Stop being a victim, heal your traumas and reclaim your life!

Dmitri Leushkin - Turbo-Suslik

Introducing Turbo-Suslik: a Self-Help Strategy You May Have Never Heard of, even though it has triggered life changing results in record shattering time for thousands of people around the world…


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You are about to discover the most advanced system of mental liberation in the world, that actually works! If you have been using various self-help techniques with little or no results, and have been wishing there would be something of the caliber of a nuclear bomb that would allow you to clean up your mind from all of the garbage accumulated there, including fears and phobias, painful traumas from the past, low self-esteem and low self-confidence, self-hatred and any other negative junk, in record-breaking time (months) look no further, it’s here. Meet Turbo-Suslik, English version!


This book contains brutal and fast techniques for getting rid of your mental shit. The system described in this book, does not add anything, it only removes damaging stuff from your mind. That’s what it was created for, and that is its only purpose… to get rid of mental shit. What kind of shit? These techniques will help you to eradicate your limiting beliefs, negativity, victim mentality, self-hatred, your need to blame others, your feelings of shame. You should also expect to purge your old painful traumas including childhood traumas (even ones that you don’t seem to remember) and PTSD, your illusions inflicted by media and society, and so much more. And you will be amazed by how quickly it works!


Measurable and lasting results that are almost impossible to achieve unless you spend years and years in advanced therapy or in self help treatment, are now possible to get in a few months. Complete personal transformation to levels unobtainable anywhere else, is possible within a few months (if you dare to try, of course). What degree of personal freedom you can achieve with this system, depends solely on your readiness. If you want to reclaim your life, if you are not afraid of losing your illusions, if you are ready to take full and unconditional personal responsibility for your own life, if you are ready to work hard and explore the dark parts of yourself — then the results will amaze you. If you prefer to moan and complain, to keep being a victim, if you don’t want to lose your precious illusions and prefer to keep living in a comfortable zombie-world as a happy zombie — don’t even start reading this book. It will destroy your habitual zombie-world.


The original Turbo-Suslik book, introducing this cutting edge self improvement strategy, was published in 2008 in the Russian language and has been a bestseller ever since (in paper version). There have been hundreds of thousands of downloads and more than fifty thousand active registered users on Russian web site alone. Turbo-Suslik is a tried-and-true strategy that has been perfected and further developed since its introduction in 2008. Now available in English, this strategy is available to help you to once and for all, break free from a lifetime’s worth of debilitating “mental debris.”

If you have ever dreamed of being free from such mental impediments

— this is your chance!

Are YOU ready to take the red pill?


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4 FREE Self Help Solutions with EFT


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4 EFT Self Help Training Guides

By Barbara Smiles

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Self Help Anxiety With EFT Tapping


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About the Author: Barbara Smiles

Barbara has studied a range of personal development / self help techniques over the last 15 years; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  She has found EFT to be one of the simplest, most effective, self help techniques for eliminating emotional issues.

 About EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT was developed in the 1990’s by Gary Craig as a derivative of TFT.  EFT is achieved by tapping on the various energy points (Meridians) which balances the body’s energy system and eliminates most negative emotions within minutes. EFT is based on the subtle energy systems of the acupuncture meridians which was discovered by the Chinese about 5000 years ago.

More recently, Albert Einstein, told us that everything is composed of energy. Currently Quantum Theory supports these discoveries.  All forms of positive energy, energizes us. This energy is transported throughout our body via acupuncture meridians. Sometimes this energy can be disrupted and we experience its effects; unease, discomfort and pain.  With physical tapping at specific points along our energy meridians, EFT “taps” into our energy system to balance it and keep it running smoothly.


The Art of HealingArt by Jacqueline Ripstein

jacqueline_ripseinInterview with:

Jacqueline Ripstein

audio1Click to Listen

Jacqueline Ripstein is the author of The Art of HealingArtThe Keys to power and awareness. She is an internationally renowned Fine Art Artist /Author. Jacqueline was born in Mexico and is self-taught. When she was 12 yrs. old she won the national Prismacolor diploma. For 38 yrs. she has inspired thousands of people around the world during more than 377 International shows.

TheArtofHealingArt1She is a unique creative that has dared to cross the boundaries of traditional Art schools, to create New Invisible Art techniques such as: her patented Invisible Art and Light tech. ©(pat.1986). Her deep desire has been to reveal these unseen dimensions. Her art reveals the Light within all of us and the Invisible dimensions that create our everyday lives.

Various scientists have researched Jacqueline’s art and have concluded that her creative works possess unique high healing properties. In addition to healing, she has advocated for World-Peace, and to help raise the human consciousness, through her high vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops.

Available Formats:
Kindle * Paperback * AudioBook

She is an Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy and a United Nations representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace. Her book the Art of HealingArt offers a unique transformational experience to help us awaken to enlightenment. The messages from 15 of her paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis.

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Book Launches – Feb. 11th.

Hasmark-LemonsLadies – Your 50s are Your Time to Discover You!
This certainly is not a book about easing into your golden years and being a good “old” person as society would like to dictate. Instead, Janice L. Walker’s spirited new book, Womens & Lemons™: Your Time Is Now, is a high-energy ride that inspires Quintastic (50 and fantastic!) women to stand up strong and make the next 30 to 40 years a time to get excited and blaze new trails. This fast-paced up-tempo book makes it clear that 50 really is the new 30! Womens & Lemons™ is not for the faint of heart. It’s for women who are ready to rev up their lives, pursue their dreams, dedicate themselves to making a big noise in the world, and to ensure that their best life lies ahead and not behind!! So strap on your seatbelt because Womens and Lemons™ will take you on the ride of your life! Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!



Reconnect with Your Natural Ability to Rain Miracles On Every Part of Your Life!
Through expansive yet super accessible processes, Emmanuel Dagher’s uplifting new book, Easy Breezy Miracle: A Powerful, Exciting & Simple Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Life serves as a handbook that provides a non-intimidating roadmap to reconnecting with the wellspring of optimism with which you came into this world. It’s succinct, easy-to-read lessons will light up your spirit and encourage you along a new path. Through the simplicity of its message and the care and warmth that rise from each page, you’ll feel as though you are relearning a lesson you’ve always known intuitively—that self-love is healthy and essential, that miracles really can pour into your life and you really do have the power to imagine great things and draw them into your life. Click to learn more about Easy Breezy Miracle, these amazing bonus gifts and ordering.





Soul Vitamins! Minerals for the Mind, Body and Soul

Michael McGill - Soul_Vits

Soul Vitamins

Minerals for the Mind, Body and Soul
By Michael McGill, Jr.


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“An ABSOLUTE read for any person who seeks progress and growth!” – Dr. Paula J. Rodgers


C’mon now! It’s time for your empowerment! Ever need a PUSH or have a question that urgently needs answering? Ever been in the need of a vitamin for the soul?


We see many “vitamins” at the store for our body, but very seldom do we find any for our soul— until now! Michael McGill has brought you several vitamins- vitamins for the mind, body, and soul! McGill, who is a renowned, award winning TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker, life coach and self-empowerment expert, has done it again! Soul Vitamins is a collection of questions from a series of people seeking advice and who need empowerment to make better decisions. These questions are asked from real people and they are answered in a conversational approach that welcomes self-reflection and personal application. Being deemed as “food for the soul” by critics and readers alike, this awe-inspiring book is sure to be thought-provoking and soul stirring!

Topics include: • Living ONpurpose! • You’re worth more than gold Setting boundaries • Power and beauty of forgiveness • Dealing with change • Turning pain into power • And much, much more!

– The painful process of healing and forgiveness begins with self-reflection and renewing the mind. What you perceive as destruction can really be reconstruction.

– Michael draws on his own personal experiences to give strategy, advice and empowerment to everyday people having everyday challenges! You will begin to develop a growth mind-set and these tools will help you advance in mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health!

While these vitamins may not always taste good, if you actively apply them, you are sure to grow and become a strong overcomer. ‘Living ONpurpose’ can become the new normal in your life! Are you ready for the challenge?

Get Ready..Set..Grow!



Meet The Author: Michael McGill, Jr.

Michael McGillMichael McGill, Jr. is a renowned, award-winning transformational speaker, life coach & strategist, and self-empowerment guru that aims to empower people to transform their own lives- from the inside out- leaving them enriched, encouraged and empowered!


As an avid scholar and educator, McGill loves to inspire- especially young people. With a background in Social Psychology, Family Development, and Urban Education, McGill has experience as an inner-city educator and counselor working with troubled youth; experience as an appointed juvenile court magistrate judge helping first-time juvenile offenders; and McGill has also been appointed by the mayor of Kansas City, Mo. to be a health commissioner to work with families (Women, Infants & Children area).


Of all the accolades, Michael’s deepest desire is to help transform a generation and light the world- one candle at a time. In order to do this effectively, Michael draws upon his very own experiences of dysfunctional success, depression, neglect, rejection, family dysfunction, and many other challenges to enrich others that they, too, can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones! While Michael’s methods are practical and universal, he uses his story to inspire audiences- young and seasoned- to break barriers, ponder on self-reflection, take limits off of their lives, and he empowers them to heal and create the life they desire and deserve!


You can also check him out on the local CBS news affiliate as a life coach and strategist, dishing out daily doses of motivation, encouragement, and advice. Michael currently resides in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and when he’s not home, he’s probably somewhere talking or mentoring the young people he sees as his “children”. You can also catch him traveling across the country to inspire, motivate and transform audiences of all genres to tap into their potential, maximize their gifts, and Live ONpurpose- the new normal! Who knows, you just may see Michael at an event near you!

Connect with Michael:

Website   /   Book Order   /   Speaking Request    /   Twitter   /   YouTube



Free Kindle Book – Self Esteem/Self Help – Feb. 28 -Mar. 1

mind made prison

The Mind-Made Prison

by Mateo Tabatabai

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How much would the quality of your life improve if you could learn to let go of everything that is holding you back?

The Mind-Made prison is a must-read for anyone interested in the areas of self development and self esteem. By using the author’s proven techniques of personal transformation, you can literally learn to design your life in any way you want.

This book will save you from going through life without ever truly tapping into your full potential…

The Mind-Made prison is one that we are all caught in, either knowingly or unknowingly, and this comprehensive guide explains how you can finally escape the iron grip of this prison.



Journey To Butterfly with Life Coach Janet Dunnagan

“You Get It When You Get It

..…my journey from caterpillar to butterfly

By Janet Dunnagan


janet dunnagen bkjanet dunnagan jnl
This book is about one woman’s life journey and what she learned about herself along the way. The author openly and honestly shares some of her personal transformational experiences and life lessons in hopes that they might help the reader discover something within them that moves them to a better understanding and celebration of who they truly are.

We each begin our journeys on this earth somewhat naïve and innocent, and have many opportunities with each life experience to transform into amazing butterfly beings.  Every relationship and event that we encounter offers a fabulous chance for us to become a stronger and wiser version of our truest selves.  Each of us has powerful stories to share, and we become more grace-filled through the telling of them.

There is a Reflections for You section at the end of each chapter to serve as a guide that enables the reader to review and perhaps re-evaluate some of their own stories.  The author says that “there is much I discovered about myself by stretching way beyond my comfort zones and putting my energy toward becoming a more enlightened me.  Maybe it will be the same for the reader too.”

The world as many of us knew it began to change pretty dramatically in 2008, and Janet has included many of the insights that sprouted up for her as a result.  The economy tanked; she lost her job; formed a business with her husband; was doing tasks every day that weren’t “fueling” her, and she was flat broke.  So many opportunities to crash and burn – or to survive and thrive!

She received an unexpected gift during the course of the writing of this book.  By digging deeper into her experiences, she became more aware of her truest truths.  Perhaps you too will discover something about yourself.  It would be the best re-gift she says she could possibly imagine sharing with anyone!

The synopsis of “You Get It When You Get It…my journey from caterpillar to butterfly” is simply this.  How different would your world be if every time you looked into a mirror, you saw your best friend looking back at you?

The companion “My caterpillar to butterfly journal” is a perfect complement to this book.  For easy reference, Janet has included the chapter questions in the journal as well should you decide that journaling is an effective tool for you on your journey of self-discovery.

How amazing would this world be if more of us realized just how magnificent we already are?  Janet’s life’s purpose is to be a light and support for others on their journey of self-discovery.



About the author

janet dunnaganJanet Dunnagan was born in 1951 and was raised in Whittier, California.   Janet hasn’t been a believer in staying put for long and has not only called about a half dozen cities in the Los Angeles area home, but she’s also lived in Honolulu, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.  A lover of travel and exploration, Janet has been to 26 of the 50 states, and to 15 foreign countries.  She has been married several times and thanks each of her ex-husbands for the myriad of opportunities they each provided her on her journey to self-awareness.

Her non-linear pathway through life has overflowed with many amazing friends and relationships that have each played a valued and important role in her life.  She has held over 35 unique and wonderfully challenging jobs that were rarely ever boring.  She didn’t understand her life’s purpose until she was nearing 60 years old.  “Wow,” she says, “so that’s what having a purpose feels like?”

She believes that each and every experience and relationship she’s had in her lifetime have lead her exactly where  she was supposed to go, and allowed her to become the woman she was intended to be.  She and her husband Tim formed a business together in 2008 and the subsequent four years overflowed with some dramatic and inspirational life lessons.    In February 2011, Janet decided to write her memoir.  Upon its completion, and after sitting with the story for a few months, she realized that she needed to write the memoir so that she could uncover her own truest truths, although she says that she was initially drawn to write her memoir because she thought she already had those insights!  She says that she wrote the first book so that she could write and publish the right book.

Connect with Janet:

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Showcase Author: Marrian Efua

marrian efua bk not_my_reality (1)

Not My Reality

 by Marrian Efua


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Empowerment and Enlightenment are the themes of Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing In the Storm. Marrian Efua shares a simple yet powerful compilation of spiritual inspiration filled with intuitive insights, wisdom, and self affirmation. Offering a code of conduct for self discovery, self liberation, thought transformation and acceptance of our true personal reality. Reaffirming reader’s abilities to persevere, survive and dance through situations, conditions and circumstances by recognizing and activating their innate and internal strength and power.


Marrian Efua

marrian efua

Marrian Efua  is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She has traveled extensively . She is an Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Innovator and Management Coach, Author, Vocalist, and Radio Host. She is divorced and a proud mother.

Her Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten and Empower. Join her Tuesday & Thursday Mornings on Moments of Conversations a 30 minute talk radio program where she discusses various topics that assist listeners to ESCAPE.thought provoking and “Therapy for the Soul” by Milwaukee’s Reader’s Choice. Reader’s say ” I feel so empowered” “I couldn’t put it down.”

Connect with Marrian: * Twitter

Free Kindle Book – That Can Change Your Life – Jan. 23-24

dr jill you can

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You Can Become Exceptional: 10 Pages That Can Change Your Life 

by Dr.  Jill Ammon-Wexler


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Can reading 10 pages REALLY change or transform your life? Yes. Actually simply becoming aware of certain insights has the power to forever change how you feel about yourself. For example: You are naturally brilliant! Your brain contains 1,000,000,000,000 neurons. If just your neurons were stretched end to end, they would reach all the way to the moon and back.

You are also totally unique! You may not be aware of your special talents and skills because they’re so easy for you. Learn an immediate way to recognize and power up your natural strengths. Plus research has now proven “genius” is not born – it is actually a created state! And scientists now know that creativity does not come in a single insight – it’s a chain reaction of many tiny sparks while developing an idea. Learn how to light that first spark.

Claim insights that can immediately provide the ultimate self-help — become exceptional. The author of this insightful 10-page book, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, is doctor of positive psychology and a 45-year pioneer brain/mind and neuro-psychology researcher. The author of over 20 books, she also provides mind power training for organizations and individuals from around the world.


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Genre/Subject: self-help, inspirational


The Monsterjunkies – An American Family Odyssey
YA Fiction * Fantasy * Teen Issues * Bullying


The Monsterjunkies

An American Family Odyssey

YA Fiction  *  Fantasy   *     Teens
Self Esteem   *    Bullying  


Available in:


Tucked away in a remote cul-de-sac on the Maine coast is a place where the strange is normal, and the bizarre, is everyday. This is a place, where, if you do not have an open mind, you will loose your mind in its reality and truths. This is the home of The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey.

Residing at this place, twelve year old Crow and his fourteen year old sister, Indigo , along with their friends go down a reality curve to arrive at the harsh truth of the indelible hurt bullying, emotional abuse and prejudice can foster. The family faces ignorance combined with aggression at every step as they try to build a life for themselves in the home of their ancestors.

We are all MonsterJunkies and wear masks during our daily lives, in school, during work, hanging out with friends, imitating, being people who we look up to and admire, or those we want to be. It is those people who take off their masks and show the real person inside who are the ones that truly find the meaning of their lives.

The Monsterjunkies an American Family Odyssey, defines growing up through a cast of quirky yet engaging characters who also experience the same anxieties as any other family, enduring the issues that portend ‘coming of age.’ Not all angst and agony, it marks a clear path to the ultimate form of acceptance, the approbation of self.



Meet the Author – Erik Daniel Shein

erik sheinErik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops, November 18th 1966 He is an American writer, and film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, and philanthropist, Pet enthusiast and animal health advocate . He is the author and co author of over 30 nonfiction and fiction books whose writings include six scientific articles in the field of herpetology. His children’s book, “The Forgotten Ornament” is a Christmas classic, and was endorsed by Hollywood legends Mickey and Jan Rooney.

Connect with Erik:





Book Reviews:


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