Is It Possible to Live 100 Years?

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Is It Possible to Live 100 Years?


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Lifestyle advice for living a more satisfying life, trying to increase our longevity naturally.

Overcoming barriers to longevity that once seemed impossible are becoming more common every day. Scientific advances, particularly in the area of health, and better nutrition are enabling human beings to significantly increase their life expectancy.

But the reasons that allow some people to prevail for over a hundred years of existence remain largely a mystery.

After a year of research, this brief manual, which is not intended to be empirical or to make firm pledges, recommends a series of habits and tips collected from eminent scientists and interviews with people who have far exceeded the barrier of a century.

I hope you find this as exciting to read as was collecting this interesting information has been for me, as I belong to a family with multiple cases of extreme longevity.

Interview with Aging Expert – Alex Zhavoronkov


The Ageless Generation

How Advances in Biomedicine
Will Transform the Global Economy

By Alex Zhavoronkov PhD

AlexZAlex Zhavoronkov, PhD, is A leading expert in aging research. He is the director and trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a think tank supporting aging research worldwide and the director of the International Aging Research Portfolio, one of the world’s largest databases of biomedical funding data and a knowledge management system for aging research. He heads the laboratory of regenerative medicine at the Federal Research and Clinical Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. He is the head of research at NeuroG a neuroinformatics company developing algorithms to delay the onset of age-related neurodegenerative diseases. And he is the author of: The Ageless Generation – How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy.

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Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov

A Must Read for Economists, Industry Leaders & Analysts,
Government Planners, Investors, Retirees, Baby Boomers

AlexZ-agelessOver the past 20 years, the biomedical research community has been delivering hundreds of breakthroughs expected to extend human lifespan beyond thresholds imaginable today. However, much of this research has not yet been adopted into clinical practice, nor has it been widely publicized.

Biomedicine will transform our society forever by allowing people to live longer and to continue working and contributing financially to the economy longer, rather than entering into retirement and draining the economy through pensions and senior healthcare. Old age will become a concept of the past, breakthroughs in regenerative medicine will continue, and an unprecedented boom to the global economy, with an influx of older able-bodied workers and consumers, will be a reality.

A leading expert in aging research, author Alex Zhavoronkov provides a helicopter view on the progress science has already made, from repairing tissue damage to growing functional organs from a single cell, and illuminates the possibilities that the scientific and medical community will soon make into realities.The Ageless Generation is an engaging work that causes us to rethink our ideas of age and ability in the modern world.


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Retire Rich Strategy Guide


Retire Rich Strategy

How To Plan Towards Being Rich,
Healthy Young And Wise In Retirement

bibi-retireRETIRE RICH STRATEGY – How to plan towards being rich, healthy, young and wise in retirement Start planning for a happy prosperous retirement.

In our current economic climate, retirement can be seen like an intimidating prospect, but Bibi Apampa offers four proven plans that are guaranteed to ensure your retirement is both happy and financially secure.

The Personal Development Plan that will empower and build you with skills and mindset you need to manage your money. Your time and your relationships.

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The Healthy and fit for Life plan proven to equip you with a sound mind in a sound body in old age

The Wisdom Plan that will give you peace of mind in your golden years and sustain you spiritually during your last years.

Whether you’re fast approaching retirement or looking at planning ahead these plans will make the process easy and pleasant for you, allowing you to enjoy a happy, prosperous retirement.



Meet the Author: Bibi Bunmi Apampa

Bibi Bunmi Apampa – Managing Director of The Empowerment Centre and successful Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, International speaker, Trainer and author.
I have been an Expat Wife and trailing spouse for over 20years and have moved around with my family living in four different countries. I started my career as a chartered accountant, becoming a valued fellow of the prestigious accountancy organisations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Institute of taxation.

After a successful career in accounting, finance and managing investment portfolios, I decided that I wanted to do more to help people like you achieve financial independence during their working lives and retirement. So I set up The Empowerment Centre to help ordinary people improve their lives, not only financially, but also physically, personally, professionally and spiritually.

Through my training, mentoring, speaking engagements and coaching, I have helped countless people over the years to start and grow their own businesses, Build wealth, create multiple streams of income and achieve financial independence.
My mission is to share with others what I have learnt about creating your dreams with multiple streams of income, being financially empowered while making a difference in the lives of people, community and nations.

The financial techniques and strategies that I have gained from my accountancy training and investment portfolio management career have worked wonders for my clients over the years and they can work wonders for you too.


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