Book Launch: Disaster Preparedness Made Simple


Disaster Preparedness Made Simple


A Natural Disaster Could Happen Right Now

With his new book, Disaster Preparedness Made Simple, author John Lennon Berteloot has made the task of developing a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan simple, straightforward and manageable. What makes Disaster Preparedness Made Simple so unique is that it provides smart and easy-to-implement action plans that cover ALL major natural disasters and situations—not just the most common ones. With this comprehensive resource guide you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. Disaster Preparedness Made Simple is the ultimate comprehensive resource guide to helping you and your family create emergency action and survival plans for anything nature throws at you. You’ll be able to quickly build solid survival blueprints that will get you through all three phases of any natural disaster: before, during and the aftermath. You owe it to yourself and those you love to be prepared for a natural disaster or a national emergency.

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Protect Yourself from Sexual Predators – Free Book

taylor rush-psychebook

Psychopaths: Secrets of Sexual Predators Exposed

by Taylor Rush

Free Aug 23-24

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Protect Yourself From Predators
DISCOVER: Psychopaths: Secrets of Sexual Predators Exposed

The author exposes what these psychopaths really think about children, women, sex and violence.

Inside this guide you’ll learn:

How easy it is for them to blame you for their behavior.
Why you can’t love a dangerous man to good emotional health.
How they rape to shame and degrade children and women.
How hopeless their lives are and why you should avoid their path.
How hate and anger motivates them.
How the justice system can’t or won’t protect you from them.
Why no excuse for his behavior is ever a good enough excuse.
How to spot a psychopath.



Interview with Parenting Expert Katherine Gordy Levine

Parenting Expert: Katherine Gordy Levine

Shares Her Resources and Training to Empower Parents

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With all the hype over parenting styles, we must remember, Parents Are People Too
An adaptable emotional fitness training program for parents

Every parent can recall a point where their children have driven them to the breaking point. Whether it’s coming home to a moody teen with a new piercing; a toddler tantrum at the checkout; or a colicky baby’s incessant crying: every parent can relate to those moments where it all seems too much and negative feelings take over. In fact, every day has its up and downs as a parent.

The new eBook, ‘Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents’, helps parents gain control of negative feelings. The ability to control negative feelings is what the author means by emotional fitness—doing so is key to being a good parent.

“Children scare, anger, and hurt parents, and when parents don’t handle their fear, anger, or hurt properly, children suffer; hurt accumulates and negative exchanges mount. Often the ties that bind become strained and sometimes severed. Avoiding this stress and strain takes many emotional fitness skills. Most parents have some of the requisite skills; this book teaches additional skills and helps you improve those you already possess. Everyone can learn to take better care of their feelings so that neither children nor parents suffer unnecessarily.”

The emotional fitness skills taught in the book include feeling awareness, self-soothing, distracting, focusing on what is important, disputing, giving feedback, proper expression of feelings, acceptance, and radical acceptance. In addition to these skills, the book contains numerous exercises designed to strengthen each skill. The final chapter describes Twelve Daily Exercises. These are specifically designed to improve emotional fitness. The promise of the book is that learning and practicing these exercises will enable parents to take charge of their feelings and enjoy the journey of parenting more.

If the title of professional parent were ever permitted, it would be due to the author, Katherine Gordy Levine. Mother, grandmother and foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, she is also an accredited therapist, a Professor of Social Work at Columbia University, Director of mental health crisis programs for children, 30+ years of social work experience and 20+ years working as a professional speaker on parenting and emotional fitness topics.

Katherine remarks about her time as a foster parent, “One of the most important lessons was realizing that when I handled my feelings properly, I handled the kids better. I never found a book devoted to helping me handle my feelings so I could be a better parent. I decided, therefore, to write this book.”

Katherine is a prolific writer who shares her wisdom on her blogs, Parents Are People Too and Emotional Fitness Training Inc (EFTI). 2012 has seen the publication of 4 books (so far):

1-Parents Are People Too – An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents
2-When Good Kids Do Bad Things – A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers
3-Tame the Test Anxiety Monster
4-How to Hold Successful Family Meetings


Meet the Author: Katherine Gordy Levine

Katherine Gordy Levine, a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)  with a  Masters in Social Science (M.S.S.,)  is an experienced mental health professional, teacher and administrator. Becoming a parent and then a foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, lead her to develop Emotional Fitness Training™ skills, which she explores in her blog and her blog for parents Katherine is the author of: When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers, Teaching a Child to Tame the Test Anxiety Monster, Parents Are People Too: An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents, and her latest book: How to Hold Successful Family Meetings.

Connect with Katherine’s Resources:

For review samples, guest blogging requests, interview requests or more information, please email Fiona, Katherine’ publisher at
Social media links:


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Amazing Author & Champion for Children – Ebony Moore

Meet Author: Ebony Moore

Empowering Children with Valuable Life Skills

Ebony Moore is an author/illustrator with over 40 titles in print. Moore developed a love for writing and illustrating when she was five years old and has been writing every since that time. Moore has created books in a variety of genres.

After experiencing financial crisis that led to homelessness, she was inspired to publish her first novel, “In the Fire, the Beginning”, in 2006, a fictitious account of an African American family’s struggle to survive and overcome various trials and tribulations.

Growing up in an impoverished community and broken home inspired Moore to pour into the lives of both children and parents. In 2007, Moore wrote and illustrated “It Is Not Polite To Be A Bully” , ”When I Am Sad,”  “When I Believe,” “When My Parents Argue” and “My Favorite Color Is…”

Her desire to help make a difference in the lives of children was still unsatisfied, so In 2008, Moore concluded a series of children’s books called “The Mya Collection” which includes “Earning and Saving Money”, “Fire Safety With Roy” , “Mya Meets Barack Obama” , “Grandma’s House” , “I Can Be” , “When I Am Adopted” , “When I Told A Lie” , “This Is The Way We Count To Ten” , “The Book Of ABC’s” , “The Books Of Shapes” and “The Book Of Numbers.”

After suffering from sensorineural hearing loss in her right ear, bed-ridden and recovering from a stroke that affected an auditory nerve on the right side of her brain, her inspiration only grew stronger, pushing Moore to birth “The Learning Life Skills With Mya Character Education Series”, a series of 19 books designed to aid parents and teachers in delivering life skills to preschool and elementary children.

Having unlocked the shackles of poverty, Moore longed to persuade and encourage others to overcome similar situations. In 2011, she wrote an empowering self-help spiritual book called “The Time Is Now: Activating Kingdom Wealth In Your Life” which motivates and helps people of all ages discover purpose and propel into their divine destiny. She readily attributes all her success to God who is the source of all her resources.

Concerned about children’s safety during the massive tornadoes that hit the United States in 2012, Moore also created “Tornado Safety With Roy.” And Moore is responsible for the creation of Mya Kids, LLC (, a global provider of children books and the creator of the cartoon character “MYA.” Moore is also founder of The Mya Foundation, a foundation that promotes literacy and provides learning resources for economically distressed children.

Some of Ebony Moore’s books:

Connect with Ebony Moore:
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Explore this Unique Opportunity to make a difference
in the life of Children

An Invitation to Contribute to this Important
Social Campaign to Help Children

The team at Wealth Navigator University (a soon to be released website that consists of a group of experts and passionate individuals that are committed to seeing people live their best life), invite you to participate in our endeavor to be a part of the solution to many of the problems that plague today’s society!

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas consists of four strong topics; money, good character, manners and safety and was written for the 21st century. Its storylines have taken into account the issues that many children face in today’s society and what children in today’s world can relate to.

This project has been over 3 years in the making, we have put many months, and thousands of thousands of hours, into the Krystie and Thomas Learning series and have shown our ability to produce original, engaging, fun, well sought after and in demand children’s material. These books, audios and even the stickers have proven to be extremely popular!

Much of the work was completed through money saved up for this project, but do to the extreme high demand for these materials and resources, the needs of this project have well exceeded our goals, most of the team has dedicated nearly all of their time to date with very little to no pay just to try and fulfill the needs and requests of what parents want for this series.

So, we are calling on those who want to see a world where children, adults, schools, churches, citizens, communities, families, and businesses function well due to the impartation of good morals and characters, manners and courtesy, good financial management and more safe practices.

This project starts with one person at a time, one household at a time, one school and community at a time and it starts with this team and it starts with you, our supporters.

Visit the IndiGoGo Campaign Page to Learn More

There are many REWARDS for helping!

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LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy by Trent Pettigrew

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
by Trent Pettigrew

Lie Detection and Statement Analysis

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
Never Be Fooled, Conned, Duped Or Tricked By Little White Lies, Big Fat Lies, Or Even Half-Truths Again!

Once you read this easy to understand, easy to use guide, written by a law enforcement professional with over 20 years’ experience in lie detection, you will easily be able to:

Instantly Spot A Lie
Do you have the feeling that you are being lied to?
The truth is: YOU ARE.
Liars are everywhere—but you don’t have to fall for their lies any longer. You will learn how to spot a lie immediately—even in someone’s writing—without years of training!
Have More Confidence In Relationships
Can you imagine the advantages you would have in relationships, if you only knew the real truth all of the time? Learn the right way to ask questions and listen for the answers to determine if you are being lied to.

Remember: The TRUTH will set you free!
Get The Whole Truth
Finally open your eyes to the lies you are being fed every day. Politicians, pastors, friends, co-workers, and just about everyone you come in contact with has the potential to be a liar on some scale. This book will arm you with the tools you need to be vigilant, in-the-know, and to make the right decisions based on the truth.
Don’t be a fool for one more day. All of the liars out there are depending on the fact that you will remain in the dark. Buy this book now and never be a victim to liars again!


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Meet The Author: Trent Pettigrew

Trent is currently employed as a State Trooper with a state in the Mid-South, holding the earned rank of Captain/Troop Commander. He holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and Business, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Management. He is also an expert in Body Language and Statement Analysis. Adjunct Instructor for a prestigious local university – Instructing courses in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice and Ethics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, enjoying his kids’ sports, and the outdoors, especially Colorado. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, Baylor baseball, and Slipknot!