Are you Ready to Receive the Love You Desire?

Are you Ready to Receive
the Love You Desire?

by Shearon Hurst

is a book about preparing a woman’s heart for the love she truly desires. This book discusses some of the many situations and challenges a woman will go through as she goes in search of that perfect love. It also discusses the things we as women should be doing before we bring a man into our lives.


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A Message from the author:
Shearon Hurst

I was born in Leesburg, Florida. My writing ministry has been blessing people on the internet for over 10 years with words of encouragement which I send out to strengthen and comfort those in their walk with the Lord.

I’ve been in the ministry for over 20 years. I have 4 wonderful (grown) children, and 6 beautiful grandchildren. I just released my second book entitled “Where Peaceful Waters Flow”, which is a devotional book. I am currently working on my third book “Lord, I’m Still Holding On, which is filled with inspirational stories about surviving through the storms of life. It should be released early next year. I am really excited about it, and I hope you will be too!

I studied Christian Counseling at Liberty University. I still live in Florida (although no longer in Leesburg) and when I am not busy with the ministry or writing, I’m trying out new dessert recipes (I love to bake), and listening to some good music.

I enjoy spending time with my family whenever possible (especially the grandchildren), and traveling with my daughters and my niece,I think they keep me young.”

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The Diva’s Guide To Drama – Volume 1: MEN

The Diva’s Guide To Drama series

THE DIVA’S GUIDE TO DRAMA series was put together by Life Coach and Author Neisha Robertson. The series was developed to help today’s Diva rid herself of drama-filled relationships between:

MEN (Volume 1) Now Available

FRIENDS (Volume 2)

FAMILY (Volume 3)

and even the negativity buried inside of
YOU (Volume 4).

This series is designed to teach women how to eliminate DRAMA and bring their dreams to fruition! Grab your copy today and get on the road to happiness now!

Vol. 1 – MEN:  Are you tired of going through gritty drama in your relationships due to an Ex-boyfriend or Ex-Husband? Tired of dealing with lies told to you by your current partner? Are Baby Daddy issues affecting your or your children’s lives?  Have you given up hope that you’ll ever find Mr. Right? Feeling like maybe you don’t after saying ‘I do’? If so, THE DIVA’S GUIDE TO DRAMA Vol. 1: MEN is the book for you! In these pages you will find techniques designed to eliminate the ever so common DRAMA women face today associated with men and relationships. If your relationships are a hot-mess learn to cool things off and clean things up! Grab your copy now and be on your way to a life that’s free of man-made Drama!

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Meet the Author: Neisha Robertson

Author Neisha Robertson enters the literary industry with a collection of essays meant to lift and empower women to learn how to really create a life that is Drama-free. The series focuses on the fact that we cannot change others but we can change ourselves. Each title in the series delivers a To-The-Point provocative message that is sure to help Diva’s create the change they want! Neisha is a Mother, Daughter, Wife and Life Coach. She is driven by her goal to help save the world one woman at time. An exceptional motivator Neisha is available to speak at Events, Parties, Book Clubs, Business meetings, Seminars etc.

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Free Kindle Book – Save Your Marriage with Matri-Money

Free Kindle Book – Nov. 5-7

Save Your Marriage with this Important Guide
Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage

by Dr. Taffy Wagner

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Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. Engaged, newlywed and married couples beyond newlywed often struggle in silence when it comes to money. They feel as if they are alone and no one will understand. Who will encourage them to press forward even though the financial challenge is temporary, daily it is causing stress and sometimes heartache? “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” was created from Dr. Taffy’s Twitter voice “Moneyinmarriage” where she has sent out money and marriage tips since the end of 2007.

Having read and talked with couples dealing with various financial struggles, Dr. Taffy felt it was time to give couples hope and encouragement that their money and marriage could succeed. “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” is a one-of-a-kind book focusing on providing couples with nuggets of wisdom to carry them through their day.

This is a must read for any couple desiring to live the Happily Financial Ever After and not become a divorce statistic because of money. Bonus: Money and Marriage over a Meal App included!

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SMS Diary – A digital age love story by Jessica Brightheart

SMS Diary – A digital age love story

Embark on one of the most intimate journeys you could ever take…

An old world approach to romance in the modern day…

Originally shared in confidence, this collection of text messages was intended to be a gift between lovers rather than a public work. Urged by friends and family to publish, the author sought my advice, and now I am honored to be able to share this incredible love story with you.

Time stamped and unedited, only the names and locations have been changed. Read along, as you are now privy to their private conversation filled with love, hope, tragedy, and fear. This story may melt your heart, freeze your soul, make you believe in miracles, and bring hope that a romance like this can still exist in the world we live in today.

Jessica Brightheart

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LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy by Trent Pettigrew

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
by Trent Pettigrew

Lie Detection and Statement Analysis

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
Never Be Fooled, Conned, Duped Or Tricked By Little White Lies, Big Fat Lies, Or Even Half-Truths Again!

Once you read this easy to understand, easy to use guide, written by a law enforcement professional with over 20 years’ experience in lie detection, you will easily be able to:

Instantly Spot A Lie
Do you have the feeling that you are being lied to?
The truth is: YOU ARE.
Liars are everywhere—but you don’t have to fall for their lies any longer. You will learn how to spot a lie immediately—even in someone’s writing—without years of training!
Have More Confidence In Relationships
Can you imagine the advantages you would have in relationships, if you only knew the real truth all of the time? Learn the right way to ask questions and listen for the answers to determine if you are being lied to.

Remember: The TRUTH will set you free!
Get The Whole Truth
Finally open your eyes to the lies you are being fed every day. Politicians, pastors, friends, co-workers, and just about everyone you come in contact with has the potential to be a liar on some scale. This book will arm you with the tools you need to be vigilant, in-the-know, and to make the right decisions based on the truth.
Don’t be a fool for one more day. All of the liars out there are depending on the fact that you will remain in the dark. Buy this book now and never be a victim to liars again!


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Meet The Author: Trent Pettigrew

Trent is currently employed as a State Trooper with a state in the Mid-South, holding the earned rank of Captain/Troop Commander. He holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and Business, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Management. He is also an expert in Body Language and Statement Analysis. Adjunct Instructor for a prestigious local university – Instructing courses in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice and Ethics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, enjoying his kids’ sports, and the outdoors, especially Colorado. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, Baylor baseball, and Slipknot!




From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson

From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson

Family & Relationships / Love & Romance
By Mo Stegall

From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson authorizes men to bring their hurt from past relationships, life challenges, and silent frustrations to the forefront without fear of manipulation, allowing his heart to be healed, his manhood restored and his soul empowered. It sanctions men to delve into the intricate components of their minds, hearts and inner most emotions challenging them to sift through those rigid walls of hurt, neglect and excuses while positioning him to be the strong loving pillar of his family.

It is also an insightful resource for women educating, encouraging and empowering women on how to become the precious jewel that men desperately need. As the author shares innovative analogies, remarkable stories, and perceptive information readers learn how to:

• Investigate the pitfalls of past relationships
• Identify issues and challenges that may prohibit growth and development
• Become marriage material
• Successfully build healthy relationships
• Apply innovative tools to optimizing life-style choices
• Forgive and be forgiven
• Relinquish generational relationship curses
• Be a treasure hunter & jewel expert
And more….

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Meet the Author:  Mo Stegall

Mo Stegall, is a world class keynote speaker, prominent relationship specialist and empowerment coach. His empowering platform has encouraged and transformed millions of lives worldwide. He is passionately inspired to educate, encourage, and empower communities globally. He travels the country teaching men how to become Treasure Hunters & Jewel Experts, assisting women identify their strengths and deficiencies with his popular Jewel Tips and empowers communities to build healthy relationships through his widely successful Power Talks. Mo Stegall is a popular conference speaker, event emcee and college lecturer.

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Secrets of the Marriage Mouse- Find Your Forever Love
in 4 Proven Steps

A Message From The Author: Marcia Reece

If you are looking to unlock the mysterious door to real love and finally find your Forever Love, read on.
Every bit of this offer is designed to make a profound and positive improvement in your life, to intensify your level of happiness, and help you love more abundantly.
My book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, recounts my journey to find myself and then find my Forever Love (soul mate) after being married for 24 years, growing and selling a very successful toy manufacturing company and then finding myself divorced and alone.  The next 12 years were years of deep introspection and enormous self growth.

In trying to figure out how to find a relationship as successful as my business had been, I applied principles I used to build a multi-million business success in my new business of finding a Forever Love.  My 4 Proven Steps have worked each and every time they are used.  The 4 Proven Steps woven in with the Magic of the Marriage Mouse (a German legend dating back to the early 1800’s) gave me a formula that formed the inception of this book.

What you’ll be discovering in Secrets of the Marriage Mouse
1.      Attract the person who will actually be the RIGHT partner for you
2.      Break through your internal blocks, such as memories of past lovers and heartache that are energetically keeping your Forever Love at a distance
3.      The types of Relationship Rats to run away from
4.      43 Clues to know if you are in a relationship with a Rat. These Clues are generously written and contributed by Katherine Killgallon Michelsen just for readers of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.
5.      How to forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past and open your heart to the kind of relationship you desire and deserve
6.      Identify what you’re looking for in a Forever Love – and make that happen
7.      Why you’re not finding a mate by hunting for one
Clicking on the link below gets your copy of Secrets of the Marriage Mouse- Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps.  

You’re making the very best investment in yourself ever PLUS enjoy over 75 free gifts. Our fabulous free gift offer expires tonight, September 25, 2012, at midnight PST.

You have nothing to lose!  I offer a 100% money back guarantee should you follow the 4 Proven Steps and not find your Forever Love.  That’s how confident I am my 4 Steps work…and they have worked every time.

Then please go to and click on the link which will take you right to where you may purchase Secrets of the Marriage Mouse PLUS receive so many fabulous free gifts.

These gifts will help you discover, define, create what you call forth.  You will build a successful life and discover, define, create and live the life of your dreams.

With these free gifts you will be:
·        Learning from Thought Leaders
·        Listening to Global Experts
·        Getting Superb Personal Leadership Tips
·        Finding out How to Balance it All
·        Using both Spiritual and Practical Techniques
·        Enhancing Your Physical Health
·        Flexing Your Mental Muscles
·        Becoming Inspired

30% of profits go to The Marcia Reece Academic Foundation for college scholarships for bright, talented students with no other financial way to attend college – because an education lasts forever!

Thanks and happy reading!

P.S.  Remember, YOU now the ultimate power to find Your Forever Love.  No more feeling lost, uncertain, unworthy, or held back.  Harness YOUR power today with Secrets of the Marriage Mouse.

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January Jackson & Friends: The Premiere
An Erotic Debut Novel by Zonie Felder

January Jackson & Friends: The Premiere
An Erotic Debut Novel by Zonie Felder

An Erotic Novel by Zonie Felder
Beautiful women can—and will—stoop to ugly acts in the name of love, lust, and power.

In the face of unspeakable erotic betrayal, no one is safe. Behold how lust and passion can quickly cloud judgment—and how wrong choices will forever change a friendship. These lifelong friends will soon learn that beauty is truly only skin deep as the true ugliness of their souls is revealed by the most horrific of acts and emotions.

As young girls, January, Jasmine, Monica, Charlene, and Terry vowed to be friends forever. As teens, their emerging passions began to test the bonds of their friendship. As adults, lust, deception, and treachery cause their lives to come crashing down. Can their friendship survive the ultimate betrayal?

Their passion for life is what connected them as friends, but now this same passion threatens to break them apart.

When the dust settles, who will be left standing and able to pick up the pieces? Can friendship triumph over betrayal?

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Meet the Author:  Zonie Felder

Zonie Felder was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, and has worked for four years as a resident supervisor at a local halfway house. Never imagining at this point in her life that she would become a published author, Felder is elated to have completed one of her lifelong dreams through the publishing of her first novel.

Felder’s interest in relationships, the true nature of friendships, and how times passing effects both of them resulted in the writing and publishing of “January Jackson and Friends:The Premiere,” the first installment in her exciting erotic series-January Jackson and Friends. Zonie is a former Catholic school girl and Girl Scout, and is now pursuing a career writing erotic fiction. She enjoys football, Zumba, dancing, and spending time with her family and friends. She live in Jersey City, New Jersey, with her husband and family.


“Dear Reader,
This is my debut erotic novel and like January Jackson I’m so excited. January Jackson and her childhood friends Monica, Terry, Charlene, and Jasmine discover how hard it is to keep their promise to maintain their friendships in light of recent happenings. These childhood friends discover that memories are not just the only thing that they share. In the face of unspeakable erotic betrayal, no one is safe. Behold how lust and passion can quickly cloud judgments and how wrong choices will forever change their friendships. See just how ugly these beautiful women become when their secrets are revealed and hidden truths are unsurfaced.”


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Commitment Questions: A grown folks guide to good Luv

Commitment Questions:

A grown folks guide to good Luv


REMOVE ALL UNCERTAINTY AND HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS. How do you know you are not making a serious relationship mistake? If you are currently in a relationship and it is becoming serious what do you do? If you are in a long term relationship how do you know if they are still interested? If you ever wondered the answer to these questions and others like it this book is what you need. Need to know questions provide you with need to know answers. Do you know if your new lover has children? Do you know if your lover wants to be married or already is married? Commitment Questions: A grown folk guide to good luv will provide you real life answers to real life questions. Provide yourself answers to questions you have wondered about all along, After finishing this book you will have all of the answers to your most serious relationship questions.



About the Author:

Wayne Battle currently resides in Charlotte, N.C. His primary pastime consist of school homework, avoiding the gym, growing guppies, telling CoCo to fetch, riding with Muriel, and cookies at Nona’s or Chinese at Plaza Fiesta.  Your purchase will not only improve your chances of making sure you have a great relationship but will also help the author to pay for school.
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