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Reiki for Children

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This book is a complete resource to introduce the benefits of Reiki to children. Reiki is a complete system of natural healing. It is 100% pure, organic, natural and holistic. Reiki works with your whole being on all levels. It is the most primal and basic form of healing available. Everyone has the ability to perform Reiki healing and anyone can learn it.

It is ideal for children because in the process of learning Reiki, they learn about their bodies, their inner spirit, their personal power and their connection to the universal life force, which is universal love.   Children who practice Reiki are much more mature as well as learning about their own maturing bodies. They gain understanding of anatomy and physiology – really learning how it works to move energy for holistic health.

Amanda Steadman – Global Book Launch Tour

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Amanda Steadman

Connect to Authentic Success

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Amanda is a transformational leader, author, mentor and speaker. She qualified as a coach and Louise L Hay Teacher in 2000. She proceeded to become a Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She has assisted thousands of individuals to be successful on a personal level, in business, in their careers, increasing profits and incomes, usually within 90 days. She is happily married with two young daughters and spends lots of time on the beach and gets to do what she loves every day by living a life on purpose and keeping it simple.



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Connect to Authentic Success:
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FREE Spiritual Healing Guide – Jan. 8 & 9th ONLY!

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Spiritual Healing Guide

January 8 & 9 ONLY!


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Chakra, Reiki and Theta Healing Guides for Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing isn’t sold in prescription tablets at the corner drugstore. Chakra, Reiki and Theta are spiritual healing methods with distinctive and unique characteristics and concepts that must be fully grasped before they can be used to effectively heal. Stacy Milescu’s Spiritual Healing Guide: How to Heal Yourself and Others Using Spiritual Methods explains these three well-known and respected spiritual healing methods in one substantive resource – breaking down complex theory and practice into easily understood layman’s terms. With the help of this guide, non-professional healers can fully understand and practice spiritual healing methods in the most effective manner.

Throughout this helpful beginner’s guide, Milescu’s clear and refreshingly concise writing style is beautifully complemented by serenely inspiring color photographs. Open the door to knowledge and let the healing journey begin!

Special Features and Details

• Written particularly for non-professional spiritual healers
• Provides a detailed overview of Chakra, Reiki and Theta Healing
• Illustrated with vivid color photographs, including a Chakra photograph
illustrating the various Chakra locations on the human body



About the Author:  Stacy Milescu 

Stacy Milescu grew up in a family interested in spiritual healing, and this interest has stayed with her into her adult years. Her goal is to clear up some of the misconceptions about energy healing, and to teach the power it has to keep the body healthy.



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by Chidi M. Asika-Enahoro

When Chidi Asika-Enahoro was diagnosed with a deadly, incurable disease, she had a simple answer: “No thanks!” Thus began the battle of her lifetime, drawing on a wellspring of deep faith that combined Christianity, Light Healing, psychics, reiki, yoga and more. Today, during its official launch, a number of valuable free gifts are being given away with the purchase of her fascinating new book Lifeline. These gifts are worth FAR MORE than the price of the book!