking ourselves so seriously and develop the self confidence and self love that will enable us to set sail into the uncharted waters of self discovery.

Do you know what your bliss is? Are you following it?

If not, why not?

Cary invites you to think out of the box and listen to that different drummer that has lain dormant for so many years.

˃˃˃ How quitting your job, automating your income and finally following your bliss could be a real possibility for you!

Perhaps you love your job and everything in your life is working perfectly. You have high self esteem and truly love everything about your life.

Odds are that is not the case.

If that were true you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

No, the vast majority of people fall into a category that ranges somewhere between a vague sense of dissatisfaction to downright loathing of their situation and their present career or job. Their self esteem tends to be low and trending lower as they fight for some sort of control in an out of control world.

Many people have followed the traditional route in our society. the one where you get good grades in school, go to college, graduate, get a good job, work for forty or fifty years and then retire.

What used to be known as the American dream is a castle made of smoke and there is a strong wind blowing. The traditional route doesn’t tend to bring you the fulfillment you seek and perhaps never really did.

˃˃˃ Things are different in the 21st century.

Not only are the answers different but the fundamental questions have changed.

Those questions and answers will be different for every individual and are very personal and specific. Many times they tend to be a square peg that doesn’t fit very well into the round hole of the traditional model.

In his latest book bestselling author and entrepreneur Cary David Richards takes you on a journey of self love and empowerment that prepares you for designing your own lifestyle around the things that you have identified as most important for yourself.

At last you can follow your bliss and design the life that truly speaks to your soul.





Overcoming Adversity with Chasity Strawder

Chasity Strawder

Interview with
Inspirational Author:

Chasity Strawder



Your story is such an inspiration. I think that there are a lot of people who are facing some of the extreme challenges you faced and will see you as a role model for overcoming challenge.

I think the best way to tell your story is to first talk about how things went wrong and then how you triumphed and made things right.

Can you share with us the events that caused you to face some of your darkest days?

After becoming pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in pregnancy. My symptoms were pretty extreme to the point of severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and dehydration. I spent all of my pregnancy in the ER or being admitted as a patient to the hospital. The medical expenses were overwhelming so my husband and I became homeless. A year later, my husband was laid off his job, and we became homeless again. I overcame this obstacles by keeping my faith in God and never giving up in spite of the odds that were against me. I determined in my mind that I would be an overcomer.


When things were at their worst, what kept the light of hope lit for you?

Worship my light of hope. I just cried and embraced God’s amazing love for me. I knew that he would eventually bring me out.


When people survive such overwhelming challenges, there is a point where there is a shift and things start to change for the better. What was it for you that helped to get your life on a road to recovery?

Being accepted as a graduate student into my master’s program was a huge victory for me. There was a process to go through, and I was tearfully joyful upon receiving my acceptance letter.


When did you start to aspire and work toward becoming a teacher and school leader?

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher since the age of about twelve so everything about my life surrounded accomplishing that dream from that point on. After resigning as a teacher in 2007, I took some time for myself to regroup and renew my focus on what I wanted to do in the future. After going through my near death experience, the timing just felt right to go after it.


How and why did you decide to share your story and write your book, Broken For The Promise?

And what is the significance of the title? Earlier this year (2014), I started to think about and journal the details of that very challenging time in my life. I felt like God was telling me to turn all of this into a book. I stepped out on faith, and got it published. The significance of the title describes the process of what I went through to bring forth some amazing things in my life, the birth of my son and my master’s degree to become a principal.


Your life is a model for happiness. You’re married with 2 sons and have a thriving career. What was the most important reason that you were able to get from a place of despair to where you are now?

The most important reason for me to get through all of that was to help somebody else. I want someone to look at me and say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up!”


How do you hope your book, Broken For The Promise, will help others?

I hope that my book will renew the strength and faith of others. There is really purpose in pain. God can create something wonderful out of pain & devastation.


If someone is in your shoes right now, and they have lost their way and their faith, what do you want them to know?

I want them to know that God loves them. Never stop believing and holding on to him with everything in you. He will see you through until the dawn!



Connect with Chasity:

Author Website:

Chasity on Amazon

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Chasity’s Blog:


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FREEBIE Alert: 10 Shocking Secrets of Happiness

Rachel_ Young-10_shocking_secrets_of_Happiness10 Shocking Secrets of Happiness

by Rachel Young



FREE Sept 17 & 18




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If you struggle with unhappiness, 10 Shocking Secrets of Happiness will help you overcome your struggles.

Based on the case study of Rachel Young’s experience, discover 10 shocking secrets that changed her life forever.

With the help of this easy to follow guide and inspiring quotes, you can take action today to finally be happy




The Ecstasy of Surrender + Free Gifts




The Ecstasy of Surrender takes you straight into the light: our surrender to an intelligence, power, and love that is greater than our own. Dr. Orloff nails it.” — Marianne Williamson


Judith Orloff MD, a UCLA psychiatrist and intuitive healer, presents her unique approach for viewing SURRENDER as the secret element to success and intimacy (it doesn’t mean defeat)—the complete opposite of what we’ve been taught!  In this book, Dr. Orloff blows apart old stereotypes about sex, power, beauty, money, aging, and death. You’ll learn to surrender toxic relationships, obsessive thinking—and how to stop absorbing other people’s symptoms that may be making you sick! You’ll learn the art of reading people and how to surrender to your true feminine and/or masculine power. Synthesizing neuroscience and intuitive medicine, THE ECSTASY OF SURRENDER liberates you from the exhaustion of excessive pushing so that you experience a more blissful and deeply surrendered life!

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Nobody Can Take My Happy Away


Nobody Can Take My Happy Away

 by Jessica Arnold


FREE March 10-14


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A book with a positive message about bullying written for kids (and adults too) by a kid!

Emily is the new girl at school. She learns quickly that her first day at a new school isn’t going to go the way she expected. She gets teased about her appearance among other things. At first, Emily thinks that there is something wrong with her, and wonders if there is something she can fix about herself to get the other kids to stop teasing. She soon learns that the problem isn’t her, it’s them. Together with some new friends that she initially overlooks due to her worries, they bring about change at their school with confidence, communication and teamwork.

This book is written by Jessica Arnold, the author of “I am Good at Lots of Things” and “Hello My Name is Rose and this is My Christmas Story”

“Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” is inspired by her own real experiences. Jessica communicates her feelings with this story about how she got her “happy” back and her confidence.


Interview with Kathy Thompson
Science Fiction Fantasy and Self Help Author


 An Interview with Author: Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson

audio1Click to Listen


Kathy received her B.S. in Business Communications from Wisconsin State University, after serving 13 years in the military, Air Force & Navy. A Master Training Instructor in the Air Force, Kathy taught thousands of students over five years. She also wrote and taught her own adult education classes at Wisconsin State University – writing (fiction & non-fiction) . With eight years of teaching and over 15 years in Toastmasters Kathy is also an experienced speaker. In 1982, Kathy got involved in the study of Face Reading, and is one of the few Face Readers in the country. Kathy has taught her programs (health, personal communications, face reading) around the country. Born with a pencil in hand, Kathy’s passion is writing fiction stories. Kathy is the author of: Out of Love which is the 3rd book in her Future Worlds Series and The Journey Trilogy series. Kathy is “technically” retired but that hasn’t stopped her writing endeavors. She now has completed 9 fiction books, 11 short stories, 8 screen plays, and 3 stage plays.


Kathy’s Science Fiction Collection:



 If given the chance, would you go through space to live in a new world on another planet?

What’s Real Out Here?” is the first of “The Journey’s” 3 episodes that follow Kay in her quest to help others find peace and harmony. If given the chance, would you go through space to live in a new world on another planet? Kay recruits 13 humans, who travel through space in a self-contained spaceship. When alien snakes invade their ship, their fear and faith is tested and their reality is challenged.

Taken” is the second of “The Journey’s” 3 episodes that follow Kay on her quest to help others find peace and harmony. If given the chance, would you go through space to live in a new world on another planet? Kay recruits 13 more and speeds through space. They are watched and 5 of them are hijacked to a distant planet, where they have to outwit and fight a mischievous powerful creature.

Lessons” Episode 3 continues where Episode 2 left off. Kay returns home and her powers are weakened every time she goes through the time portal. Kay’s spiritual journey is revealed, how she attained her powers and may lose them. She is forced to take two traumatized orphaned children on their space journey. Besides fighting with each other, her 12 passengers have to deal with; cute, but lethal cats, an omnipotent being, and they end up saving Kay.




What will the future be like? Tag along and find out with this series of time travel to the future! Join the adventure, action, fun, drama, fear, romance, and personal discoveries! Each book features an independent story. Books in this series can be read in any order.


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