Easy Cooking for Single Moms *Only 99¢*

Hattie Wimberly-EasyCooking

Easy Cooking
for Single Moms:


How to cook meals in minutes

by Hattie Wimberly

*Only 99¢*


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“Easy Cooking for Single Moms” is an amazing recipe book formulated for all those hardworking single mothers, who have to work 8hrs a day, sometimes more, to provide a meal for their children. This book eases some of the stresses single mothers go through while caring for their family. So enjoy these quick, resourceful and easy recipes, because no mom should go through caring for her children alone. But not to fear, “Easy Cooking for Single Moms” is here to help!


Make Every Day – Valentine’s Day!

Nancy Gathecha - love life

21 Romantic Recipes
to Spice Up Your Love Life
Beyond Valentine’s Day

by Nancy Gathecha


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We love February 14th! But honestly, do we have to wait for a particular day on the calender to show our sweethearts some love? There are 365 days in a year, any day can be lovers’ day!
Would you like to delight the love of your life with a perfect dinner for two?
Or you´d like to surprise your partner with a romantic 3 course dinner in the comfort of your home?
Then I believe you will enjoy these 21 romantic recipes. With delicious mouth-watering dishes – this cookbook will help you prepare that special meal and share special moments with your special someone. All in the comfort of your home.
The dishes are quick to prepare and easy to make, so you won’t spend hours in the kitchen. Leaving you both with enough time to enjoy each others company.

The ingredients are easy to find, and some promise to add spice to any occasion that calls for love and romance beyond Valentine´s Day. The 21 recipes consist of:
* 7 Light Starters
* 7 Main Entrées
* 7 Scrumptious Desserts
Why not rekindle your love life by planning a special surprise, or share fun and memorable moments preparing the meals together with your partner?
Get your 21 Romantic Recipes book today and receive a free report 21 Creative Ways To Say I Love You.

Because expressing love doesn’t have to be scheduled. Any day can be lovers’ day. Get your’s today, and spice up your love life.

Nancy Gathecha

Meet The Author: Nancy Gathecha

Nancy Gathecha is a foodie, author, speaker, podcast host and certified Life Coach. Her passion is inspiring women to design the life and business of their dreams, so they can enjoy the balanced success they desire and deserve.

FREE – 30 Holiday Leftover Makeover Recipes


30 Holiday Leftover

Makeover Recipes

Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


FREE Dec. 1 – 2

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Holiday Leftover Makeovers

For new cooks and old alike. If you are a budget conscious shopper, this book can assist you with spreading your budget farther.

No matter if its, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any Holiday party or celebration that you host in the winter months.

The purpose of this book was to help all of us that end up with leftovers, especially if you have a lot of leftovers from your holiday endeavors.

The party before the holiday, the holiday feast, the party after the holiday can all leave us with our budgets broken and a fridge full of half eaten food that ends up, all too often, in the garbage.

This book is to help all that want to, plan your holiday menus with the end in mind knowing that you can create many, many new meals re-crafting your leftovers into new master pieces of culinary delights that people won’t even recognize.

I wish to give you permission to be creative, inventive and have fun playing with your food.

See your left overs not as a challenge but as a chance to be a chemist in your kitchen, or the head of a fancy restaurant.

Dazzle your guests and family with the new things that now come out of your kitchen.

Your Leftovers have left the building.


FREE BOOK: Thanksgiving Made Simple


Thanksgiving Made Simple:

A Common Sense Approach to Creating a Meal to Remember

by Chef Marty Rich

FREE Today and Nov. 26th.

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Does the thought of hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner put a knot in your stomach?
You don’t have to be a beginner to get intimidated by America’s favorite food holiday. This is far from your typical family meal. Even though most of the recipes are simple, the meal can be a logistical nightmare to get on the table at the same time.The secret is to be organized, decide how much you can comfortably do, and ask for help with the rest. These are notes from a conversation I had with a friend before she hosted her first Thanksgiving dinner.

As a private chef, butler and butcher shop owner, I have a unique perspective on stress free entertaining at home. If you need help, these tips will help you get organized.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Traditional Old English (British) Recipes

Bettina thomas recipes

 Traditional Old English

(British) Recipes

by B. Thomas -Smith


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A Message from the Author:

“As a Brit transplanted in Canada, my spirit will always reach back to my roots. That is where Traditional English Recipes has played a huge role in our life. While these recipes may be straightforward, they are delicious. From Christmas Pudding to Fish & Chips, main courses to desserts and everything in between, with a little imagination you too can make them your own.

This cookbook (as with all my subsequent books) has a special purpose. It is to make a difference. There are several charities that have a special place in my heart. Each book that I write will go to different organizations that rely on our help to succeed. That is why a portion of the proceeds from my “cook books” are going to be donated to the Cancer Society and to Food Banks, my Natural Dog Biscuit Recipe Books will donate to Humane Societies and Shelters, my Children’s books will go to Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald House, etc..”

This book is the first in the Traditional Old English (British) Recipes Series.

Coming soon:

Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All Things Beef
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All Things Pork
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – All things Game & Fowl
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Soup of the Day
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Hello Puddin!
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Vegetarian Dishes
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Cheese & Egg
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Saucy Savouries
Traditional Old English (British) Recipes – Pastry & Sweet Dishes


 Meet the Author: Bettina Thomas-Smith

Bettina thomasBettina Thomas-Smith is a writer and photographer. She is grateful to her father for his artistic skills.  Writing for years, she was winner of WD 12th Annual Show Us Your Shorts Competition and has just published her first non-fiction work, Traditional Old English (British) Recipes. Living in a small quiet town with her husband and (fur) babies she is now devoting her time towards her passion – writing.

With several fiction and non-fiction books soon to be published, she wants not only to entertain and share some of her knowledge, but she is driven to make a difference. With the passing of her father before Christmas, she is devoted to have at least 15% of all her books donated to Charity. Depending on the book genre, each will go to a different organization that needs help.

Visit her website at http://www.bthomassmith.com
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bthomassmith


Kitchen Addiction! by Lizz Lund
Chic Lit humor for foodies and pet lovers

lizz lund kitchen bk

Kitchen Addiction!

by Lizz Lund

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Chic Lit humor for foodies and pet lovers

Meet Mina Kitchen, a forty-something single who likes to cook – and cook and cook. In fact, her zest for whipping up trays of canapes is dwarfed only by her weird luck and mountain-lion size tabby cat, Vinnie. That, and her godmom’s tendency for blackmailing new members into joining St. Bart’s. Okay, maybe Mina’s Swiffer-addicted neighbor, Vito, is a bit weird, too. As if all that wasn’t enough, Mina’s a Jersey girl transplanted in the midst of the Amish-flavored countryside of Lancaster, PA.

Things get really complicated when she learns that her neighbor Vito is in a witness protection program, and her dry cleaner deals in prescription samples. Throw in a few mysterious flaming feces flingers and a fuse box labeled in Arabic, and you have a recipe for catering disorders.

Kitchen Addiction! will keep you smiling when you’re not LOL-ing. Set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you’ll find a surprising cast of characters, humorous plot twists, red herrings and actual recipes. Well, some of the recipes are real. The others you might to take with a pinch of salt, and some Tums.

If you’re looking for a funny fiction read, packed with humor, excitement – and recipes – look no further. Lund’s debut “chick lit” novel blends fun characters, great dialogue and zany capers into a frothy fiction that’s sure to amuse. The novel also delivers a virtual tourist romp through the actual streets of Lancaster City and its surroundings.


Meet the Author: Lizz Lund

Lizz_lundLizz Lund loves Lancaster. Since 1999, she’s been having a terrific time here and thinks everyone else should, too. She is a newlywed and head-over-heels about her chef husband; she made him move from New Jersey, too. Kitchen Addiction! is her first novel of the Mina Kitchen series. Lizz grew up in Glen Rock, New Jersey and still hasn’t recovered. She holds a BA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University, but has never learned to waitress.

Connect with Lizz:

*   Website/Blog   *   Twitter   *


Organic Beauty with Essential Oils by Rebecca Park Totilo

rebecca totilo organic

Organic Beauty With Essential Oil

by  Rebecca Park Totilo


Aromatherapy – Alternative Medicine – Bath & Beauty Products – Essential Oils – Natural – Recipes


Get Your Copy Today !

Looking for that perfect all-natural bath product? One that will keep your skin looking great, is appealing to smell, has actual therapeutic benefits, and oh, doesn’t break the bank? Well, here’s it is!

Sweep aside all those harmful chemically-based cosmetics and make your own organic bath and body products at home with the magic of potent essential oils!

In this book, you’ll find a luxurious array of over 400 eco-friendly recipes such as Exotic Patchouli Massage Oil, Sensual Jasmine Bath Bombs and Zesty Banana Foot Cream filled with breathtaking fragrances and soothing, rich organic ingredients satisfying you head to toe.

Designed with the naturalist in mind, each formula draws from essential oils’ well-known skin rejuvenating effects, showing you how to best care for your unique skin and hair type using all-natural botanicals. Included you’ll find helpful tips and custom-blended recipes – all with step-by-step instructions – so you can have the confidence knowing how much essential oil to use when creating your own body scrub, lip butter, or lotion bar!

Now you can easily create wonderful shower gels, luscious creams and lotions, deep cleansing masks and facials, bubble baths, bath fizzy or bath oil for literally pennies with only a few essential oils and ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen with Organic Beauty with Essential Oil.


About Rebecca Park Totilo:

rebecca totiloRebecca Park Totilo’s flair and passion for life bursts into living color when she writes and speaks, as you will see in the visual way she presents herself. She literally believes in the “show, don’t tell” principle in everything she does. Becca has ministered to literally millions of people via television, radio and live appearances.

She is an award-winning published author of over 37 books, including “Through the Night With God,” “The Official Christian Babysitting Guide,” “The Christian Girls Guide to Money,” and “His Majesty Requests.” Her credits include working as a contributor writer on two best-selling series (“Quiet Moments with God” and “Stories for the Teen’s Heart”) which sold over one million and five million copies respectively. She is also a freelance writer for several national magazines include Christian Parenting Today, Discipleship Journal and Woman’s World. Rebecca’s photography work has appeared in numerous national magazines such as Woman’s World, Sports Spectrum, Evangel, and Sharing the Victory. Truly, its her grit determination that makes her inspirational writings draw such a mass market appeal.

Rebecca is an aromatherapist instructor and offers courses and therapeutic-grade essential oils online at her e-commerce shop http://HealWithEssentialOil.com. She also owns a chic bath and body boutique called Beach’n Body on the beach of Central Florida.

Rebecca has been a homeschool mom for 21 years. In addition to all this, she is the president and publisher of Rebecca at the Well Foundation, a Judeo-Christian international organization which publishes literary works that prepare the Bride for the Messiah’s return and teach believers on an international basis about the Hebrew roots of the faith. Her understanding of Scriptures richly woven with the tapestry of the ancient Hebrew customs makes her inspirational writings truly memorable.

Connect with Rebecca:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealWithEssentialOil

Twitter: https://twitter.com/healwithoil

Website: http://HealWithEssentialOil.com

Order  Link:  http://www.healwithessentialoil.com/products/organic-beauty-with-essential-oil.html

Website Blog: http://healwithessentialoil.wordpress.com/



Free Kindle Book- Simply Easy Recipes – Free Jan 25 to 27


FREE Kindle Book –
Jan. 25 thru 27

Simply Easy Recipes
How to Cook Cookbook


By Frann Leach


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Good for beginning cooks from teenage on up.  

This is a simple cookbook building from the most basic recipes to get you started if you think you can’t cook, but know you really have to.

From the most basic cooking like how to boil eggs, rice and pasta, to simple recipes for family favourites like lasagne, macaroni cheese and stew with dumplings. Along the way you’ll learn the skills you need to create sauces, omelettes and a full roast dinner with roast potatoes and home made gravy, and a real rice pudding for dessert.

Cooking isn’t rocket science. If you can follow the instructions on a packet meal, you can cook a proper meal from scratch using the comprehensive, easy recipes set out in this book.

Think of the money you’ll save, as well as how amazed your friends and family will be when you serve a delicious meal that you’ve cooked yourself.

This easy cookbook is chock full of easy recipes that will have you preparing delicious food just as easily as if you were making a phone call or sending a text.


Connect with Frann:

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