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Rio For Partiers:

Visual Travel Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Rio de Janeiro travel guides)

by Cristiano Nogueira


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Rio de Janeiro travel guide is designed for those who want to hit the ground running. Easy to read and highly visual, so you can be ready for Rio in about an hour! Make the most of your vacation trip to Rio de Janeiro with this complete tour guide book. It tells you when, where and who to contact when you want:

  • Day attractions
  • Nightlife options
  • Restaurants
  • Rainy day options
  • Street food guide
  • Shopping
  • Near by destinations around Rio.

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FREE Travel Guide – RIO for Partiers

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RIO for Partiers

by Cristiano Nogueira



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Rio for Partiers is a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) designed for red blooded tourists.

It outlines, in a step-by-step manner, all the must-see tours of Rio: relaxing tours (exactly where to go to unwind), adventure sports (who to contact for instructions), cultural (the essential tours) and rainy day ideas (what to do in Rio when it’s raining).

It also goes into detail on what every tourist must try: from snacks to tropical fruit juices, to Brazilian cuisine to local drinks. Thirdly, it lays out the nightlife scene, giving each day of the week the best option for: clubbing, live music, street parties or bars.

Lastly, it offers dozens of tips on topics like safety, prices and how to deal with Brazilian boys and girls. But what makes Rio for Partiers even more desirable is that it can save the tourist lots of money: the publishers have partnered with sports instructors, bars and restaurants to get them to offer a discount or bonus to bearers of our book: just show the cupons in the back and you are automatically entitled to free drinks, discounts to daily rates and VIP entrance (no waiting in line) at the best bars and clubs. In short, Rio for Partiers tells you everything you need to know to have a blast in Rio.