Make Every Day – Valentine’s Day!

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21 Romantic Recipes
to Spice Up Your Love Life
Beyond Valentine’s Day

by Nancy Gathecha


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We love February 14th! But honestly, do we have to wait for a particular day on the calender to show our sweethearts some love? There are 365 days in a year, any day can be lovers’ day!
Would you like to delight the love of your life with a perfect dinner for two?
Or you´d like to surprise your partner with a romantic 3 course dinner in the comfort of your home?
Then I believe you will enjoy these 21 romantic recipes. With delicious mouth-watering dishes – this cookbook will help you prepare that special meal and share special moments with your special someone. All in the comfort of your home.
The dishes are quick to prepare and easy to make, so you won’t spend hours in the kitchen. Leaving you both with enough time to enjoy each others company.

The ingredients are easy to find, and some promise to add spice to any occasion that calls for love and romance beyond Valentine´s Day. The 21 recipes consist of:
* 7 Light Starters
* 7 Main Entrées
* 7 Scrumptious Desserts
Why not rekindle your love life by planning a special surprise, or share fun and memorable moments preparing the meals together with your partner?
Get your 21 Romantic Recipes book today and receive a free report 21 Creative Ways To Say I Love You.

Because expressing love doesn’t have to be scheduled. Any day can be lovers’ day. Get your’s today, and spice up your love life.

Nancy Gathecha

Meet The Author: Nancy Gathecha

Nancy Gathecha is a foodie, author, speaker, podcast host and certified Life Coach. Her passion is inspiring women to design the life and business of their dreams, so they can enjoy the balanced success they desire and deserve.

Must Read FREEBIE for MEN – The Masculine Mind

Dylan Thrasher _ The Masculine Mind

The Masculine Mind:

Alpha Male Life Lessons on Careers,
Money, Relationships & Women


by Relationship Expert
Dylan Thrasher


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Most men begin their lives unprepared for both women and personal finances alike, despite what they think they know. Dylan Thrasher follows up his 2013 best-selling release The Masculine Way: What Your Dream Girl Really Wants with a unique, highly anticipated book focusing on equal parts former (women, dating, love, relationships), equal parts latter (personal finance, careers, saving, retirement).


A philosophy book standing out in the world of dating/relationship and financial advice, it offers insights on more than just “how to pick up chicks” or “how to get rich” type of material typically found, with chapters highlighting:


-The role of family and friends in an Alpha Male’s life.
-When marriage is appropriate, and thoughts on divorce.
-The bachelorhood vs. commitment debate.
-Education costs and their return on investment.
-Saving and investing vs. spending and living.
-Managing credit and debt.
-Having a job vs. building a career.
-What is the “game,” does it need to be played, and what is winning?
-How to have beautiful women in your life (hint- it’s not based on being tall, rich or handsome)
-The traditional male vs. female dynamics vs. today’s changing roles
-When is cheating / infidelity ever ok?
-Does money buy happiness or not?
-Why spending money on women is unnecessary.
-How much should one spend on cars or homes?
-Things you can do today to make yourself more valued in the workplace
-How to survive and remain valuable in a changing world, with changing economies.


With a goal to have every reader find more success in their life in all realms, from being a leader of men with financial freedom to creating attraction in only the most amazing woman/women you choose to have in your life, you will live the life you want confidently as you see the path in front of you. Always partial to living the life of a “natural” Alpha Male, the author focuses on step-by-step improvements in both realms as you use the power of self-discipline and focus to achieve everything from a better sex life to improved money management. Success is a holistic, total picture world – having either financial success or romantic success alone is not enough for a true Alpha Male.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dylan Thrasher

Dylan Thrasher is an acclaimed Dating, Life, Love and Relationship coach/expert whose extensive work in human behavior has helped thousands of men and women better their lives, attract the right partners, repair and improve the relationships they keep and learn when it is time to walk away from the ones they should not be in.

Taking pride in being known as the toughest, yet most effective practitioner out there, Dylan has been featured in a variety of publications such as the Boston Globe, Huffington Post,, Miami Herald and San Francisco Chronicle among others.

Dylan is available for Private Coaching via his website at



Free Book: Crazy in Paradise


Crazy in Paradise

by Deborah Brown

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Action  *  Romance  *  Suspense

Crazy in Paradise, is Deborah Brown’s debut novel, a Florida Keys mystery, which makes the reader laugh, cry and cheer…

Dying in the Middle of Summer is Sweaty Business…

If you ever put yourself in trouble by picking up someone else’s past, you have to meet Madison Westin, an honorary Trouble Queen.

Madison is a quirky motel owner, who recently inherited her aunt’s beachfront motel in the Florida Keys. But that is NOT all she inherited, as the motel houses a slew of colorful tenant’s – drunks, ex-cons, fugitives, and whatever bad guy you can think of.

How to solve this mess…?
That is really not that difficult if you are Madison Westin.

Step 1: Take back control of YOUR motel

Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of blackmail, murder, and drugs

Step 3: If all fails, hope for the best…

Deborah Brown’s Crazy in Paradise is packed with Action, Romance, Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense. Oh… did I forget to mention the humor makes for a fast and enjoyable read? This book will be difficult to put down!


… but ONLY if you want to be Crazy in Paradise!


Meet the Author: Deborah Brown

Deb brownDeborah Brown is the author of two follow-up novels to Crazy in Paradise. Deception in Paradise and Trouble in Paradise also offer “laugh out loud, roller coaster rides.” She’s been writing, in one way or another for as long as she can remember. Deborah wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer… and then run out and tell their friends about it.

From Deborah:

Since all great journeys start with a single step, I’ll have on a cute pair of shoes…………..Crazy. Ice cream loving. Redhead. 5’2″, long legs. As an avid exerciser, I get to the gym every five years or so. I hate being tricked by that stinking raisin in the oatmeal cookie when my heart was set on chocolate. And it’s totally acceptable for me to be mildly annoying when it makes me laugh. South Florida is my home, with my ungrateful rescue animals, where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.

Connect with Deborah on Twitter: @debbrownbooks



FREE Steamy Romantic Comedy and Murder Mystery

sm mala -bad_advice

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Bad Advice

Steamy, Romantic, Black Comedy. and Murder Mystery

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Sometimes following your heart isn’t the best advice…

Ruby’s having a problem looking for love. The divorced single mother needs someone to mend her heart.
Scottie’s avoiding any commitment, wanting to focus on his high flying career.
But one party, a moment of madness, it all changes.
Two people, with completely different views, find themselves colliding when it comes to love and life.
Especially when they both have secrets they don’t want the other to know about.
And to make matters worse, they are drawn together by a serial killer seeking revenge on Samaritans!

A romantic, sexy, black comedy about love, murder and bad advice.

Free Book – Just in Time for Valentines Day!
Romantic Ideas For A Sizzling Date….


Good Food Great Sex:

Easy 5 Star Elegance –

Romantic Ideas for a Sizzling
Date Night at Home




Are you looking great ideas for a romantic date night at home for Valentine’s Day or that special occasion – with a touch of elegance?

If so this is the book for you…

If you want to really impress someone and show them how you care, Easy 5 Star Elegance will make sure this isn’t just another boring “dinner and a movie” date; you’ll have an event that will have your partner excited, intrigued, and wanting more. “50 Shades of Grey” will have nothing on you!

The Scenario proposed in this book works regardless of your age, gender, or financial situation (there are complete “DIY” solutions as well as take out or bring-it-in scenarios). In fact, if you do this at home rather than go out to another overpriced dinner at a chain restaurant (not to mention a high end restaurant) and a new release at the theatres, you will have saved enough money to make getting every book in this series a no-brainer!


From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson

From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson

Family & Relationships / Love & Romance
By Mo Stegall

From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson authorizes men to bring their hurt from past relationships, life challenges, and silent frustrations to the forefront without fear of manipulation, allowing his heart to be healed, his manhood restored and his soul empowered. It sanctions men to delve into the intricate components of their minds, hearts and inner most emotions challenging them to sift through those rigid walls of hurt, neglect and excuses while positioning him to be the strong loving pillar of his family.

It is also an insightful resource for women educating, encouraging and empowering women on how to become the precious jewel that men desperately need. As the author shares innovative analogies, remarkable stories, and perceptive information readers learn how to:

• Investigate the pitfalls of past relationships
• Identify issues and challenges that may prohibit growth and development
• Become marriage material
• Successfully build healthy relationships
• Apply innovative tools to optimizing life-style choices
• Forgive and be forgiven
• Relinquish generational relationship curses
• Be a treasure hunter & jewel expert
And more….

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Meet the Author:  Mo Stegall

Mo Stegall, is a world class keynote speaker, prominent relationship specialist and empowerment coach. His empowering platform has encouraged and transformed millions of lives worldwide. He is passionately inspired to educate, encourage, and empower communities globally. He travels the country teaching men how to become Treasure Hunters & Jewel Experts, assisting women identify their strengths and deficiencies with his popular Jewel Tips and empowers communities to build healthy relationships through his widely successful Power Talks. Mo Stegall is a popular conference speaker, event emcee and college lecturer.

Connect with Mo:
Author’s website:
On Twitter: @MoStegall
Mo on Facebook
Mo’s Book Order Page
Amazon Order Page